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  1. jimroo2

    Irish People Perth Bound!!!!

    Hi Chezzle, I did my trade assessment with Australian Trade Assessments based in the UK 08008818457. It cost me £1500 in 2009. You can phone them for some very friendly help and advice on how to gain an AQF III. They will give you no bull advice and will be up front in telling you if you can get an AQF III. Basically your OH will have to prove that he can do to a high standard his nominated trade. I did this by providing detailed info on my apprenticeship (Time served). I got a letter from my former employer detailing eveything that i had been taught including a full tool list. I also produced my accounts and invoices of work completed including every receipt for materials that i have purchased during my period of self employment. I also got 3 letters from clients detailing exactly the work that i carried out for them. This included detail from preparation to finish. I also provided photos of my work, showing each stage of the job. The more info that you can gather the better. I then completed a written assessment with ATA and then they sent an assessor to my home where i spent approx 3 hours detailing my trade experience and demonstrating my trade skills. I got my AQFIII within 10 days of this and the whole pile of documents was sent off to TRA DIAC. If you need any more info then do not hesitate in asking me. Hope this helps. Regards Jim.
  2. jimroo2

    Irish People Perth Bound!!!!

    Hi Chezzle We are Jim (44) and Roo (40 something). We live in Blackskull, Co Down. Our journey to Oz began in Jan 09. I am a painter by trade and we have relatives in Melbourne so we applied for a 176 family sponsored visa (submitted in July 09). This was after I obtained my AQF III (Skills assessment). The road was long and frustrating at times due to a number of rule changes, but we kept our chins up and tried to be positive. Then out of the blue in March this year we got a case officer and quickly completed medicals and police checks. This was rapidly followed by the granting of our visa. We have planned a validation trip in March 2012. If we can sell our house before this, then we will make the move in March. My advice for anyone starting out would be this: 1. Detailed information is v v important when filling in/ answering any paperwork/application. Gather as much as possible. 2. Never give up. You will have hoops to jump through but you are Irish. We are the most resilient people on the planet. 3. You will get more help and advice from this website than anywhere. Good luck on your journey of a lifetime, did I say "never give up" ? Regards ,Jim
  3. jimroo2

    How long after Medicals ?

    Hi, We had our visa grant on the 6th May 2011. It took 3 weeks from our medicals which we had done in Dublin for 300 euro each. We had similar problems getting meds in UK. Hope this helps. Jim
  4. jimroo2

    advice on AQF111 for painter of 19yr

    Hi Gordon, Great to hear about your boy, well done. I did not apply for any jobs because i dont really know how long i am going to wait in the queue for a visa (Cat 6). There is no sponsorship in Victoria State for tradies but i believe that it maybe possible for you to get state sponsorship in Perth ( see DIAC website) so it would be worth your while e-mailing a few companies there. Nothing ventured , nothing gained! With regards to your mate, as far as i am aware you need to be able to demonstrate that you have been working in your nominated trade for at least 5 yrs. Also you need to be working in that trade for 12 months (min 20hrs per week)in the 24 months leading up to your lodging a visa application. All of the above you will need to check from the DIAC website but i believe it to be current info mate. Good luck, take care, Jim
  5. jimroo2

    advice on AQF111 for painter of 19yr

    Hi Gordon, We are hoping to get to Melbourne because we have family there and my other half thinks that it will help with settling in. I have spoken to family and friends in Oz (Perth and Melbourne) who tell me that although the recession has had an impact on the building trades in Oz, it is still difficult to find qualified/experianced decorators. I have looked at a couple of job websites in Melbourne and last week there where 5 companies looking for experianced decorators. My assessor covered all aspects of our trade. I was just honest with him. I had been taught how to spray and have used that skill over many years but i admitted that i had not done any spraying in the last 5 years. This did not cause any problems for the assessor. Good luck mate, go for it, no worries. keep in touch.
  6. jimroo2

    advice on AQF111 for painter of 19yr

    Hi Gordon, The main areas covered was; 1. Tools List. Discribe what each piece of equipment is used for. 2. Paints/Oil/Water based. Where and when would you use them. 3. Descibe in detail from start to finish how you would paint an average room. ie check plan and colours are correct. Cover/protect all areas ie dust sheets, mask switches etc. Prepare surfaces ie fill/sand. Apply paint using brush/roller. Check finish, clean area and equipment. 4. Explain or demonstrate the correct method of painting a panelled door. 5. How you would use spraying equipment and the different types. 6. Explain or demonstrate wallpaper hanging, lining walls etc 7. Colour mixing/matching. 8. Health and safety issues with paint/varnishes etc. Also dangerous substances like asbestos or old surfaces which might contain lead coatings. Hope this helps mate. The assessor was really ok. He knew his stuff and i think that a lot of the questions asked where straight forward. As i said before in my last post, if you have been doing P+D for a long time then you should have no worries mate. Take care and good luck. PM me at anytime if you need any more info. Jim
  7. jimroo2

    advice on AQF111 for painter of 19yr

    Hi, I completed my aqfIII last year with Aurtalian Trade Assessments. Basically it requires you to give detail discriptions of your training/apprenticeship. If you can back up the info with letters from employers or certificates etc this will really help. There is also a practical test which will involve you and an assessor going over all the main areas of the decorating trade. If you are an experinced P+D then you will have nothing to worry about. If you need any more detailed info on the test then feel free to PM me .
  8. jimroo2

