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  1. Hi All We are selling our 2000 Holden Astra great runner only selling as now have a work vehicle and my partner has her own car. Has some sun damage to roof and boot. Has done 306000 Ks due to travelling Perth and back daily. Has rego til Dec 2014 $1800
  2. Sanders

    Falcon Primary School (Mandurah)

    Hi Guys just a quick question does anyone on here have children that are in or have been to falcon primary school just wanted a couple of peoples opinions on the school, ive done loads of research on schools etc including this one but just wanted to know if anyone has been to this school. ​cheers
  3. Sanders

    Which Suitcase is best?

    Hi Like Milo 52 said id recommend the sub zero g suitcase really are great and so light also you dont need to pay high price for the search on asda direct for sub zero suitcases and you will find they are the cheapest you can find them any were
  4. Hi rupert is correct if you have the time it is quicker and cheap to lodge the visa in the uk takes 7-9 months but lodging onshore can take upto 14 months and also cost is more.
  5. Hi yes you do need to have the ACRO police checks done now which is what is required thanks
  6. Hi we have applied for a 101 visa for our son back in sept was advised by our CO it would take between 7-9 months and would acutely take around this time as well, you can travel to oz before it is granted on a tourist visa for child just keep your CO informed of this if you were to do it then once visa is ready to be validated they would advise you to leave oz and re enter to validate the 101 visa, we didn't have to send birth certificates for me and my OH just one for our son which was a full birth certificate showing both mine and my OH names also don't forget to send in details of how you will support the child ie payslips savings etc, regard police checks we had to send certified copies of these but also the originals as well as advised by our CO which originals was then returned to us shortly after.
  7. Sanders

    Child visa 101 help

    We are moving to perth, hoping to fly 31st july, how about your self ?
  8. Sanders

    Child visa 101 help

    Hi Turners we didn't send them in with application waited until was asked CO which was only a week to two weeks after sending in application also asked us at same time for meds to be done and another information that they needed then gave us 49 to do these, yes we are waiting until visa is granted before going, anything else you may need just ask will try and help
  9. Sanders

    Child visa 101 help

    Hi guys just seen your post we are in the same process as yourselfs we sent ours off in sept 12 still waiting we were quoted from CO visa process would be within 6-8 months and wouldn't likely be any earlier then this, cost of visa was 1400 plus cost of meds and police checks on top, visa does require validation as Rupert stated same as your own visa, you can travel with child to oz but will need to keep your CO aware of this then leave oz and re entry when asked to validate. Applying offshore is quicker as well if in oz and apply can take upto 14 months now quoted by DIAC, need any help with application just drop us a PM will help were i can.
  10. Hi gypsy10 maryrose is correct download form 929 fill in and also send a certify copy of your new passport to the embassy I did mine a couple of months back once they received it they gave me a call and also an email to state details had been up dated we sent it into the London office,I think also if you go onto London high commission website it has all the forms to download and if you have a scanner at home you can also just email all the completed paperwork in instead off posting or as martyrise said give them a call but I didn't know you could do it that way. kind regards
  11. Sanders

    Help with filling out child 101 visa plz

    Yeah ref from employer are good but also provide evidence of this the main thing to use is pay slips or if self employed accounts etc just ref's don't think would be enough evidence, yea and again housing question we provided details of the house we are living in in the uk, some of the questions on the paper are a bit ridiculous , Hope this helps anymore info you need on it just pm me and I will try and help as much as possible.
  12. Sanders

    Help with filling out child 101 visa plz

    Hi kellyjamie we were in the same situation as yourself sent ours all in back in sept still waiting, as for employment we sent in 2years worth of payslips from uk employer to show evidence of financial support, police have to be dated within the last 12 months for yourself and your partner we had to send 4 copies the originals and a certified copy of each then once they receive them they sent the originals back to us we had to provide a return stamped address envelope in with all the paperwork, I should imagine you can use your parents address for this, and regarding housing we just wrote down what our housing situation was now here in the uk, hope this helps kind regards
  13. Hi everyone just need a little info if anyone can help I understand that if I open an NAB account and use moneycorp to transfer my money and tell them I am a PIO member they will waive the fees is this correct, my other question is we have some Money to transfer but I don't want to transfer this as of yet as we don't move across until mid next year and possibility hoping that exchange rates may improve if not then that's fine I'll take that risk but also could keep the money here just in case anything was to happen etc in the uk , my issues is I am looking at transferring money on a month basis for next 7months about 500-600 a month as I can afford to take this out of my wage here in the uk and save this but if I save here we as a family may use this as we already have sum savings for our move so I would like to transfer this a month so I know we can't use it or access it until will arrive is this possible using moneycorp and is there a fee for this or also is this waived. thanks for our time everyone :biggrin:
  14. Sanders

    House rental

    Hi everyone hope everyone good today, wanted to know really we have been offered a house rental in falcon mandurah for $450 wk fully furnished including utility's this is a 6 month rental and could extend longer if we liked property is a fairly new built 4x2 would you say this is reasonable or is it expense, I understand its a big commute to perth etc but this isn't really an issue for us, don't mind commuting to work in perth if had to, just people's thoughts on this would be great full. thanks :biggrin:
  15. Sanders

    Falcon suburb

    Yeah we have looked at we're we might work etc to me commuting is not a problem, the property we have been offered is a fairly new build property 4x2 the offer we have been offered at 450$ all in fully furnished from the owners seems pretty good just wanted to know if this was reasonable really.