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  1. topturner

    South Oz applications - where are you now

    Fantastic news Gaz & Family, you got a CO.. wooo hooo! This process can be a very long dark tunnel, but we all get to the light at the end eventually! Not long now. Adele x
  2. topturner

    Category 2's - Where are you now?

    WOW..!! Another busy week Congratulations to all getting CO'S and Grants this week. Happy Celebrating x
  3. topturner

    I'm Not Going!

  4. topturner

    South Oz applications - where are you now

    Hi all, I've not been on all week and there looks to have been a fair bit happening, lots of co's allocated which is great news! Congratulations to everyone with co's and grants this week. Surley, not too long now for those still waiting. Gaz, The updates are bang on, and hopefully your name will be amber by the time you do next fridays update! :wink: Adele x
  5. topturner

    South Oz applications - where are you now

    Congratulations on getting your visa grant! Great feeling isnt it!! :jiggy: Our CO didnt contact us either, only knew we had one after oh sent a ple! So getting meds & pc's in pre co does pay off! I bet there has been some celebrating at yours over the weekend. Good luck with your plans Adele x
  6. topturner

    Do we have to go together?

    You only have to apply for another visa if you wish to leave australia and return again after 5 years.once your visa has been issued you can stay indefinatley.applying for citizanship(after 4 years)means you can come & go as you wish.
  7. topturner

    South Oz applications - where are you now

    Hi all, Congratulations on all those getting co's this week. Were still getting over the shock of our Grant on wednesday. I called round at my mums wednesday affy to tell her in person, she was great about it, it was me who shed a few tears! (I could'nt even get the words out) She was so supportive, and knows how much we want to move to oz and have done since we got engaged out there 12 years ago. I know she will be gutted when we actually leave as will all our family and friends, but she says she appreciates we have to do what we think best for our children and us a family unit!! She even said herself she doesnt see much of a future for the kids here in the uk for a long time. We are hoping to move out in Sept, but with the house to sell we cannot make any definate arrangements just yet, although we have dicussed renting our house here as a last resort. Jill, Im sure your next in line for a co, Im keeping everything crossed for you hun.. Your a Nov 09 applicant like us. :hug: Good luck to all those still waiting. Adele x
  8. topturner

    South Oz applications - where are you now

    Morning all, On this mighty fine wednesday morning, we got our grant!!! yipee. Feels great, Im a little shakey and have just told the kids. Will be avin a little drinky or 2 tonight to celebrate. Good luck to the rest of you, wont be long and we will all be green! From a very giddy Adele x
  9. topturner

    Category 2's - Where are you now?

    Morning all, What a wonderful, wonderful day............ WE GOT OUR VISA TODAY!!!!! Only found out we got a co last friday, didnt request any further docs. Im actually shaking as I type. Better go and wake the kids, give them the good news. Lots of celebrating in our house tonight!! YIPEE Good luck everyone waiting A very excited Adele x
  10. topturner

    South Oz applications - where are you now

    Save you pee for the medicals :biglaugh: Great news, about bloomin time too! Adele x
  11. topturner

    Category 2's - Where are you now?

    Thats wonderful news, I would say you have a co looking at your file now :wink: I was wondering if you had heard anything today, I had been keeping fingers crossed for you. Adele x
  12. Congratulations on your visa grant Bambulka!! x
  13. topturner

    South Oz applications - where are you now

    Congratulations to all who have got co's & grants today... whoop whoop!! Looks like being a real good week, fingers crossed for those still waiting. Just wondering if smithy's have heard anything, I dont recall seeing a post from them today?? Thanks for all your work Gaz, when your time comes for a co you will have defo earned it! :notworthy: Cheers Adele x
  14. topturner

    Police checks

    Hi I scanned our police checks & uploaded them to our file online with all our other documents. Hope this helps Paul
  15. Hi, We had ours done with Dr Smith @ Manchester a few week ago. We too have 2 kids (8 & 5) OH and myself and paid £702 in total for everything. All of us had to provide a urine sample, did basic eye test, we stripped to our underwear and was given a general check (reflexes, mobility etc) then OH and me had x-rays and blood test. I can honestly say it was not as bad as I expected, the kids even had a small selection of toys to play in Dr Smiths's office. (they did take their ds console too) Our meds were done on 14th Jan, the kids were finalised by Diac on th 17th and Oh & mine got finalised on 25th Jan. Also, make sure you take details of any medication any of you are taking. When I called to make the appointment, the lovely lady sent me an email confirmation along with a full price list etc. Hope this helps, but you could always phone as the staff were really helpfull! Good luck Adele x