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  1. On another note.....bringing our things into Aus...was not only costly but the things they charge you for and dont do !!!! They said we needed to get our vehicle cleaned and another item...even though we spent 2 days in the UK cleaning them, we were told not to bother cleaning because they always say they want cleaning again anyway....so we waited until they were "cleaned" and then was told it had taken them 10 hours to clean said items......so charged us accordingly...now i know why we couldnt be there at the time of unloading, no way did they even clean the vehicle as i noticed under the wheel arch (once they had finished their clean) there was still some soil....so they really dont care that much about their country!! Just the $1500.00!! Also as we pulled up we saw they were moving our stuff into the warehouse and dropped something off the forklift and ran over it!! There was everyone elses stuff mixed up with ours...not very well run at all. JUST TO LET YOU ALL KNOW THAT.
  2. Hi there, So yes we waited ages for our conversion too...was a nightmare, was asked to do the form 80 again adding the things from between the 173 and the 143...... luckily no new medical was asked for. Tab
  3. had the letter to open the bank account !! yay
  4. So heads up....my daughter went into centerlink yesterday armed with all the paperwork and info...thought oh well have to wait possibly 3 months to hear anything and low and behold they called her this evening....yes this evening for the interview...everything was fine just wait for a letter to come to open the bank account...WOW just WOW.
  5. On 17/06/2017 at 13:53, tabitha10 said: *cough*....we applied for our 143, after having had our 173 granted 2015, in November 2016.... not heard a sausage ! SOOO do not believe everything you get in an email.....still no sausage here!!!
  6. well this is my reply from immi....it used to take a few months from 173-143....NOW ITS A YEAR !!!! We are currently assessing applications lodged in mid October 2016. We anticipate that your application will be allocated for assessment in about one months’ time.
  7. Oooh id like to know this too...i just had a quick look at the possibility of a 600 visa and wondered if there is an option for 3,6 or 12 months?? (the stays are 3,6,12 at any one time but valid for 12 months) Id like to know more about the 12 month max stay on each arrival? As the travel agent said if i want to do a return flight say in 7 months time but only have a visa for 3 months then i would need to show ongoing travel plans to say NZ for a week ish then come back to Aus for another 3 months.... I was doing a return flight as its the same price as one way !
  8. Oh i see ha ha, yes we are going to Brisbane area, just outside of the gold coast really we just love it there not too close to the madness but a little quieter place so if we want to go into the gold coast its not too far. Have you been to the sunshine coast? it is nice up there.
  9. Hi, Yes we went to Aus to validate the 173 visa. Then we had two years to apply for the 143 visa but we decided to do it a bit early incase there was a price rise. The reason we have taken our time? my husband took a bit longer to convince to the move lol. My son is in the UK and has a son so this will be my second grandchild but 1st from my daughter ..sorry !! Where abouts are you going in Aus?
  10. No no...our decision though. We just didnt realise once we had decided when we wanted to go that it would be a snails pace to get there lol. We still have lots to sort anyway..just want that email saying we can go when we want and work. Our only daughter is having her first baby in Feb so really want to be there for that, my email from immi said they should complete it for us by Dec (i asked for Dec) as long as centrelink sort it, they are taking 3 months at the mo. How about you where are you in the grand scheme of things??
  11. TEMPORARY TO PERMANENT APPLICANTS (subclass 173 to 143 and 884 to 864) We are currently assessing applications lodged up to 12 October 2016. things are moving........yay
  12. Ha....it used to be a few months to go from 173 to 143..back in the day, well 2 years ago!!
  13. What about 173 to 143 ive been waiting 8 months now !!! i dont seem to be getting anything from the "test" emails either...
  14. Ha ha....fantastic news. Our journey began June 2013...we went for the 173 and then Nov 2016 the 143 still waiting to hear !!! im at the decluttering stage and then ill be at the dedecluttering stage until we have minimised the things we are def taking. good luck with it all.
  15. Im so sorry for the late reply.... so i sent an email to IMMI asking about the temp to perm parent visa, that the date on the auto reply email hasnt changed for months and they replied that they planning an assessment blitz of T-P applications soon and that the AOS process with Centerlink is taking around 3 months. Not that they are doing ALL 143 visas or ALL 173 visas. Just about the temp to perm visas.
  16. sooo my understanding (had a reply from an email i sent) is that are to do a blitz on temp (173) to perm (143) very soon......yay will keep you updated.
  17. im sorry didnt mean to turn you to the wine !!!
  18. *cough*....we applied for our 143, after having had our 173 granted 2015, in November 2016.... not heard a sausage !
  19. tabitha10

    Caravan Shipped update Feb2017

    Hi, So how did you find the guys at Australian end? how did you persuade them you didnt have to pay import duty or GST and was this because you had owned it for year? im just concerned with bringing my vehicle and some tools over. thanks
  20. Hi Gafuk, Thanks for that, this is the one im looking for, just doesn't seem to have moved since the beginning of March. 'TEMPORARY TO PERMANENT APPLICANTS (subclass 173 to 143 and 884 to 864) We are currently assessing applications lodged up to 31 August 2016.'
  21. no not had replies for a week now... too busy with the 457 !!
  22. Hi there Carob, How are you getting on then? wow 2 years that has gone so quickly !! Yeah we waited until the last minute really to go for it.. still got lots to sort here. Just decorating etc at the mo in prep for selling. ill PM you
  23. Im still here..... got our 173....just waiting for the 143 now put in for that in Nov 2016...!!!!
  24. Yeah not not too bad really we did it ourselves. By the looks of it things have changed a bit we got our HAP IDs at the beginning of the process, so we could book our Medical's when we wanted, bearing in mind they only last a year. you just have to be organised and leave yourself plenty of time to gather all the info they require. They do inform you of when your first and second payments are due. The bond is when you put in for the 143 visa. The 173 visa once received you get up to 2 years to then apply for the 143 visa part. Hope that makes sense so far.