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    Welder on 457 Visa - Lost Sponsorship :(

    Unfortunately not they won't sponsor me and stated this at the beginning of my contract of employment. :no:
  2. Hi All, My partner and I have been sponsored on the 457 visa just over 2 years with the same employer on the Gold Coast. We were about to apply for permanent residency via the transition stream. Last week my partner got laid off due to lack of work in the company. We have just begun the process of looking into the skilled permanent residency visa. In the meantime we are desperately looking for someone to take over our current 457 visa so he can continue welding whilst we apply independently for residency. Finding an employer his just seems hopeless at the moment. He is not allowed to work for another employer until the visa is taken over, so financially we are already in crisis. Does anyone know of any companies looking for welders in QLD who may consider taking over our 457? I can’t contemplate the thought of having to back to England and start all over again. This is the second time losing a 457 visa has happened to us and we were so close to starting our residency process. Any help/Contacts would be so greatly appreciated :unsure:
  3. nicrock


    Hi All, Me and my OH have been renting a 2 bedroom apartment in Burleigh Heads for the past 11 months. Unfortunately, our sponsor is closing business and we have to leave Australia, as we can't find another company to sponsor my partner :sad: Were going to NZ for a while to be close by in case a job comes up and we can move back this year. We will be leaving our rental by 6th June and looking for somone to take over the lease. It's $360 per week, in a lovely quiet area and just around the corner from the beach! The apartments are quite new and kept really clean. We love it here and i'm so gutted we have no choice but to leave We have bought all our furniture and will sell all for a good price if anyones interested in moving into furnished. Please PM me if you are interested in the apartment, furniture or both and I can email you pictures :biggrin:
  4. nicrock

    Anyone planning on moving Mackay???

    Me and my OH are looking at a regional sponsored visa 487 for welders. The areas we can relocate to include Mackay/Rockhampton/Whitsundays. I love living in Burleigh Heads and am very frightened to move so far up North but may not have a choice! There's no work down here and the company that were sponsoring my OH for welding are closing soon. Any advice on living in Mackay would be greatly appreciated. Is it going to be a big culture shock for us compared to the Gold Coast? Worried about flooding? finding rental accommodation? heard North Mackay is the best region? Jobs? Is it very quiet? So stressed! ha ha. Thanks All.
  5. nicrock


    We live on the Gold Coast, on a working holiday visa and my OH company were in the process of sponsoring us and they now have to close! :shocked: We have contacted every company in the white pages/internet within driving distance to see if they need a welder with no luck. It doesn't look very hopeful to find any work near here and a sponsor. We are looking into applying for a QLD Regional Sponsored 487 visa if he can have his skills assessed at TAFE and gain cert III then be assessed by the TRA - he has 11 yrs experience but no qualifications. The only regions in QLD where we could relocate are up North - Mackay, Rockhampton & Whitsundays. They are on the SOL list for to sponsor welders. Never been to any of these places, don't know if there's any work and what they'd be like but may have no choice if it keeps us in Oz for a couple of years until we can apply for PR. Don't want to move South. :sad:
  6. nicrock

    Appying for 175 visa in Oz???

    Are you in discussion with Gold Coast TAFE or with Skills Tech, please? I am interested because this is the first I've heard of anyone possibly offering AQF III assessments for Welders and I can think of half a dozen people who would be interested in doing this assessment as well as yourself. Hi Gill, We have only rang TAFE and they passed our details onto a guy who does the assessments. We don't know much information at the moment and if this is even possible. Hopefully it will be and I can let you know the details Regarding the 175 visa, for some reason I thought we could apply for this visa onshore and be advised when we had to leave the country when the visa's granted? Just our luck that this isn't possible and we wouldn't be able to apply for a bridging visa either :arghh:!!! Nothings ever simple. The 487 visa seems like our only option at this point then to save us having to leave Australia and we can't afford not to work whilst the visa is being processed. This is all being well that he can have his skills assessed and awarded the Cert III in the next 4 weeks to give us enough time. Would we contact the QLD government to ask to be nominated and then wait for their reply before then lodging a 487? How would we find out what region of QLD we would be able to live in? Gutted I may have to move from the Gold Coast, but beats moving back to the UK! :no:
  7. nicrock

    Appying for 175 visa in Oz???

    Hi all, We are currently on a WHV in Oz which expires June 13th, we were going through the sponsorship process but had to withdraw the application as the compnay are closing. I have been welding for 11 years but only completed a 2 year informal apprenticeship, so I have no qualifications. My I am looking to have my skills assessed by TAFE on the Gold Coast to see if I can gain my Certificate III. I was advised that this will enable me to class myself as a 1st Class Welder - if I fill in any skills gaps and pass the assessments. I'm finding it impossible to find another welding job with my company closing as all require Qualifications aswell as experience. Hopefully the assessment process won't take too long so I can apply for the jobs as a qualified welder. Were then looking into applying for a 175 visa whilst onshore if I get a Cert III, I believe we will be able to get a bridging visa with works rights whilst its being assessed? Then we just have to leave the country when the decision is given? Can anyone give us any advice on this? We really want to stay where we have settled now and don't want to move which we may have to do with a state sponsored visa. The 175 seems like our best option to apply for to keep us here.
  8. nicrock

    Tradies - Job Leads

    WELDER LOOKING FOR WORK GC/SOUTH BRISBANE/NORTHERN NSW My partner is a MIG Welder with 11 years experience, but no formal qualifications. We were being sponsored by an automotive company on the GC, but they are closing down by the end of the month! Does anyone know of any companies that are looking for welders? We would be willing to pay for the government fees that apply to be a sponsor, which in total is $345. Any contacts would be sooooo appreciated, we need to find a company within 28 days and are so desperate to stay here. :unsure: