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    Just cant settle in Oz and wanting to return.

    I think I hated it because it was a total shock to what I was used to and expected. It was very remote and lonely with awful public transport and I was used to living with all my best friends in a bus/tube/shop every two minutes city at home. Was quite homesick. Now I've got a family, I'm looking for something different hence change of heart. I'd never do remote again (just not for me.) I think it's great that the poster wants to try different cities - I hated remote Adelaide but adored Sydney personally (at a later date). Such a big country offering such different experiences so worth trying before heading home I think. I think even the people are different in each state?!
  2. Kempy

    Just cant settle in Oz and wanting to return.

    I won a prestigious all expenses paid year long 'experience' to the hills of Adelaide when I was 21. It took months of interviews and hard work (much like getting that visa though!) everyone in the UK couldn't believe how lucky I was. I hated it. I was advised to stick it out for a year as its only a year and I did due to embarrassment of going back/letting people down but it is a regret of mine not taking control and coming back/moving on. It was such a miserable year. Life is too short. Ironically now we want to move to Sydney. With the above experience in mind, (this time as I'll be with my husband and not alone) I know it will be tough at the start but I'm hoping for a different experience and aim to give it 18 months before deciding where our future lies. Good luck!
  3. Yes I'm thinking that might be the better option but can we go to oz while it's being processed in the UK? Then go offshore from oz when granted? And if so, would it be a tourist or bridging visa we would get him in on? My problem is the 101 we had took 10 months to come through and our own 175 have final entry in 9 months time- cutting it too fine for us to get in if we wait in the UK for it. I don't think it could be any more complicated! We definitely have 'compelling reasons' as to why we've not gone sooner on our 175 but not sure that would help. At least if the 802 option was viable we wouldn't have to worry about Resident Return visas we'd need to validate his 101 by going offshore, bearing in mind that we wouldn't have been in the country for two years of the five. This visa business is quite complicated if you don't just go as soon as they are granted, wish we could have. Hoping our chances aren't ruined.
  4. Thanks all. The cut and paste replies were from the child migration page basically explaining a child can't be added onto a visa after born, if born outside Australia. I was asking if I could travel him on a temporary visa and then apply in Australia.
  5. Couldn't validate my son's 101 visa in time and from what I've been told the reasons wouldn't be considered 'compelling' to appeal cancellation of his visa. We have PR175. Could we take him on some sort of temporary visa -and then apply for 802 onshore? I've searched this forum and see that people have done this on a tourist visa but others advising against it. It seems to make sense that we can do this, especially given the existence of the 802. Any one got any up to date info? Ive had two cut and copy replies from DIAC saying you can't add a newborn to 175 (not what I was asking) and can't really afford agent right now so any input from you guys would be great.
  6. For any readers of this in the future, asked, got a big fat no unless there were compelling reasons-example given was 'you could not fly due to a natural disaster'
  7. Thanks that what I'm thinking Took little one to Spain and the plane journey was a nightmare so the thought of haul on my own is scary!
  8. Sorry, I've already been granted our child's visa. He has his own validation date (crazy as he couldn't travel alone to validate.) we already validated our visas and unfortunately due to circumstances we can't move before his initial entry date.
  9. I'm gathering this is going to be impossible/difficult? Got permanent residency for hubby and I already validated. Had baby who needed separate visa, with another validation date. Has anyone had any success with extending their initial entry/validation date? Or not? Thanks a lot
  10. Kempy

    Salary halved in oz?!

    thanks, actually makes $85k seem a lot better. Must find out about tax cut off point
  11. Kempy

    Salary halved in oz?!

    Thank you! Yes, gave us an insight. 71 jobs with no salary bracket and 11 at the $100k but 10 in management.
  12. Kempy

    Salary halved in oz?!

    Thank you, very helpful. It looks like it's definitely a lot less than London but not as bad as I thought. More like $80k rather than $50k but not quite the $120-130k expected.
  13. Kempy

    Salary halved in oz?!

    Yes, we are in London...but still doesn't seem right with cost of living higher and everyone saying they earn more there. Another hope of mine is perhaps there is a mismatch in job titles. Keeping my fingers crossed, thanks for your advice
  14. Kempy

    Salary halved in oz?!

    Hi, posted similar question in jobs and careers last month but I'm now quite desperate for some further advice so posting here. OH works in operations in banking. We are gutted as similar jobs are appearing to offer salaries almost HALF of what he is on now in the UK. This is according to online ads/advice from one Aussie recruitment agent. Totally different salary to what 'Wanted Down Under' would have you believe. Not sure whether to give up now. We are supposed to be going for a better quality of life- but we are not going to be able to cope on half his salary in a city where our rent will be double than our current mortgage. Always knew we would be slightly worse off financially but now we are about to go, it seems financially impossible. Praying it's not?!? Just stating how I feel here in desperate hope that someone can say, "don't pay any attention to what you see online or listen to recruitment agents." At the very worst we thought he could earn the same amount (approx $100k AUD) but again, no sign of this happening. Only hope is majority of online ads don't specify salary but often he can't apply until in oz so we don't know if $50ish salaries will feature across the board. We were supposed to book flights tomorrow. Not sure what to do. Wish it was more transparent. If anyone reading this is at the start of their journey, my advice is research well as go ASAP. At the start of our application, circumstances were entirely different and had we been able to go then I think we would be living the dream instead of it slipping away...
  15. Kempy

    Any bankers out there?!

    Not in finance...He has a BA degree and obviously A levels etc.