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  1. mellymop

    Vetassess skills assessment help please!!!!

    Hi my husband did his ielts test 2 days before his general electrician vetasses practical and passed both with flying colours, this was 2011 and many things have changed (don't expect to get A license straight away). However he did say that the examiner was able to give some tips during the practical. Hope this helps, good luck
  2. mellymop

    uk driving licence to wa licence etc

    Yeah, they don't take it off you, mines still in my purse!!
  3. Hi. I have lived in Port Kennedy for 8 months now. Daughter 8 is at Port Kennedy primary with no problems., son 13 at Warnbro high, yes it's been in the paper regarding fights recently, but more to do with the fact it was filmed via video phone, there's no more fighting here,than there was when I was at school years ago, just more evidence nowadays. Endeavor primary does not have any fencing around it and anyone can walk up to the classrooms. That's why my daughter doesn't go there. The beach is fab- not been to the nudist area!! Secret harbour is also lovely but the beach is for surfers, not little kids. I've herd rumours that a new hospital is being built south of here with 200+ nurses jobs? Not sure when that'll be though.
  4. mellymop

    uk driving licence to wa licence etc

    Hi bwatt99 Changing your UK license to WA is easy as long as you have the id required, (proof of address, Medicare card etc) all you do is an eye test. I would recommend the UK license is in her married name. You have 3 months from the day you arrive to obtain your WA license. Hope this helps!
  5. mellymop

    Electricians jobs

    My family and I have been in Port Kennedy for 4months now and my husband has just received a text message to say his employment has been terminated as they don't have enough work. This is the second time this has happened in the 4 months we have been in Oz. Our whole experience of WA has been awful but we have a 176 visa so we are stuck here. My husband is an electrician (17 yrs experience) with his grade a license and white card but still cant find a job. Not through lack of trying I may add, more because there are 10-20 electricians going for each job. I have also applied for 50+ jobs with no luck. We have two children and WA is soo expensive we will run out of money very soon, not sure what to do. Unhappy Christmas for us.
  6. mellymop

    Rental in Port Kennedy

    I'm renting in Port Kennedy try my agents, Canute WA (08) 9594 2255. They have a few empty houses in my street ready to rent.
  7. Currently living: Billingham (North East England) Moving to: Secret Harbour WA Visa type: skilled sponsored 176 Family: me,husband, son 12, daughter 7 Age: 30-35 When moving: 14th August 2012 (flights booked) Visa status: granted Been to Oz before: no I haven't but husband has on a working Not long to wait now!!
  8. Hi Edd. my son is 13 in February and we are moving to Secret Habour in August his year. Its natural to be worried about the move but try to see it as a big adventure, Ive been looking at all the clubs and activites for children your age and theres loads of things to do, soccer, Aussie rules, Surf school, swimming, etc. Along with school you'll easily make friends. Send me a personal message if you want to message him (Will)
  9. Hi If you want to send me a personal message with your email address i can send you the template I used. (ive tried to copy it on here but it wont let me, Im not the best computer person!) Tia 2, I sent in the declaration when the visa application was submitted (176 ss wa visa) and was not asked any further questions, no solicitors were used, i just had a friend witness me sign it. Visa was granted a month after application. The Hoe 5 your case is a bit different to mine however if the court order has expired and no further order has been made I would put this in the declaration as well, and also have your daughter write her own statement. at 16 her thoughs will be taken into account. Hope this is of some use
  10. mellymop

    energysafety electrical fitting exam

    Sorry to jump in on your thread but my husband is doing the electrical trade licensing course in September. Did you have to pay the full course fee or could you get a concession? We have a 176 permanent residence visa and have been quoted $1350 which is about £837. I thought the course was about $300?
  11. mellymop

    Who To Fly with to Australia one way!

    I have an invalidated 176 permanent resident state sponsored visa but qantas are saying they don't do migrant fares for this visa?? They do for the 175 though. All of the partner websites (Anglo Pacific and commonwealth Bank of Australia) say 176 is included in these qantas fares. I don't want to book and turn up at the check in having to pay more. Has anyone been with qantas on a migrant fare with a 176 without any trouble?
  12. Hi I'm not sure how helpful this is but with all the conflicting information about the new changes to obtaining an electricians a class license from July this year I've emailed Nola (the new governing body for the national licenses) and will copy any reply I receive on here. Most of the info on their website page Nola.gov.au is abit vague.
  13. mellymop

    Electrician TRA & Licensing

    Try Nola.gov.au. for all the new changes to a licences in July this year
  14. I have a 12 year old son from a previous relationship. His biological Father is named on his birth certificate but I have never received any maintenance from him and he has not seen my son since he was 2. As he was born before 2004 I have always had sole responsibility of my son, even though his biological father is on his birth certificate. I have changed his surname and obtained a passport without any problem. When I applied for my visa I stated all this in a letter and the c/o didn't ask for anything else. I'm guessing the court declaration will be fine.
  15. mellymop

    activating our visa?

    You have one year to activate the 175 visa and then it lasts for five years so you can return anytime in those five years.