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  1. hiya thanks yeah there is plenty of work for carpenters and formwork carpenters in the mining towns but its just getting in, speaking to the ones in the office basically they are saying they just either have to wait on go ahead from big mining firms on new jobs or else they dont need fifo at min, loads of people willing to do residential now. THanks for replying though appreciate it.
  2. hiya wondering if anyone could shed some light for us please. Hubby is carpenter with over 20 years experience, own tools, transport, white card, insurances, licences for high risk etc. etc. and has applied to all the mining companies for the past 3 months in Western Australia and chasing up on them as well but its impossible to get in unless you know someone or else thats what we are startin to think! can anyone offer any advice, tried hays etc. too but they arent recruiting either, does anyone in this work as a carpenter up there and can offer any advice on what to do. Thanks a mill any advice would be really appreciated
  3. Woo hoo, im looking forward to it, the play section for 2 and under is down the back on the right hand side for anyone who hasnt been there before. See you then )
  4. Sorry Gill only getting onto this now, sorry for the delay, would love to meet up definitely, what about if we organise a playdate for whoever can make it for Chipmunks in Whitfords, its down beside bunnings but to the right hand side down as you drive in and down the very back of it for the entrance. The under 2 section there is sound and it would be good chance to grab cuppa too. I can make it anyday next week bar thursday but mornings suit me as my little angel sleeps in the pm - let me know if anyone fancies meeting up and I will check this over weekend.
  5. Hi Gill, we are renting at min in Beldon, Connolly beside us, def would love to meet up, let me know if you have joined the playgroup in Connolly or you are meeting up next and me and little angel could come, she is 14 months and thanks for replying
  6. Hiya just seen your forum, have any of you joined a playgroup or anything like that, im in the same boat myself i have a little girl who is 14 months and would love to see her socialise more as some of the playgroups age groups are way too old for her and would love to meet like minded people too
  7. Maisie

    Joiner/Carpenter Salary

    yep average wage would be around 35 to 40 an hour but i wouldnt bank on 50 weeks per year, when they break up for xmas some companies could be quiet until end Jan thats what we have found since we came over. also if you are self employed then the bank holidays you would be off and not paid for them. Best bet is to contact likes of employment agencies to ask advice
  8. hiya does anyone know if your a carpenter and got a job in the mines in WA do you get paid for your week off, we have heard so many diff reports and totally confused. If you dont get paid then why do people head up there if the average hourly rate isnt much more than in Perth (sorry just cant get my head around it) also do most companies pay your flight up and down or how does that work, just hubby thinking of going up,
  9. Maisie

    Anyone living in Cairns???

    Thanks Lara hubby is a carpenter, do u happen to know if there is much work building work ongoing up there at the moment, we hear here in Perth there is but then heard of someone who came from Cairns last week to say there is none, its just we find Perth has gone very quiet here building wise
  10. Maisie

    Handed in notice at work yesterday!

    Concentrate now on your new move and yeah he was horrible what he done and no need to do it but by the sounds of it your best out of it. Congrats on your new life starting in Feb - you have a lot to look forward to
  11. Maisie

    Handed in notice at work yesterday!

    Well done, enjoy the count down to your new life !!!:smile:
  12. Hiya if you are can you recommend a good area to live in for a family, need a house and back garden - its basically hubby in building trade so will be travelling for work so where would you recommend that would be good area to live in that would be fairly central to everywhere. We were thinking of Edmonton but is that too far out or would we better going north like to Trinity Beach direction/Redlynch. Is there any areas you would recommend me to avoid or you would recommend Thanks a mill Maisie
  13. oh sound get it now, thanks a mill going to check with hubbys accountant, just gave up on the exchange rate at this stage, needs must. thanks a mill for getting back to me really appreciate it
  14. thanks for letting me know, dont quite get what you mean, for eg if the scenario was I brought over 50,000 sterling and that got me 75,000 dollars would I have to pay tax do you think on the 25,000 sorry Im just good with these things