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  1. Sorry. No offence but that is untrue and very misleading to be posting statements like that without facts to back it up !
  2. All this talk of not getting citizenship and having visas cancelled is a load of rubbish ,scare mongering from people who take the moral high ground , you dont hear posts on here about people who are dogging it out having a crappy time in a place they dont like because.......yes you got it ....YOU DONT HAVE TO WHOOP WHOOP . You are well within your rights to live anywhere in oz on a 176 visa end of story !!!! If you dont like the state your sponsored by 10 mins after landing you can move quite legally without tellling anyone or justifying your actions to ANYONE . I left Perth for sydney before my 2 years were up and havent looked back , I found the place boring and backwards and so there was no point killing time for 2 years when it wasnt compulsry. Im now 1 year away from citizenship , have left the country 4 times and the DIAC know exactly where i live !!! There are visas that mean you must stay in a place for 2 years such as regonal one but fortunatly for myself and thousands and thousands of others 176 has no such stipulations xxx
  3. Hi . yes i informed the DIAC before we left WA and i will be going for my citizenship after ive been here 4 years I never filled out any surveys or told WA anything as it wasnt nessercery, i spoke with the people who granted the visa who told me it was all good . when i punch my trn number into the website it tells me exactly when im eligable for citizenship etc. We was stressing a bit which is why we checked before we left Perth but since arriving ing Sydney its clear that people use the ss as a way to que jump and rightly or wrongly they are not breaching any terms of there visa .
  4. You can move states whenever you want , its a PR visa . I was in Perth about 8 months in total , the commitment is a moral one and not a legal contract .
  5. Its fine ,you are not breaking any rules ,my girlfiend and i had WA ss but didnt like it there so we moved to Sydney shortly after arriving , we called the DIAC to check and they said we can live where we want on a 176 visa. We have met loads of people in Sydney sponsored by SA and WA who have never had any intention of ever going there !!
  6. surely there is a way to cancel your student visa properly to go onto the bridging visa , my girlfriend and i have a meeting to lodge partner visa next week , her college are gonna start barking soon about next years fee $14000 which we dont have but she meets all the criteria for a partner visa ????? !!!!!! i thought it was all good till i read this thread !!!!
  7. what would be the best way to cease the student visa ?
  8. Hi , Ive been in perth on a state sponsored 176 visa for 6 months with my girlfriend who is on a student visa . My girlfriend will be on a partner visa in the next couple of months and we was wondering how we stood on going to Sydney in August after only being in Perth a year by then ?:biggrin: Cheers
  9. jackal

    WA Trades Jobs

    Gill xx Will do Gill :wink: if he phones ill tell him im too busy but i know where he can find thousands of skilled tradesmen !!
  10. jackal

    WA Trades Jobs

    Hi , Ive been in Perth 6 months now and its booming !!! Im a painter and decorator and have been snowed under since i got here . I used to check the west Australian when i was in the UK too but you dont get all the vacancies in the online version as the advertiser has to pay extra !!!
  11. jackal

    Would you lie to get into Aus?

    I applied for my visa because i met the requirements !!! I would not have applied if i didnt !!!When they started changing the requirements after taking my money I would have lied through my teeth to get my visa !! Not as if the DIAC is playing the straight man !!!
  12. jackal

    Anyone Else growing a tash ?

    Was wondering if anybody else is getting moed up for November , lets ava look at ya tash Movember Australia - Home
  13. Best boozer in Perth !!!! I love the place
  14. You can work 20 hours per week term time and as many hours as you want in the holidays which would give you the chance to rack up some doe , after the first year you can pay every six months i think . if you book up one year in advance and they did ask you about supporting funds (which i dout )you would need to have 5000 aussie dollors for the year , which you have