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  1. Les Mighalls

    can any one help

    As well meaning as the 'advice' you've been given on this thread is, it is simply a case of the blind leading the blind. I am inundated with cases where people have tried to do applications themselves, have been rejected and want me to haul their backsides out of the fire. Telling DIAC you were a naughty boy and you've since changed your ways will not cut the mustard, and whatever you tell them can and will be used against you in any future application if you try blagging your way through. If you insist on doing the application yourself read the Migration Act 1958, s501 and Ministerial Directive 41 very thoroughly several times and make sure you understand every nuance of them and do not construe things in a favourable manner to fit your circumstances. A lot of RMAs will not tackle s501 cases themselves and simply refer them on. If you seriously want that visa seek professional assistance.
  2. Les Mighalls

    Newbies needing advice please

    I should just point out here that a business visa is not often one that a self employed professional can use because no more than 50% of the proferssional's working hours can be working IN the business, which is not usually the case for most. A professional must calculate how many hours are spent generating fee income and how many hours are spent managing the business. If the latter exceeds 50% then a business visa MAY be possible.
  3. Les Mighalls

    De facto dilemma

    Ian Harrop in Oxford is one RMA with a good reputation as far as I'm aware.
  4. Les Mighalls

    De facto dilemma

    Am I missing something here, but have you considered a prospective marriage visa? However... do not gloss over or minimise your 'disability' whatever that is. Seek professional advice (not just migration, but informed medical as well, or in conjunction) first.
  5. Les Mighalls

    Australian Electoral Impasse Broken - Now for the SMPs

    As important as the issue of SMPs is to both applicants and RMAs, migration issues are way down the various governments' priority list, unless you turn up on a boat off the north west coast with a TV crew tagging along.
  6. Les Mighalls

    Job offer in melbourne

    Yes, you can. Your job title is irrelevant to the skilled occupation list. It is your actual occupation as demonstrated by your job description and/or qualifications which is the determining factor. By way of example only, many workers, especially in Asia, have the job title of "accountant" but are really only bookkeepers by qualification and actual job description. When that happens you'll see this forum light up like a Christmas tree.
  7. Les Mighalls

    how can we get family over here?

    Hi, Your brother in law may well be in the hunt for skilled migration. Tell him to check out this web site to obtain an Australian qualification. https://www.australianskillassessments.com/occupations/painter-and-decorator.php They do assessments in the UK.
  8. Les Mighalls

    163 Business Visa

    Hi Daisy, Having done quite a number of 163s through to PR, the whole process is not one which lends itself to DIY. There is quite an involved process getting the application through both the sponsoring government and DIAC, then finding (either buying, buying into or setting up) a qualifying business. Following that you have four years to move out here, get involved in the business then lodge 8 Business Activity Statements before you are eligible to apply for an 892. You also need to make sure you have squeaky clean financial records and have everything lodged by the due date. This is why I work with a reasonably priced management accountant who is also a registered tax agent with all our 163s. It makes life so much easier for our clients. We also ofer a full range of business services either directly or through our team of associated professionals.
  9. Les Mighalls

    Job offer in melbourne

    Even though you will be the primary visa holder of the 457 visa (presuming that is what you will be nominated for) there will be nothing to stop your wife applying for a PR visa based upon being a nurse providing that she meets all the requirements to do so. In that case you would be a secondary applicant on her visa application. Alternatively your employer could sponsor you for PR in due course. If it were me, I would set about making sure your wife is able to lodge a valid application as soon as possible after you have moved out here.
  10. Les Mighalls

    Validating parent visas

    You lose your visas and the $70k you spent for CPVs. In theory you could enter Australia after having gone through immigration clearance, collect your bags and then check back in and fly back to the UK. If you can do that you've got more stamina than I have. You must fly out here and clear immigration before your "must enter by" date. Caz is incorrect when she says you will need a resident return visa to get back in again once you leave. You will not need a resident return visa until your CPV expires but make sure you have made the permanent move before then.
  11. Les Mighalls

    Australian Electoral Impasse Broken - Now for the SMPs

    I hate to disappoint you. We had an election in 1993 when a guy called Paul Keating (later PM) announced tax cuts which would be enacted into law. Then after the ALP won the election he promptly cancelled them. Put not your faith in politicians. There is also the little concept of parliamentary sovereignty.
  12. Les Mighalls

    Australian Electoral Impasse Broken - Now for the SMPs

    The original version dates back to 1912 and was only available to mothers of European descent. The one you are aware of only dates back to 2002. As of July 1 this year it is worth a tad over AUD5,000.
  13. Les Mighalls

    Australian Electoral Impasse Broken - Now for the SMPs

    I don't hold out much hope for anything happening for several months, and then Lord knows where we'll be. The States are hardly likely to launch their SMPs if there's a chance that a new Minister will decide s/he's going to put a different system in place. With the Greens tail wagging the Labor dog there's every chance the whole migration program will be drastically reduced to ENS, refugees and family reunion (see their platform on their web site). With the fear of losing the perks of office uppermost in every politician's mind there's every chance of Labor kowtowing to the Greens and their demands. The Greens would have to justifiably think that they are on a roll with growing influence and therefore be emboldened to insist on the implementation of a lot of their program. As they are virtually the left wing of the ALP anyway there will be a lot of support within the ALP for their policies. We do indeed live in interesting times.
  14. Les Mighalls

    Migration assitants

    :biggrin: I shall say, though, that after a very tiring day this thread brought a smile to my face. He just seemed to have no idea that Alan was a RMA.
  15. Les Mighalls

    Somebody please help me!

    There is nothing to stop you from applying for a 175 while you are here. You just have to go through the same process as if you were overseas.