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  1. jamtart


    No job, no sponsorship, worked in a paper mill. Can anyone please tell me how they get a visa? Yes, it is a case of 'the green eyed monster' coming out!.... not jealous really :-) Maybe there is more to the story than the DM is printing. :err: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2127378/Britains-hardest-working-father-emigrates-Australia-wife-12-children-future-home-grim.html
  2. jamtart

    The End

    3 years ago we lodged our Visa. We were so excited at the thought of a new life in Australia. Sadly we have had to accept that our new life will never happen. We are Cat 5, with the DIAC website stating that they are 'NOT PROCESSING' any Visas at the moment (and not in the future no doubt) We've had years of waiting and hoping, along with a fantastic holiday to The Sunshine Coast.... and now we have no hope and have to get on with our lives and forget about our dream. Nearly crying writing this. It has been a hard decision but we can't keep putting our lives on hold.....waiting. Best Wishes and Good Luck to anyone lucky enough to get a Visa.
  3. jamtart

    Missing : Please Read

    sadly, My Uncle was found last Monday 22nd. His body was discovered in woodland near where he disappeared over 3 weeks before. Thank-you for your kind messages. x
  4. jamtart

    Missing : Please Read

    Thank-you all for your kind words. Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/groups/259536594057214/
  5. jamtart

    Missing : Please Read

  6. jamtart

    Missing : Please Read

    I hope that I am allowed to post this. Alan Spray is my Uncle and has been missing since last Saturday from the St. Albans area. We are trying everything we can to bring his information to people. I know that a lot of the PIO Community still live in Britain so please pass on any info. http://www.whtimes.co.uk/news/missing_alan_spray_a_wonderful_husband_father_and_grandfather_1_986371 Thank-you Helen xx
  7. jamtart


    Hi We have applied for 475 Regional Family Sponsored so have to live and work in a Regional Area of Queensland.... which covers a huge area, but want to go where our family is for the back up when we are there. My son lives 10 miles away but lucky if we see him 2-3 times a year! Just wish something would happen with our application!:arghh:
  8. jamtart


    My OH has Aunt and Cousins on the Sunshine Coast. Visited last year. We have applied to emigrate at what seems to be an 'Old Age', now 43 and 47! Kids are on the application but aren't emigrating. They are 20 and 18. Reasons for Emigrating: weather, way of life, weather, beaches, weather :-) We have been told we are being selfish to our kids by emigrating, but we have brought them up to be self sufficient young adults and now it's 'OUR' time to do what we really want to do. I don't want to get to be in my 50's and wishing..... what if?
  9. jamtart

    Visa update

    Applied June 2009.....still waiting
  10. jamtart

    Please make me feel happy again

    Thanks for all your positive encouragement...... still depressed though :-)
  11. *** I am depressed! Do we just cancel everything and just get on with our lives?.... It has been nearly 2 years since we started the emigration process and 16 months since we applied for our Visa but with no immediate end in sight. OUR LIVES ARE ON HOLD!!!!! My work know that I have applied to emigrate- so NO chance of promotion for me, family and friends asking all the time if we have heard anything (aarrgghh- we would say if we had!), teenage kids (one of which 'might' be emigrating with us) have no idea when their lives will be turned upside down with us moving and their family home being sold. I just feel that waiting another 2 years like this is going to tear me up, so we should just forget about 'our dream'. Has anyone else cancelled their visa? Have you then regretted it? Should we/can we carry on like this? Can anyone in a similar situation tell me what you have done? *** Firstly, thank-you for all the positive replies I had. I posted this in October... and have to admit that the depression has really took hold now! What worries me more is that being on a 475 visa, my OH is going to be 50 when we get a PR (if we emigrate in the next year). Of course we are worried about him classed as 'old' when job hunting and we are even heading toward the thought of 'will we be able to afford retire?'. I know it's only a decision we can make.... the thought of a new life on The Sunshine Coast, but it is eating me up!!!! I get annoyed when people on PIO moan about waiting 6 months for their visa (nothing personal, just feeling sorry for myself). We could wait 3-4 years and still be turned down. I wish they would look at your visa and say " yes, you will get a Visa.... but you will have to wait, rather than wait, then be told...." sorry, your application has been unsuccessful" Ok, rant over :arghh: still depressed! Hope I am not re-posting this in another year!
  12. jamtart

    475 Visa

    We applied for 475 visa. Cat 4 though. 2 years and counting!
  13. jamtart

    The frustrating wait!!!

    I like a moan.... 2 years and still waiting!:arghh:
  14. jamtart

    document certification?

    We asked our local Justice of the Peace to certify our documents. He was more than happy to do it. Scotland has a list online so there must be one for England etc.
  15. jamtart

    The frustrating wait!!!

    Ho Hum.... 2 years in June .....and still waiting for anything! :arghh: