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  1. Hiya currently we are living in Perth but we want to move to Cairns in 1 years time - is anyone living in Cairns and if so can you tell me what you honestly think of it. Can you recommend good area to live in or catholic schools to attend, we got married in Edmonton and liked the area but not sure what it would be like if we were living there. Do you know the average wages for carpenters by any chance or do you know anyone we could even ask for advice or email, its just we have no contacts and really dont want to completely start over as green as what we did in Perth to be honest as what we found here is its really hard to get contacts unless you know people here and we struggled at the start. Oh what in general do you think of Cairns as an area to live in and raise a family thank you :notworthy:
  2. hiya wondering if anyone could shed some light for us please. Hubby is carpenter with over 20 years experience, own tools, transport, white card, insurances, licences for high risk etc. etc. and has applied to all the mining companies for the past 3 months in Western Australia and chasing up on them as well but its impossible to get in unless you know someone or else thats what we are startin to think! can anyone offer any advice, tried hays etc. too but they arent recruiting either, does anyone in this work as a carpenter up there and can offer any advice on what to do. Thanks a mill any advice would be really appreciated
  3. hiya thanks yeah there is plenty of work for carpenters and formwork carpenters in the mining towns but its just getting in, speaking to the ones in the office basically they are saying they just either have to wait on go ahead from big mining firms on new jobs or else they dont need fifo at min, loads of people willing to do residential now. THanks for replying though appreciate it.
  4. Woo hoo, im looking forward to it, the play section for 2 and under is down the back on the right hand side for anyone who hasnt been there before. See you then )
  5. Sorry Gill only getting onto this now, sorry for the delay, would love to meet up definitely, what about if we organise a playdate for whoever can make it for Chipmunks in Whitfords, its down beside bunnings but to the right hand side down as you drive in and down the very back of it for the entrance. The under 2 section there is sound and it would be good chance to grab cuppa too. I can make it anyday next week bar thursday but mornings suit me as my little angel sleeps in the pm - let me know if anyone fancies meeting up and I will check this over weekend.
  6. Hi Gill, we are renting at min in Beldon, Connolly beside us, def would love to meet up, let me know if you have joined the playgroup in Connolly or you are meeting up next and me and little angel could come, she is 14 months and thanks for replying
  7. Hiya just seen your forum, have any of you joined a playgroup or anything like that, im in the same boat myself i have a little girl who is 14 months and would love to see her socialise more as some of the playgroups age groups are way too old for her and would love to meet like minded people too
  8. hiya does anyone know if your a carpenter and got a job in the mines in WA do you get paid for your week off, we have heard so many diff reports and totally confused. If you dont get paid then why do people head up there if the average hourly rate isnt much more than in Perth (sorry just cant get my head around it) also do most companies pay your flight up and down or how does that work, just hubby thinking of going up,
  9. Maisie

    Joiner/Carpenter Salary

    yep average wage would be around 35 to 40 an hour but i wouldnt bank on 50 weeks per year, when they break up for xmas some companies could be quiet until end Jan thats what we have found since we came over. also if you are self employed then the bank holidays you would be off and not paid for them. Best bet is to contact likes of employment agencies to ask advice
  10. Maisie

    Anyone living in Cairns???

    Thanks Lara hubby is a carpenter, do u happen to know if there is much work building work ongoing up there at the moment, we hear here in Perth there is but then heard of someone who came from Cairns last week to say there is none, its just we find Perth has gone very quiet here building wise
  11. Hiya if you are can you recommend a good area to live in for a family, need a house and back garden - its basically hubby in building trade so will be travelling for work so where would you recommend that would be good area to live in that would be fairly central to everywhere. We were thinking of Edmonton but is that too far out or would we better going north like to Trinity Beach direction/Redlynch. Is there any areas you would recommend me to avoid or you would recommend Thanks a mill Maisie
  12. Maisie

    Handed in notice at work yesterday!

    Concentrate now on your new move and yeah he was horrible what he done and no need to do it but by the sounds of it your best out of it. Congrats on your new life starting in Feb - you have a lot to look forward to
  13. Maisie

    Handed in notice at work yesterday!

    Well done, enjoy the count down to your new life !!!:smile:
  14. hiya myself and hubby are here on 176 visa but never brought over our savings due to the currency rate but now are biting the bullet and going to bring it all over. Thing is do we have to pay tax now on our savings or do we just declare the interest on our tax return next year We did state on our 176 application what our savings were and only brought over enough to get us started here but now we need to get it over but dont want to pay tax on it if we had to. Has this happened to anyone and what did you do???
  15. oh sound get it now, thanks a mill going to check with hubbys accountant, just gave up on the exchange rate at this stage, needs must. thanks a mill for getting back to me really appreciate it
  16. thanks for letting me know, dont quite get what you mean, for eg if the scenario was I brought over 50,000 sterling and that got me 75,000 dollars would I have to pay tax do you think on the 25,000 sorry Im just good with these things
  17. Hiya we are looking to move from Perth to Cairns and cant decide whether we should just drive there ourselves or else use a removal company. (we are aware it would take about 2-3 weeks but imagine the road trip) . Is it expensive to hire a removal company, we would have 2 vehicles and contents of a small house to move but dont want to spend a fortune and if you have done it was it worth it. Any advice greatly appreciated
  18. Maisie

    NOR ~ Where to live & how to choose?

