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  1. huggesy

    I'm so alone without my furry friend help needed...

    We recently brought our 3 cats over, obviously we were worried how they would cope with everything flights, quarantine etc luckily our old boy 11 1/2 years old has coped fantastically and all 3 have settled in like they have been here all their lives. It is just my oh and I that are paranoid for them! Before considering bringing ours we took advise from our vet whether he felt medically they would be capable,would it be worth seeking the advise of his vet and taking professional advise from the pet couriers as well? It's such a hard decision for you to make but obviously you are doing the right thing in taking the time to work out what is best for him first.
  2. huggesy

    My furry friend leaves for melbourne tomorrow

    How has Ozzy settled now after a week at home with you? I'm about ready to murder mine as they are making me feel guilty that they cant go outside and I can:rolleyes: noses against the screen doors everytime I go out! One was climbing the bloody door when I put the laundry out this morning. They seem to have settled reasonably well back into a routine of sleeping all night and running around in the day but everytime a dog barks they freak out which is very odd for them all, wondering if the dogs barking in quarantine upset them? Not sure how close they are all housed in spotswood. Mind you took some getting used to the prices of cat food and the limited amount of things they have for them. You definitely know there is favour towards dogs. One big plus they do cat milk in litre bottles!
  3. huggesy

    What is it like to live in Adelaide?

    we moved to Adelaide about 2 weeks ago and enjoying the area so far, but then we have been running around like headless chickens organising everything! Have you posted on Poms in Adelaide as well it might give you abit more information on the area
  4. huggesy

    My furry friend leaves for melbourne tomorrow

    Collected my 3 this afternoon, should have thought about 1 double crate and 1 single crate size and sedan car:err: but hey ho! Not to far back to the rental and then could let them out, they are still roaming around discovering their new home, they have eaten, drunk loads and I even got a few purrs so looks like they just need abit of time to totally settle down. Think they are decided who should sleep were! Probably my Oh and I on the sofa and they have the bed knowing my 3!!!:cute:
  5. huggesy


    you might find it easier to make it yourself, grind some pork shoulder or try with pork mince first, add some rice flour and iced water and herbs and it is as good as buying. There is a certain ratio which I haven't got to hand but works a treat when I make sausages or sausage rolls
  6. huggesy

    kindles in Oz

    Yep the 3g on the kindle works fine, I have found it pretty good in most countries I have taken it to actually
  7. huggesy

    My furry friend leaves for melbourne tomorrow

    Count down is on, you must only have another couple of days now before you collect Ozzy, I cant wait to go and get our 3, on Saturday I feel like I am missing a bit part of myself and it doesn't feel like home with them not being here :eek: At least Ozzy doesn't have to do another flight, hoping mine will forgive us that when we collect them, still haven't got any carry cases or things for them keep seeing things but cant decide what to get them!
  8. huggesy

    Does it Drag?? x

    4 days and 4 minutes for me:jiggy: I cant wait but also I have now realised how many people I should have seen that I haven't, that has mainly be due to work commitments which have stopped me but would have liked to have caught up with a few more. Spending the most important time now with my mum.
  9. huggesy

    My furry friend leaves for melbourne tomorrow

    Well if you do go and see ozzy I hope it goes well and not to difficult for you, missing my guys like crazy! Yep not long till we fly 17th April, unfortunately it is all a mess at the moment as my oh came down with a bout of food poisoning on Sunday which is hitting him hard so just hoping he can recover before we fly, as dont quite know what do to otherwise! Had to leave him being looked after by his parents as we had moved out of our rental Sunday so not ideal he's in Dorset and me in Devon. you have hit the ground running, good to get those bits out the way.
  10. huggesy

    My furry friend leaves for melbourne tomorrow

    Had a couple of email updates from quarantine, they have been really good with letting me know how my 3 have been getting on and letting me know about any concerns. it would appear one is oblivious and happy playing with the toys she has been given, other one is happy enjoying all the cuddles he can get and the other one still being a little shy, little do they know if she snaps out of it she will misbehave!! I hope Finlay has a good flight. And I hope dinkydoo have settled in after their flight
  11. huggesy

