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  1. Hi Everyone, Just in case anyone else is interested i contacted ANZ in London and asked if they were extending their extra baggage allowance offer they have with Emirates which runs out on 31 10 10. I got an immediate reply, which is very nice for a change, to say that, yes, they are extending until end of February 2011. Happy days. June
  2. That's the one Les. I'm sure it only lasts until end of October 2010. June
  3. I'm feeling like I don't know where to start. A bottle of bubnbly may be a start, LOL. My buyers have just had their survey done yesterday so i feel like I am waiting for the ok with that (it seemed to be ok as i asked the surveyor before he left). I will feel much better once I have exchange in a couple of weeks or so. I want to book my flight but I am holding back until exchange and wondering what to do in the "limbo" period. A friend advised me to get my cases out and start a practice run weighing what I am taking. Once I have a baseline weight for what I want to take i just need to weigh any additions and that way I can be sure of total weight. I don't want to get stung at the airport for excess baggage. I hope to get the 50kgs allowance from Emirates for a one way ticket (although I need to check as i think that offer expires end of October, unless anyone else knows differently). There is so much to do now and so little time, :wideeyed: But, as my son in law said, I can chill out on the wonderful beaches of the Gold Coast at Christmas! What a lovely thought. So get yourself organised Sue as this will be you all too soon.
  4. Hi Sue, Yes I am very excited, no nerves at all i just want to be out there. All the very best for you. If they are asking for payments then you know it's in the bag and am sure you will hear any day now. Then the fun starts, LOL:eek: I'm sure that you will let us all know how it goes. xx
  5. Got my request for 2nd VAC payment today....... Yippeeeeeeee I'm on my way. I have posted this on the expats forum too Wow, what a feeling. My left hand doesn't know what my right hand is doing. I'm all of a shiver, LOL It's all systems go now and I have just had a chat with my daughter and son in law in the sunny Gold Coast. Weather s lovely, all is well and I can't wait. I'm not even going to mention the exchange rate or let it get me down. It is what it is. Fingers crossed that my house sale goes through without a hitch now. Good luck to all of you still waiting and as has been said before, once the call comes, it's a mad dash to fit everything in. It's such an emotional time as we all want to be with or families. Gods speed to you all and a special thanks to Gill and Steve (gainwave). June xxx
  6. Hi Steve, I'm so glad that you have found a good home for your dog, it must have been a concern for you. All the best. June (junejuno)
  7. Many thanks Phoebe and Gilll. It is really starting to sink in now and it's so very exciting. It will be your turn before you can turn around so start sorting your stuff NOW !!! LOL
  8. Thanks Gill. It's so exciting and very real now as you just never know until you get the word. Suddenly it's all happening and I thank you especially Gill, for all your help this far as well as all the support from other forum hopefuls as we make this very big change in our lives. I will post on BE also as you suggest. Regards, June
  9. Hi Everyone, I know that it's very late but my daughter has just texted me to say that she has had THE email from my CO. It came in yesterday and she nearly missed it in her spam mail. Even though I was expecting it any week now I can't believe it!!! After all the waiting and seeing all the others ahead of me eventually getting their visas, I can hardly contain myself. I won't sleep much tonight. One closer for the ones still waiting. Steve, can you update my timeline please? June (junejuno)
  10. Sure has Phoebe. Nothing like a glass of champagne (any sparkling wine in Oz) in surroundings like these! Put on your glad rags and bring it on.
  11. Yep, a great place of entertainment and a jaw dropping experience on first visit
  12. Hi Phoebe, As Les says, I think Edinburgh would be easiest for you travel wise. I live in Carlisle and it took me just over 2 hours to drive to the private hospital. I travel regularly to Manchester but it takes me 2 1/2 sometimes 3 hours to get to the centre of Manchester. The beauty of going to the Edinburgh centre for your meds is that it is not in the city centre at all and is easy and free to park within the grounds. Cost £300 if anyone is interested. Kind regards, June
  13. Hi, I had my meds done at Edinburgh and they were very friendly, courteous and the Dr unofficially gave me the ok. I felt that they really wanted everyone to pass the meds as they realise how very important they are to us. I found my Dr very understanding. She even told me my urine test had failed as it showed proteinuria but not to worry as a few glasses of water would probably fix it. I drank for England and sure enouth on recehck it was ok.
  14. Hi Steve, Thanks for confirming that. I am much clearer now about the process. Regards, June
  15. On further research I found this old post by Gill about this, if it's of any interest to anyone else. I am assuming that not much has changed in the process since 2008!! http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/33281-assurance-support.html Regards, June