    FOr us it totally depended really on where we were mainly based for work and we were living in Butler but moved as we found it was extra 30 minutes each way everyday. Also wouldnt worry about houses going up in Butler as there is absolutely loads for sale out there and its a buyers market. Im not living in Edgwater but definitely think its a dead handy area and for us when we go to buy I def like Duncraig and the school there seems fantastic, another good school area I personally think anyway is Woodvale/Kingsley but both can be expensive now. Everyones experience is definitely different but knowing how far it was from our work had we moved here again I would be looking anywhere from Currambine area to Duncraig area. Best wishes on your looking
  19. Maisie

    looking for good hotel in Perth

    Hiya what about Pelicans Nest in Connolly in Northern Suburbs, they have studio, 1 bed or 2 bed apartments and they are spotless and dead handy for getting on the mitchell freeway. We stayed there before and really recommend them, good security, they are small but spotless. Good luck
  20. Maisie

    Anyone living in Cairns at the moment??

    Hiya thank you for your reply, great to hear someone happy and an honest reply. We were thinking of Edmonton but what is that area generally considered like to live in rough or good, we were thinking of tot attending St. Thereses parish school. Work situation hubby is a carpenter, do you know anyone up there who is a carpenter that we could talk to or in the building game to give us their opinion on the work situation and what the average wages are like. We are thinking of March next year to move up and to be honest cant wait. How did you get your stuff moved up there, did you use a container yourselves or get a removal company in to do it, thats one thing we really need to look into as well. Delighted everything is working out for you, its hard making the move with kids but delighted its all going well and kids are settled. Any advice would be really appreciated xx
  21. Maisie

    Anyone living in Cairns at the moment??

    hiya it was always our intention to move to Cairns originally but we couldnt get the visa for queensland and we were told we had to work in Perth for 2 years which we found out is actually a moral obligation rather than a legal obligation, had we known that before we came here we would have headed straight on to Cairns. We are having a baby now in a few weeks so this is why we havent moved up already and we were tied into a contract for a house as well. Perth is sound dont get me wrong and its like anything it takes you a while to get settled and get set up but long term personally for us house prices are more competitive in Cairns for what you get here and we already know the school we think we would like to send bubs too. Hubby is a carpenter too and there is work here dont get me wrong but its not what we thought and unless you have contacts here I dunno well we struggled anyway and would again if his work dries up again. Dont want to put anyone off and you could strike gold and get really lucky here all it takes is one good contact, friend of ours is here 2 years now and just out of work and cant get work as a carpenter and wages he is getting offered by agency wouldnt keep a family. If you have good contacts/friends in an area I definitely think it helps, we have no family out here but put it this way if Cairns didnt work out we would come back to Perth, we just think there is more opportunities for us up there, have you done a reccie out here yet, that might help you.
  22. Maisie

    Any tips on securing a rental??

    Actually it wasnt a lie, we happened to see the other fellas application form by mistake as the front lock broke when we were there and the man went to fix it and i seen it, what put him off the other fella is that he has never rented before and just moving out of home and his partner is pregnant and due in 6 weeks. It was his parents place and parents died this year and its their first time ever renting it out, he had tears in his eyes about his dad. Think the fact we were more settled and didnt rush him into making a decision swung it for us. Yep thanks we cant wait to get moving in, gorgeous house and great start to new Year. Happy Xmas and Best wishes in 2011
  23. Maisie

    Any tips on securing a rental??

    Hiya we just got a private rental there and what I done was typed up a list of reasons why I think we would make ideal tenants i.e. references were attached to application form, I attached on copies of current inspection reports from estate agents, I done up like a list of reasons e.g. non smokers, no pets, always paid rent on time-never late, immaculate tenants who keep the property spotless. To be honest I think they either like you or dont and there isnt much you can do about it, we were in the same boat and we had to get furniture too and I actually asked the landlord would it put him off if we couldnt move in for 4 weeks and he was saying someone was in just hour before us and wanted to move in straight away. I explained why, i.e. Im pregnant and myself and hubby our lease isnt up until 14th Jan and we done our best in explaining out and left. 2 hours later he phoned to say that the house was ours. No matter what you do if someone is interested in putting few months rent up front first the landlord may possibly go for that but for us that wasnt an option. Personally after going through estate agents here the first time I have had enough of them and glad we went private, in saying that took a bit of finding. Best of luck in your search
  24. Maisie

    NHS boss refusing to write a reference

    Dunno if this would work or not but is there anyway you could make up a email address and send her a letter from a Mr. xxxxx and say that you have applied for a job and could they supply confirm your service and a reference for you. That way when they send it back you get to see what she wrote and whose to know whether you are doing private work or not. Might be worth a try. You could use a friends address in Oz to get it sent to if it came to it. hope you get it sorted. Best wishes