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  1. RobandCatherine

    Poms In Oz BBQ - Crace - Saturday 20th April - 1pm

    Hi there, thanks for organising - we'll be there - that's a great BBQ area :-)
  2. RobandCatherine

    Need a removalist

    S&Z removals 0405 140 348 - 3 guys & a truck for $150 an hour, like you we were moving in the same suburb and they showed up 5 mins early, worked like machines even taking turns to stop for the tea I made for them! Out, moved & unloaded at the new place in 3 hours, we had boxed everything ready ourselves though.
  3. RobandCatherine

    Citizenship 26th Jan 2013

    Congratulations & have a great day Marcus, we'll have to meet up soon....
  4. RobandCatherine

    6 October - Mooseheads aftenoon lunch

    Mooseheads, You boys are a bad influence! Unfortunately we didn't get back into Canberra until late so couldn't make it, sure there'll be another opportunity soon though...
  5. RobandCatherine

    Who Has 'Actually' Read The Rules?

    If the rules are:- 1. You do not talk about Pomsinoz 2. You do NOT talk about Pomsinoz Then, yes I've read them...
  6. RobandCatherine

    Rent, church and clothes

    Hi there, It'll be difficult to find a rental from overseas as you have to view a place before you can apply for it, you can have a representative view it for you though so while your boss could do it, I don't know if I'd like somebody else to choose my home for me. I can't comment on churches sorry but the best public transport from Sydney Airport would be Murrays Coaches at around $30 each, we have a few Kmarts, BigW's & Target and also a Costco & plenty of others so no shopping problems - I don't know what to say about prices though, seem ok to me.
  7. RobandCatherine

    Canberra BBQ meet up

    Count us in Marcus, Tidbinbilla worked well - for a change though we could head your way if you like.
  8. RobandCatherine

    Barbershop in Canberra

    Hienz Barbers at Cook shops - $20, he works on his own so can get busy though.
  9. RobandCatherine

    Car questions?.

    Hi there, you will need an address to buy a car (at least from a dealer) could you use your friends address? - if so register for Medicare with that & they will give you a printout which is good enough to use as evidence of address. If the car has Rego (in NSW say) then you have 3 months to change it after arriving in the ACT. http://www.rego.act.gov.au/registrations/regomain.htm http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/registration/index.html
  10. RobandCatherine

    ACT demerit points (drivers license)

    Be careful if you are going to flash your lights warning others though - it is illegal (as in the UK actually) & the police will sometimes set up a speedtrap with one car and then have another un-marked one looking out for & booking well meaning motorists. I also got a ticket on our 3rd day in Canberra, paid the fine on-line but attached an email apologising/explaining new in country/previous clear record etc & was cautioned instead - definately worth a go, Best advice though is use cruise control set at the speed limit as much as you can, the red light cameras are also speed cameras to make sure you don't speed up to slip through on amber, they take a picture about 1/8th of a second after the lights turn red - if your in it - even just over the line & stopped you'll get a ticket (thats what I got booked for - $300 + 3 demerits)
  11. RobandCatherine

    Car prices - Not so expensive

    The Ford Focus price is advertised on TV so that ones right too, its definately worth buying a new car over second hand if you can afford it - the warranty period gives you worry free motoring while you get settled & find a garage you trust for afterwards.
  12. RobandCatherine

    bringing LCD TVs yes or no?

    you could just buy a new cable, about 9 dollars from WOW or Dick Smith.
  13. RobandCatherine

    Skyfire 2012

    Was going to try to be witty, but truth is we can't wait to see u!!! looking forward to it!
  14. RobandCatherine

    Skyfire 2012

    We will be there, past few years have been great http://www.1047.com.au/pages/page106.asp
  15. RobandCatherine

    Buying a house

    A real estate agent friend of ours (if thats possible) told us around 10% - why they don't just make that the price though is beyond me...