    My furry friend leaves for melbourne tomorrow

    Had a lovely email today from spotswood responding to my email with an update about the cats, I think coca especially might be being abit of a tart as they mentioned how loving he was! Now have no furniture and sorting out the loose ends in our rental. Have a good flight
  12. huggesy

    My furry friend leaves for melbourne tomorrow

    I rang last night to check how they were getting on, as soon as I said I wanted to check on my cats Jinx, Millie and Coca she straight away said oh I know your cats, which made me think what are the monkeys up to!!:yes: Especially Jinx she is far to intelligent for her own good and very quickly learns some interesting skills, in our last house she used to stand on the letterbox half way up the door and hang on the door window pane until you let her in, its is so comical you always did and she got what she wanted! She just clarified that they were eating, and using the facilities well and had settled, I was very happy to hear that they are in pens next to each other and that they can see one another as I thought the old boy might think he had been abandoned again but happy in the knowledge the girls will be driving him bonkers! I will ring again probably end of the week or early next week to see how they are. We had thought about visiting but decided it would be best not to as wasnt sure it would be fair on them or us (not sure my OH would cope leaving them), especially seeing as Coca hasnt be away for more than a night at the vet and never been in a cattery before that I know of, like you I wish I had put him in for a few day to get used to it. When you visit Ozzy if you happen to see two mental black and whites next to a handsome tabby, give them a tickle for me. Movers in as we speak, after 4 days mental days of stress getting everything sorted its a huge relief.
  13. huggesy

    My furry friend leaves for melbourne tomorrow

    The flight landed last night as I was tracking it online and I'm sure they are safe and sound, but with the time difference and needing to leave five hours before calling quaratine we couldn't ring, and then of course when it comes to the right time to call I tried and then realised we are on a bank holiday and then a weekend when it seems they dont answer the phone:confused:so I shall be on the phone as soon as I can on monday night, just to double check. They are in spotwood so same as your Ozzy but ours are then flown across to Adelaide after their 30 days, so wonder how much grovelling we will have to do when we get them back, missing my cuddles! Where are you planning on basing yourselves. We dont fly out until the 17th, got the movers coming in on Tuesday so all systems go, I'm starting to wonder were all of the stuff keeps coming from as we sort it out, it seems never ending and you definately start to wonder about the things you keep!:goofy:
  14. huggesy

    My furry friend leaves for melbourne tomorrow

    Glad Ozzy got away safe and sound, I have to say I was quite lucky with my 3 who surprisingly were as good as gold yesterday, no crying in the car when I droppped them off which is highly odd and no misbehaving when they got checked and put in the crates to go to the cattery at Petair. Whether they sensed something who knows:unsure: Got my OH to phone up and check they had settled in fine, TBH more to settle him than anything :cute: going to be a wierd few weeks without them, but I would rather they are settled than them have to put up with us arguing over stupid things, furniture moving and bag packing! as that would be more stressful for them. I agree with the previous post its not a waste of money if it means alot to you and your pets are healthy enough to travel, no one wants to put their pet though it ideally, but you also just dont want to get rid of your pet. I have had alot of people asking why we are bothering to take them as well and saying just get rid and get new ones, but it doesnt work like that when it comes to pets, but others have turned round and said well done and how they wouldnt be able to rehome them either, always two sides to the arguements. There is always going to be some circumstances when people are unable to take their pets with them, but we all try for the best for our pets either way, we are luckily enough that we can take ours with us. From 22.30 this evening I shall be checking to see how far my 3 have flown and looking forward to being able to give them a cuddle again, it wont be to long before I get to see my little sun worshippers again!
  15. huggesy

    My furry friend leaves for melbourne tomorrow

    My furry 3 fly Tuesday but I am dropping them off tomorrow, I'm sure they will be fine, wondering how my oh will cope though! you can't help but worry about them though especially seeing as how much fuss they put up going to the vets, but better 30 days of worrying about them than not having them with you