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  1. Dear Allan, Thanks for the reply. My concern is that, though I a may not loose visa by moving states but I may face some problem at a later stage (while applying for citizenship). Regards
  2. Dear All, Thanks for your valuable suggestions and responses. I have sent an email to migration deptt. of SA describing my circumstances and requesting them to remove the visa condition. Whenever I will get a responce I will post the update here. Regards
  3. Hi All, We are in Adelaide on 176 visa. We came in March, and it's been 5 months but have not able to find a job till date. We are really worried now. Do anybody here have any idea whether there is any chance of removal of 2yrs work and live condition on 176 visa, if yes what's the process? Waiting for suggestions. Regards
  4. dan77

    Any idea about Renown Park, SA

    Hi, I haven't received any message. can u please re-send it. Thanks
  5. dan77

    Calling those who applied on their own

    Hi all, I applied on my own and today i m in melbourne....i faced no problem at all. All u have to do is....visit the website of immigration deptt.....check the conditions...and if u feel ur is a straight forward caseand feel confident...go for it.
  6. I have landed in australia on 176 visa. I just want to have an idea about the social benefits that are available immediately and those which are available after certain period of time. Does anybody here have any idea and from where can i get more information.
  7. Does anybody here have any idea about Renown Park, i mean how is it as a place to live for a family, schools in the area, distance from the city, transportation etc. Any suggestion is highly appreciated.
  8. dan77

    Moving to Adelaide on 176 - Some Doubts...

    Waiting for replies...
  9. Hi All, An update from my side...I am coming to Aus in 1st week of March'10 probably on 3rd March. Hoping to meet some of u there...
  10. dan77

    Moving to Adelaide on 176 - Some Doubts...

    Hi Gill, I SA Sponsorship application I had mentioned around 12-13000 AUD. Do I have to bring all the money mentioned at one go, or initially I may bring 5000 AUD & balance when other members arrive. One more point, do we have to show the proof of money brought to SA authorites???
  11. dan77

    Moving to Adelaide on 176 - Some Doubts...

    Hi Rammygirl, Thanks for reply. As far as cash is concerned, initially i m not going to buy a car (till i m alone), i would prefer a shared accomodation. Would AUD 5000 would be sufficient for first 6 months?
  12. Hi All, I am planning to move to Adelaide on 176 visa in 1st week of March'10. Before that we need to clear some doubts: 1. Initially i am going there and rest would come later once i get a job (hopefully) and arrange for suitable place to live. Is it ok if initially i go there and rest come later. 2. I am planning to visit my cousine in Melbourne for a week and later move to Adelaide. Is it in compliance to terms of 176 visa; or I have to land initially in Adelaide itself. 3. Once in Adelaide do I have to report to Sate Migration office about my date of arrival in SA (for the purpose of time frame of 2 yrs for 176 visa). 4. As others membetrs would join me later, what is the estimated amount I should take with me initially. Thanks
  13. Hi McKlaut, You are right. But what i want to say is that post 23/9 regulations, general perception was that there will be no further movement for Cat. 5 applicants till 2012. Now at least some visas are being granted in this category and i hope for remaining applicants also things would move much faster than we had thought. Thanks.
  14. Seeing the posts in past few days regarding grant of Cat. 5 Non CSL visas, i think things have started moving for this category. We ourselves got our visa yesterday. I want to say good look for remaining applicants and pray for more visas in this category soon.