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  1. Hi guys i live in aldinga beach. our house is currently on the market but our agent is not very good. I was wondering if anybody knew of any independent property valuers? Thank you in advance
  2. Hi I was wondering what would be the cheapest way to move all our furniture etc from Adelaide to Brisbane? Thank you
  3. briggs

    Adelaide to Brisbane

    Hi Thank you. It's work. I live Southern suburb and finding it really hard to find a job. Also, we have family up there and hopefully can help with baby sitting etc. We just feel at a stand still here at the moment. A little bit bored. p.s We are originally from Leeds too.
  4. briggs

    Adelaide to Brisbane

    Hi i currently live in Adelaide and have been here for 5 years. I have a daughter who is 2 and a half. My husband and i were thinking of moving to Brisbane early next year. I was wondering if this was the right move to make. Does anybody have any pro's or con's to Adelaide and Brisbane? Thank you in advance
  5. briggs

    SOL Confusion

    Hi I have been looking through the internet, and i am so confused, in what occupations are no the New list. Does anybody know if any of these occupations are on the new SOL please? 2222-13 Sales Representative (Information and Communication Products) 2611-12 Systems Analyst. Thank you very much for your help.
  6. briggs

    system analyst points

    Hi, Does anybody know how many points the occupation 261112 - Systems Analyst, which is on the new SOL List hold? Thank you
  7. briggs

    261112 - Systems Analyst

    Hi Due to the recent re structure of the SOL List. I am unsure of who woud be the Skills Assessment Authorty for Migration purposes for the following occupation, 261112 - Systems Analyst, which is on the new SOL List. Do you think this would fall with the ACS Assessing Authority or Vetassese? Thank you very much for your help
  8. briggs

    Vetassese Application

    Hi, Another thing was that i filed my skills assessment with Vetassess 7 weeks ago. So, i should be hearing something back from them anytime soon. I think my occupation as 2222-13 Sales representative information and communication has fallen off the list. does anybody know what will happen to my vetassess application? Will just just reject it? Will they refund my money...?? etc... Is anybody in this situation? HELLLLLPPPPPP!!! Thank you
  9. briggs

    2222-13 occupation HELP!!!!

    Hi All, Can somebody please tell me where 2222-13 Sales representative information and communication occupation lies on the SOL list please? I am getting so confused with what is happening now. Thank you for your help
  10. briggs

    state sponsorship

    Hi, Does anybody know when the states sponsorship demand list will be realeased? Thank you
  11. briggs

    176 suspened?

    Do you know when the SOL list will be published please?
  12. briggs

    176 suspened?

    Hi I have just read the suspension on the 176 Visa. I am very worried. I am hoping my occupation as 2222-13 - Sales Representative [information and Communication Products) does not fall off the list. I am waiting for a result from Vetassee. Does anybody know if this might stay on the list? Thank you
  13. briggs

    Student Loan

    Hi, i have just migrated to OZ. i have been here since 1st feb 10. I received a letter from the student loan company wanting to know my where abouts as i have not been paying any tax in the UK. They have asked me to fill in there form and tell them where i am. Do i really have to do this? Will it effect me if i dont? Do people that migrate to OZ have to pay off there student loan? Thank youin advance for your help.
  14. briggs

    176 timeline

    Hi everybody!! Hope your all well. I just wanted to know, if there were any changes on the 176 Family Sponsor Visa, and also what the processing time is. Thank you for your help. B
  15. briggs

    176 family sponsorship

    Hi, i am going for a 176 family sponsorship, and i am not using an agent. I have just seen the form that my sponsorer will be completing. On the form it ask for Transaction Reference Number. I know you can only obtain a Transaction Reference Number, once you have submitted the online immigration application. Am i right in saying that the form my sponsorer fills in has to uploaded later, after i have submitted the final application? or do i upload these forms together? Sorry, am i making any sense? i hope so. Also, does anybody have any pointers for a 176 family sponsor visa please? Thank you for all your help.