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  1. AUS standard books wanted - AS/NZS 3000, AS/NZS 3012, AS/NZS 3008 & AS/NZS 3017, ETSA Utilities I’m going to need these books for my course and exams. Does anybody have any tip where to get them for a reasonable price? Any recommendation highly appreciated.
  2. Eh, sorry for being so persistent but the officer wasn't even able to tell me if I should tick off Qualified supervisor license or Tradesperson certificate (I'm talking about a form from NSW fair trading). I guess the Tradesperson is for provisional license, isn't it? Edit: the problem is that if you have a look at this link, it says: "Any applicant under the Program who is issued with an Off-Shore Technical Skills Record in the relevant trade from VETASSESS or Victoria University, is eligible to be granted a provisional tradesperson certificate in the following..." Not a single word about ARTC... http://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/Tradespeople/Home_building_licensing/Applying_for_a_licence_or_certificate/Overseas_trained_applicants.html
  3. I'm aware of that and I'm "happy" with that. What I'm saying is that they told me that I don't even get the provisional one despite of having ARTC now. I was told to go to do gap training and that I'm not even entitled to get provisional license (work under supervision, TA) during the gap training.
  4. ARTC for getting provisional certificate worthless in NSW? I went with my fresh ARTC from TRA to Fair trading in Sydney thinking that if I fill in the form a wait a couple of weeks I would get a restricted license. However, to my shock, an officer told me that I need Off-shore technical skills record for that purpose. ARTC is supposed to serve for Tafe to be enrolled to 1 year gap training. Did I screw something up again? I thought that if I was assessed for migration purpose by TRA, I should have applied for ARTC if I wanted to carry on in my effort to get eventually my license. Or is the office giving me misleading info I should lodge my application regardless of what he says?
  5. I've just received email from WA Energy licensing answering my query about transferring license from SA and they haven't mentioned anything about the necessity to hold the license for at least 1 year. They've just sent me a link to pdf application form. Who gave you guys the info that they don't recognize "fresh" SA license?
  6. Yeah, I know about the fact that you can't transfer it anywhere else. But your note about NSW leads me to a (crazy) idea. What about transferring SA license to NSW and then you can transfer the new NSW license to any other state? Would it work? Or NSW license is also "banned" by other state? Or do all other states require the 1 year period? BTW, I have to unfortunately confirm what you've written here. After 15 years of experience as a maintenance electrician (PLCs, VFDs, automation) the only job I can land here is making the bloody switchboards..
  7. Everyone? I hope there's still the shortcut through PEER in SA available. I've been unsuccessfully looking for a professional job for 8 weeks and now my only hope is to fly to Adelaide and try to get the license there after I get ARTC from TRA.
  8. It sounds really crazy what one has to experience just to be allowed to work in their field. As I can see I'm going to have a lot of "fun" in AUS to find a job and support my dependents. Derren7 was somewhat optimistic about finding a job with el. fitter license. Why did you put so much effort into getting mechanic? Is it your experience that fitters are in a disadvantage in the job market? I sent an email to TRA to query if my previous assessment from them will somehow help me in the whole process but no answer so far. I'm thinking about going to SA where is should be easier to get our license and then to try to transfer it to NSW (Sydney). But I don't know how doable it is. Btw, I have no idea about the "working pressure.." , I guess I'm completely incompetent. I shouldn't have messed around with industrial automation all my life and instead I should have done some TIG welding or whatever the gas is used for..
  9. Thanks Darren for your response, now it's much clearer. It's ridiculous that I'll have to present the same documents for TRA again. They must have my previous correspondence on my files. I had hard time to chase my employers and schools even before and now I really don't know if can make it again. There was a note about something called "PEER" some pages back in this thread and possible faster alternative to get A grade. Do you know what it stands for? I guess there in no way I could start the process already now when I'm still offshore? Those 4 months waiting for TRA assessment result seems really long when you realise that you need to support dependants. By the way, in the TRA form isn't electrician special class anymore, only mechanic or fitter. Do you think I can try ticking off mechanic although I was assessed as special class (maintenance)? I couldn't find any official info explaining what is what and some kind of comparative table.
  10. Hi guys. Could I have a couple of questions pls? I was assessed in 2009 as an electrician special class because most of my work duties were plant maintenance related. And it's only now when I'm going to move to AUS with my granted visa. I'm trying to understand the system of obtaining Aussie qualification but to be honest I still can't get my head around it. 1) My understanding is that I should aim to get electrician mechanic license and not electrician fitter because the latter is somewhat "inferior". Am I right? Will it be problem with my "special class"? 2) Could somebody please explain to me what steps I should take? So first I need to prove again that I have experience in my field? The same thing like I had to do for TRA at the beginning of the process? Is it what you call OSTR (off shore trade record)? Where will I need to present this paperwork? Is it for the organisation that you call ATRC? Sorry so much, I tried to go through last pages of this thread but you use so many for me mysterious terms that I'd would really appreciate a bit of help. Cheers.
  11. In my case it was 6 months
  12. jimcz

    Medicare - How does it work??

    I'm sorry to butt in with another question. Somebody mentioned that with 176 visa I don't have to take a private insurance. But will I be covered by Medicare only after I start a job or even during looking for one? Shouldn't I pay something "voluntarily" during my unemployed period?
  13. I'm planing to book my medical examination and so I'm going through the forms 26EH and 160EH and I'm confused that there is no address where the doctor should the form send when my check is finished. Do they know the address? And as for the X-ray (160EH), should it be sent first to the doctor that deals with 26EH and only after that all together to the DIAC?
  14. Is the any way to recognize which panel doctors send the medical forms on-line and which use normal post?