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  1. janine the party queen

    Give me some good news please!

    The wave pool is fun but quite small.The free waterpark at Leanyer is great for kids.The new waterpark in Palmerston is a bit of a let down....no pool .Mindil and Palmerston Sunset Markets are only on in the dry season May-Oct ish.You also have to remember Darwin is a huge Defence town as well as FIFO and backpackers it can make for interesting times.Visiting and living are two totally different things.Not many tourist attractions and once you have visited them a few times its boring.Litchfield National Park is great but gets very busy.Kakadu is at least a weekend trip its approx. 3 hrs from Darwin to Jabaru then hrs more travelling through the park.Contrary to popular belief wages DO NOT reflect the cost of living up there.Impex have just laid off 1400 from the gas project.Darwin CBD is now just one big construction site since planning permission was given to build high rises.Not much in the way of shopping in the city. Im sorry if you think Im being negative but I believe you need to be prepared.The amount of people that we met up there who have packed up and gone back to the UK and Ireland or changed locations like us was quite shocking.We have moved with Defence to Victoria.Wow what a difference even my cigarettes are $4 cheaper a pack.
  2. janine the party queen

    Give me some good news please!

    I have just left Darwin after living there for 4 yrs.Its not as remote as people think.Massive amount of construction going on New suburbs being built,new shopping centre going into Palmerston.There are some definite downsides to living in the Top End coming from the UK they will be very noticable........the cultural shock......the amount of the not so nice indigenous people.Crime is a major issue.The cost of living is horrendous,rentals are expensive.Please please please do your research carefully.I don't want to be the one to burst your bubble but a couple of weeks holiday WILL NOT prepare you for life in Darwin.
  3. janine the party queen

    Australian health system as bad as US on some indicators: study

    I really do think it dependent on where you live. I waited 10 months for hand surgery,that was Private Health.I had to travel to Brisbane in the end as no one in Darwin could do it. I have been waiting over a year for ankle reconstruction.I am on both the Public and Private systems.
  4. janine the party queen

    Will I be on to a (Dar)winner?

    What can I say about Darwin ???? Well Ive been here 3.5 years now.If I am honest I will be glad to leave. As has already been said housing is hugely overpriced.Shopping is very limited.Medical is very hit and miss.Anything too complicated is transferred to other major cities.One of my ops was done in Brisbane my next one is being done in Adelaide. The social issues are very prominent.Crime is on the rise rapidly. Visually the place is stunning.The markets are fun at first but soon become quite boring.You can watch only so many sunsets at Mindil Markets. We are very isolated from the rest of Oz.Flying anywhere from Darwin is very expensive. Electric prices just keep rising with another rise due in January.In 12 months mine has gone from $600 every 3 months to $1200 !!!!! that's 2 adults in a 4 bedroom house with inground spa.
  5. janine the party queen

    Citizenship Timeline Darwin NT?

    From taking the test to having a private ceremony with the Mayor of Palmerston 3 weeks.That was back in March.
  6. janine the party queen

    State governments, does Australia need them?

    Nice attitude to take !!!!!
  7. janine the party queen

    Do you and your partner/OH ever take separate holidays?

    When the children were young I took them to America for 3 weeks,Africa on safari for 4 weeks and numerous European cities on my own.All due to hubbies deployments with defence. While Ive been here in Australia Ive been to Bali for 2 weeks.I regularly travel to Brisbane for treatment without hubby He leaves again in a few weeks so Im off to Bali,Rome and the UK all before he gets back at the end of the year
  8. ​Does this mean I can use mine that was issued in the NT in Cairns.I fly early tomorrow morning and pick up my hire car at 09.30.Only there a week but if I could use my badge it would help a lot.
  9. janine the party queen

    Do you have fairies in your house?

    ​I have an waesome cleaning fairy called .........Bruce
  10. janine the party queen

    Dogs going missing

    No good at posting links lol Recently in the NT News some nurses,who were working in a remote township,phoned the RSPCA to report,that the local dogs were so hungry they were eating each other.The RSPCA claimed they could do nothing because it was on Aboriginal land !!!!!! A couple of weeks ago a man was found bonking a pig......no charge because of mental health issues. A few kms up the highway at Noonamah there is a haulage company that transport cattle for slaughter in Asia.The cattle are packed solid in pens.You see the road trains flying down the highway the poor cows are packed that tight you can see them squashed up against the containers.One of the drivers told us it was not unusual to find dead ones when they stopped.
  11. janine the party queen

    Dogs going missing

    Sadly there is a very seedy under current here in Oz,,Dog and cock fighting happen a lot.Rarely do you see on the news some one has been done for animal cruelty.
  12. janine the party queen

    God: does he/she/it exist?

    No I dont believe . Im with Tink and Bottler on this.
  13. janine the party queen

    Dogs going missing

    Happens alot up here Stacey,little dogs stolen to use as bait dogs.You see posters every where offering rewards,most people know,sadly,they will never see their pets again.
  14. janine the party queen

    help needed! how does the health system work in oz?

    TBH I have no idea ! Everytime some one on here gives advice on this subject I follow the advice and...........no thats not how it works. Mind you I live in the N.T they seem to make the rules up as they go along.
  15. janine the party queen

    For those living in Australia - Which are your favorite Shops?

    Coles for most things. River Gum butchers Parap Fine Foods for luxury food items,they also have yummy cheeses Target household items.Their Egyptian cotton sheets and towels are lovely. Chemist King for toiletries,they always have specials on The Thirsty Camel for booze Nightcliff markets for funky jewelry and handmade paper,cards and envelopes.Also buy my soap there,handmade goats milk soap. Clothes we buy mainly online,hubby loves Kitbag,but for T shirts,shorts etc we use Target.