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  1. Hi everyone we are currently living near Newcastle NSW, have been in Australia a year. moved to east coast mainly cos my family are here. I am a midwife and OH is a boilermaker. OH works on FIFO in WA. 26/9. Anyway to cut a long story short, we have 2 kids under 5, and my family are no help to me at all. I have a few good friends here but not loads. OH friends are all in WA. I also know people over that way. We are seriously considering relocating to WA in the new year as the bulk of the work for OH is over WA. I can pretty much get a job anywhere with my trade. hopefully. We know people who live in Canning Vale, Rockingham and Safety Bay. Would love peoples opinions on what these places are like to live and other nearby suburbs. Not sure if we should be NOR or SOR. I just feel so isolated living over here in NSW. MY OH does too. We just feel it would be better for us, as a family to relocate. Miss our mates in UK so much so think we would be happier in WA, we also have a couple of friends who are emigrating to Perth. Any advice/opinions would be fab. Thanks Nicola
  2. Hi everyone, i just thought id jump on this thread, Im a young(ish) mummy (38) lol, and i have 2 kiddies - a girl of 5, and a 6 month old boy. We currently live in NSW but are seriously looking at relocating to Perth area. My fiance is a boilermaker and works on FIFO. We are originally from up north (UK) and have been in OZ for a year. I am a midwife so will be also looking for a job in the area when we come over. But one of the main reasons for wanting to come over to WA is that my fiance has friends over there (english ones as well as oz ones) and he misses the banter. I really miss my mates back home, and have made a few pals whilst here in NSW. We initially came to NSW as most of my family live here, but I dont see them hardly at all. Id love to meet some other mums in the same situation as me and hopefully make lots of new pals. thanks Nicola x
  3. yumimumi

    ahpra help needed for midwife please

    Hi there, I literally had to jump through hoops. Ahpra decided my transcript was not detailed enough and wouldnt accept it. I therefore had to contact Hull Uni and get them to send another. it cost me 25 pound for another to be done. It had to include all my placement hours for the full 3 years. and academic hours. basically all subjects i had studied whilst there. the amount of hours i had done there in detail. the placements have to be detailed too. I also had my old lecturers post me out the module guides. I will dig my things out this weekend and try and scan them across to you. I applied to Ahpra office at Sydney but they were bloody useless. Mine took 7 months to get sorted and it was a right pain, dont worry hun, ill help u as much as i can. nicola x
  4. yumimumi

    High schools in maitland area?

    hi, yeah, we are still here. loving it so far. find it very quiet up this end. dont know the people who moved in next door. to be honest dont really see them, think hes a tradesman tho. the people who live opposite seem nice, always say hello. we are renting at the minute, hoping to buy a house later this year. have you met any fellow brits whilst you have been here? How long u been in oz?
  5. yumimumi

    High schools in maitland area?

    hi did u live on darcys peak, hero way. if so i kinda remember u both. why did u leave, didnt u like it
  6. yumimumi

    Had a baby in Australia ~ Passport confusion!?

    hi, i too would like the answer to this post. i had a baby 6 weeks ago in oz
  7. yumimumi

    High schools in maitland area?

    hi everyone, iv been here in australia 7 months now, live at gillieston heights. we moved from Sunny Scunny in the UK. aka North Lincolnshire. Im a midwife at Maitland and my OH is working on FIFO. We have a 4 year old daughter and a 6 week old baby boy. Havent been on Pomsinoz for a long while, Loving being here in Australia, but like you all say, I too miss my friends terribly, particularly now Im on maternity leave. Was only in my jobat Maitland 10 weeks before having baby. Where can i find this facebook group?? I too am up for a coffee and a natter with fellow poms. Thanks Nicola .x
  8. just to update you all, i received my ahpra midwife registration yesterday, after a long and painful 7 months wait. 4 months of this waiting was whilst i was living in australia. so to all of you still wondering and waiting. its worth it in the end. am so looking forward to starting my job. av been pulling my hair out with boredom and loneliness. but anyway onwards and upwards,. nicola
  9. hi, we came from sunny scunny, uk in october 2011. now living in near maitland nsw, about 30 min drive from newcastle. dont know where toronto is, u will love newcastle, has great beaches. people over here seem to be really friendly. i have come over with my fella and little girl (4) and bump (6 month pregnant). welcome to australia. we love it so far.
  10. yumimumi

    Midwife - APHRA Processing times

    i applied to sydney 5 months ago, and am still waiting
  11. hi, i just wanted to give my tuppence worth. i too am uk trained midwife with 3 yr experience. have been in australia since middle october. applied to ahpra for my registration in july, when i was still in the uk. and 5 months later, i am still waiting for it. ahpra couldnt organise a pissup i abrewery. i have a job waiting for me, but they wont wait forever, i have emailed, phoned several times but you never get anywhere, just get told now iv a job offer i will be placed in a more priority queue. we came here on a 175 visa, oh is a boilermaker, i didnt need to do the ielts. as i provided a letter from school to say i was taught in an english speaking school, and subjects were in english. hopefully father xmas will bring me my golden registration so i can start work. lol. then again, a girl can dream. good luck nicola x
  12. yumimumi

    English Food Poms miss

    More than anything, i miss english mature red chedder cheese, dairylea cheese spread, used to get it from asda, richmond sausages and gravy granules (bisto) apart from these four, i have found suitable equivalents for most of our favourite stuff.
  13. yumimumi

    Pickfords or John Mason?!?

    hi we used pickfords for our move to australia. the office staff in the uk seemed a bit useless, but the removal men were fantastic, group of superb guys, were meticulous in the packaging of our belongings. our container cleared customs no problems and was delivered last week. only breakages were 2 vases, which i didnt think was too bad really considering its come all this way. only problem australia end was getting the boxes collected after all the unpacking. the boxes have been stuffed in our garage for a week now and we were getting fed up with them not getting this sorted, but should have them collected by this saturday and then thats it. we paid 3700.00 for full use of a 20 ft container from yorkshire to nsw. good luck with your decision.
  14. yumimumi

    Ahpra help!!! Arggghhhhh

    hi, i too am a uk trained midwife, i applied to ahpra on 14 july this year. emigrated to australia 7 weeks ago, cant get work cos still bloody waiting for my registration paperwork. i applied to sydney, since arriving here after a month, i contacted sydney branch to chase up my application only to be told they didnt know i was in australia therefore my application was still in the international pile, hence not been looked at yet. i kindly informed them i was now in australia, had to complete and post change of address forms and letter from my secondary school to state all subjects were spoken in english etc. sent those off, i then telephoned them 2 weeks ago to say i had had an interview for a midwife here and had been offered a job pending registration. this job will only be held open for me for 6 months, again Ahpra said i have to get this job offer in writing and post it to them, this will then put me in a more priority queue, but will not tell me how much longer i will be waiting. am starting to lose the will to live now, its been 5 months, i need to get working asap, as i am also 22 weeks pregnant, AHPRA are a shower of ****. sorry for the rant. nicola xx
  15. yumimumi

    newcaslte area

    hi, just adding to this thread, we moved from sunny scunny, uk to thornton, about 10 mins from maitland. been here 2 weeks now. it seems a lovely place. newcastle looks nice, beaches are good. i am a midwife and oh is a boilermaker and we are late 30s. we have a 4 year old daughter. looking at getting jobs this week, but there seems to be plenty about so not too worried. weather is starting to hot up too, compared to back home anyway. trying to sort kids childcare out cos my young un isnt old enough to start school. pre school is sooooooooo expensive. gotta get this sorted though good luck with those coming out here. x