    AQF - painter and decorator-

    Hi amerrysoul, I completed my AQF with the same company. I had very good guidance and advice from Darren L. On the day of the assessment they sent a fairly nice straight talking (no bull) Australian tradesman to my location. He asked me detailed questions about my apprenticeship and asked me to tell him in detail, providing written evidence of all my recent and future contracts (self employed/work books,accounts,receipts etc). He then took a full inventory of my tools list and asked questions on their purpose and use. He examined work that i had carried out and again asked me to explain various methods of work, materials used etc. Other areas covered included paperhanging,spray painting, descibing oil/waterbased paints and uses, health and safety. Basically if you are what you say you are (P+D) then i dont think you will have any problems with this assessment mate. From the day of assessment i had my AQF Cert III in 10 days. Good luck. PM me if you need any further info. FAB
  9. <p>Hi Kenny, We are also hoping to get to Melbourne. The latest news is a bummer though. Praying its not going to be another 2 years to wait!! Good luck with your sponsor mate. Keep a cold beer for me when you get there! Jim</p>

  10. jimroo2


    Hi Kenny, I have used this company recently. In my experience they where very professional and once I had gathered together the required information regarding my trade/apprenticeship etc, they where quick to help me gain my AQFIII. Their assessment guy was really good and knew his stuff. He was polite and and helpfull throughout the whole process. Once completed I recieved my certificate within 10 days.
  11. This whole experience has been one of constant 'Goal Post Changing'. After 2 years of meeting the ever changing criteria we are once again left feeling dissapointed and angry with the whole ' Wanted Down Under Lie'. Our families have been on tender hooks waiting for us to give them a date for our departure. A day which will be traumatic for us all. I just dont know how to tell them that this feeling of dread will continue for another couple of years if the current information stands. But what can we do? We will just have to sit it out and hope that in 2-3 years time we still have the ambition to make the move to our dream new life in Oz.
  12. jimroo2

    tra help (templates?)for painter

    I totally agree with Fowler. I passed my TRA in July for Painting and Decorating. The more detailed information that you give, the better. I contacted my previous employer (apprenticeship) by telephone and explained why I needed the reference. I also sent him a letter giving him all the information that TRA required. The ref should be as detailed as possible and include a full tools list and confirmation that you where supervised by qualified tradesmen during your apprenticeship. If you are giving a reference from a current employer then it should describe in detail your daily tasks ie reads/confirms task, preps work area, preps surfaces, indentifies correct paint,varnish etc for task, applies product in correct order/method, checks finish, cleans work area and tools etc. A full tools list should also be attached to this. My tools list was 2 pages! Do you have a Health and Safety Card (CSR)? Does your work include both interior and exterior? Can you hang wallpaper? Can you use spray equipment? Put in those details as well. Good luck mate, it will be worth it in the end.

    <p>Thanks Jim, I'm sure your right, hopefully he will get it over and done with soon. </p>

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  14. <p>Hi Karen, Our full application went in on 21st July . It was such a relief to get all 6 million sheets of A4 paper away to OZ. I think that Ainslie will be ok. ATA would not damage their reputation with TRA by trying to put through someone that will have no chance of passing. My assessment lasted about 2 hours. He was polite and just asked me questions about all aspects of my daily tasks as a painter. He looked at and listed every tool i had and looked at any certificates and letters that i had from clients, suppliers etc. He also looked at my photo portfolio showing some of my work including preparation through to the finished room. He didnt try to catch me out by asking difficult questions. The whole experience was relaxed and he actually talked me through a number of areas that i was unsure of. So try not to get too worried. I was 30,000 ft when he arrived but everything was great after 5 mins. Please do not hesitate to ring me for any other advice on 07876213493. Take care , Jim.</p>


    <p>Hi Jim, hows things with you ? are you any further on with visa plans ? we are still getting all the info gathered up for the assessment. Ainslie is nervous about it, because he is really a spray painter by trade, but we have been up front on all the forms to ATA and they seem to think he can proceed with the assessment. Do you think it was hard ? How long did it last ?</p>

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