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  1. Is this your plan? :biggrin:
  2. This sounds brill but a massive risk. I'm not sure how water tight the rules are? I'm in a position whereby my profession is not (as far as I can tell) in the postcodes areas that are stipulated by WA where you must live and work. Wouldn't it be fab to live in a stipulated area, secure a job in the Perth area (mine would be in a hospital), and also work a few hours in a stipulated area to cover the condition of living AND working in areas WA government have outlined, for a year, until you can apply for PR? :wub: I bet there's a minimum set hours you need to work to cover conditions of 475 Visa :huh: I can dream........:cool:
  3. Sun Shine

    Help, please! 475 VISA & WA Sponsorship

    Thanks for your reply. From my point of view, I find the restrictions amazing, considering Oz reports having apparent skills shortages, my profession being one of them, then place restrictions on where you can work on a certain skilled Visa :err: I do realise this Visa empowers employers to recruit from overseas in those WA areas. I'll need to rethink my approach, but in the end, it could be a no go, unless I can secure employer sponsorship, which is proving difficult to organise from the UK :daydreaming:
  4. Sun Shine

    Help, please! 475 VISA & WA Sponsorship

    Anyone? :cool:
  5. I'm in the process of gathering information with a view to applying for WA state sponsorship under a 475 Visa. I don't have enough points for 175/176 Visa. My occupation, Occupational Therapist, is on SOL and in demand in WA. If I was successfully granted a WA state sponsorship, under a 475 visa, could I only live and work in certain postcodes, as described on the webpage below? http://www.migration.wa.gov.au/skilledmigration/Pages/RegionalclassificationforPerth.aspx This would be silly if this is the case, the jobs are in hospitals and other places that are not located within these post codes! :confused: Or have I read this wrong? Please help! :eek:
  6. Sun Shine

    Today is the day

    The best of luck!! :jiggy: Let us know how you get on :cool:
  7. Sun Shine

    Anyone Moved to Oz without visiting first???

    Wow, it's fantastic to hear that like minded people just went for it and the leap of faith worked out well in the end :notworthy: I need to get my backside in gear! :cool:
  8. Sun Shine

    Anyone Moved to Oz without visiting first???

    Thanks for the above replies. I also feel that if you visit somewhere on holiday it is totally different to living there permanently. I currently live in Devon, a fairly popular holiday destination for some, but I live and work here and do not see it as such, but I will visit places of interest on days off, weather permitting, etc. I feel nothing ventured, nothing gained, and if things don't work out with Oz, after allowing time to settle in, at least I had a go and tried :cool:
  9. Sun Shine

    Anyone Moved to Oz without visiting first???

    Wow! Whereabouts are you?
  10. I know migration is a massive step, but, has anyone on this forum gone through the pricey migration process, Visa's, etc, and moved to Oz without visiting the country first? :huh: I'm soooo very tempted to do this, rent out the house, and go for it. I do realise Visa's take time and that's if you're lucky enough to get one, have enough points, etc. Crazy or not?? :chatterbox:
  11. Sun Shine

    Got the job!

    Congratulations and well done! :jiggy:
  12. Sun Shine

    Upper age range to change to 50?

    Thanks for your reply Pumpkin :smile:
  13. Sun Shine

    Upper age range to change to 50?

    Hi Is it true that the upper age limit when applying for a Visa will change from 45 years old to 50 years old after July 2011? Or is this misinformation.... Cheers Ali
  14. Sun Shine

    Go Matilda

    Hi, I sent off an enquiry, as my circumstances, job wise, is not clear cut, and received a prompt and informative reply. I'm still dithering regarding what to do next :goofy: When I get to the point of application, will contact go matilda as I feel confident about using them. :cute: I did contact a couple others, but did not get a reply....