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  1. Hi, I moved to Aus from UK in 2011 and have been an Aus citizen for few years. I have a buy-to-let property in the UK that I'm paying way over the odds on interest rate. Am I able to remortgage whilst in Aus? The last time I tried I was unable to as I had to physically be in the UK. A quick google search makes me think HSBC would be an option as they have offices in UK and Aus? Cheers, Mike
  2. Thanks for your replies. Hi Bungo - I mean remortgage it as I want to release equity from it to put down as a deposit here. It's currently with Birmingham Midshires - they no longer offer any new mortgages. Hi Andrew - could you please message me the broker's details? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I've seen an old thread from 4 years ago here so things may have changed since then. I am now an Australian citizen and want to remortgage my UK property (which I'm renting out). I have no UK income other than rental income. Around 5 years ago I spoke to my bank in the UK and they said I'd have to go to UK to sign the paperwork if I wanted to remortgage. A friend mentioned the other day that Comm Bank have branches in UK (as well as Australia obviously) so maybe worth checking with them i.e. get UK mortgage from Australia by going to their branch. Has anyone had any success remortgaging UK property from Australia? Cheers, Mike
  4. MikeW

    Poms In Oz BBQ - Crace - Saturday 20th April - 1pm

    M and M, We will be there! Look forward to it. Mike.
  5. Blossom - I love the Delica. When I mentioned it to a guy I work with he told me to be very careful with them as after arounf 100,000 km (roughly) something can go wrong with them and it costs a fortune to put right. Does this sound familiar to you? I was gutted when he told me as I really like them. I prefer automatics - would never go back to manual now!
  6. Thanks for your reply. I had never heard of techsafe, just had a quick look on their website - looks good. Never considered a panel van... will have a look at the costs! Thanks, Mike.
  7. Hi MaryRose, Don't come on this site that often. Just wanted to say thanks for your tips. I called a couple of the pubs you mentioned, one of the guys told me as the match was on at 4am I would be better going to Cheers Bar. That's where I went and had a great night\morning! Thanks again! Mike.
  8. Hi, We are a family of 4 and have been living in Australia for nearly 2 years. One of my regrets was not buying a Volkwagen V5 campervan in the UK before I came and ship it over. They are so expensive here. I was offered a 10 yr old one in the UK for £18k (would cost double that in Australia). I'm after a 7 seater that I can put seats down and sleep in it for weekend trips. Can't really have a fully converted camper as I'll need the additional seats for when we have visitors from the UK. I've been looking online at Toyota Hiace Super Custom, these are 7-8 seater. They're imports and cost around $16k (around 2002 model). Does anyone have any tips of a good place to buy reasonably priced campers in Australia without costing a fortune? In hindsight I should have bought a 7-8 seater when we first came to Australia. Instead we rushed into buying and bought an estate car (5 seat) which is no use when we have visitors. I would like a camper that is quite economical on fuel. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Mary Rose - excellent reply - thanks very much for your time!
  10. Hi, I will be staying in Sydney weekend of 16th March. The 6 nations rugby has\will been screened on ESPN. Does anyone know of any hotels that have espn - preferably in the room as my kids will want to watch it as well?! Thanks, Mike.
  11. Hi, My Mother is visiting is for the UK for a couple of months. Unfortunately she tripped on Christmas Day and as a result she has torn her Achilles tendon and also has dvt (docs think it's as a result of resting her leg to aid recovery of Achilles injury). Christmas Day I took her to hospital, they said they didn't think she had torn her ligaments and told her to rest. Anyhow, she went to my local gp yesterday and he referred her to a private imaging who confirmed she has dvt and torn ligament. The scan cost $300. We are going to see the gp this morning to see what treatment is required. I called the insurance company my Mum used, and they've told me she is not covered for these scans etc as she should be using the free public system as UK residents are covered under the reciprocal agreement in Australia. Even though it looks like we have to find the cost of the scan and doctors fee at $75 per visit, should we therefore tell the gp today that any treatment she requires should go through public (free) service? I take it free service means turn up at local hospital and queue in a and e? Do I need to take my mother to Medicare first? This is annoying as we are following doctors advice which is important as dvt is serious. What is the point taking out travel insurance when visiting Australia when they do not cover private, and when it's not required public due to the reciprocal agreement? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike.
  12. Thanks for your replies. That's a shame. The reason I was asking is as I work in IT in the ACT and you have to be a citizen to apply for nearly all IT related work.
  13. Hi, I am working in Australia, I am a Permanent Residence (176 visa) and have been here for 16 months. It takes 4 years to be able to apply for citizenship. I'm sure I read somewhere that a company can apply in some way to expedite the process so you can be granted Citizenship before the 4 years. Is this true? Cheers!
  14. MikeW

    Health Insurance for family

    Thanks all for replies. We have been in Australia for 14 months and registered with Medicare 14 months ago. Loopylu - thanks for pointing this out - I wasn't aware :-( I am 40 so need to get it sorted quickly! Cheers, Mike.
  15. MikeW

    Health Insurance for family

    Hi Dan, Have just had a quick look, lots of options. NIB, Bupa and Medibank are very close to my work so I will call in one lunch time soon. May be easier face to face. Appreciate your advice. Mike.