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  1. cluster13

    457 Visa - A Warning

    This thread is going round in circles and I think I know why. The 457 has its place and can be a great starting point for many who want to visit and work for a few years or as a risky alternative way to head towards pr. (we did it this way but that's another story) . Circumstances / rules have changed in the last couple of years when I came over if employment stopped you had 30 days to get another employer or more realistically leave the country. End of employment is end of work visa. Blewyn. Your looking at this from an in oz 457 applicant and I believe this is where the difference lies. Most employers want to go through a standard employment regime. Want to offer a 3 month trial. And may be reluctant to offer this if they feel under obligation or at risk to get involved with significant family circumstances involving sponsorship many average employers will put this in the 'too difficult' pile This is very different to an oz employer looking to take on an out of country employee because they have exhausted the oz pool ( which is probably how your offer came? ) I can imagine how 3 months can give hope that seems dashed but your not in the same starting point as applying from out of country where they have a long time to consider an offer. Are you job hunting in the right place? I. E. On UK job boards looking for immigrant workers? A 457 is not a black mark on you cv but an employer suddenly faced with having to deal with visa processing they are not familiar with. And didn't anticipate could be a challenge. But they are not the same thing! Look. The job fell through. And there is a small space at last chance saloon to get a new sponsor for it. **** happens. Don't take it personally just fall back and regroup. You are fighting everyone's opinion here I believe because everyone else would have just presumed go home as per the visa conditions and try again If I'm off the mark here then I don't know where else this thread can go.
  2. cluster13

    457 Visa - A Warning

    It's sad that this hasn't worked out for you but I feel this is a combination of poor research and not a great employer. As has been said. The 457 is only a temp visa and the employer has no responsibility or requirement to offer perm at the end. Also business are fluid and things change and any job can end. In my experience ( we came out on a 457 but fully aware of the limitations ) we have found oz employers honest and appreciative of dedicated and skilled staff. When we came out on a 3 year offer and got perm after 12 months. I know others who have managed perm off the back of a 457 too. It is a big risk doing it this way. If you want a guarantee of perm you need to get this before you head out. It can be a tough Road. Keep the faith and keep trying. All the best.
  3. I live in Cronulla Paul. Been here for almost 4 years. Drop me a PM with your number and we can arrange a coffee or beer. Steve.
  4. cluster13

    Ideas on where to live?

    We live in Cronulla and love it. It is expensive but being so close to the ocean is priceless.
  5. cluster13

    Cost of living

    The cost of living depends on where you settle. Without a doubt the biggest cost of being here is accommodation. Living in a major city can be massively expensive compared to some of the out of city locations. Check out domain. Com. Au for rental prices in a couple of areas. City and sticks. Beyond that Tbh we have found pretty much everything a bit more expensive with a few exceptions. Think of it like this. Can you currently afford to live in the heart of London or are you a quiet town away from major cities?
  6. cluster13

    Queens birthday .. Did you know or even care ?

    Replying to a thread called "do you care" and giving a rational as to why not. Is not ramming anything down anyone's throat.
  7. cluster13

    Queens birthday .. Did you know or even care ?

    Let's be clear. Public holidays are just days on the calender when a majority of people take Anual leave. It is not paid for by the government and certainly not be a bloody monarch. It is calculated as part of your salary so like all Al you are paying for it. Frankly it's embarrassing that in this day and age people swoon over the inbred celebrity off spring and decendents of murderers and dictators who kept your ancestors subservient through fear of reprisal. The sooner Australia casts off this archaic connection the better. Queens birthday? Get stuffed!
  8. Hi we get chocolate. Colman's pepper sauce and Discovery stir-fry mix sent over now and again. As previously advised make sure it's all well labelled.
  9. Moneycorp used to offer a regular send facility. But with the exchange rate being soo poor you won't get a lot for your £. Of course there are a lot of considerations. Like how big a place and where you want to live here to determine how much cash you'll need. Pm me and I'll let you know what my top and bottom line pay is and the regular outgoings we have. We rent some properties out in the uk but they only break even on the mortgages so no cash left over to move.
  10. cluster13

    Tax on Uk Income

    I believe you still need to declare to the uk tax dept AND the oz tax department BUT any tax you pay in the uk is taken into account by oz so you don't get double taxed ( that said you will be hit by the lowest denominator for tax purposes. Were just going through this for the first time here but struggling to get our head around allowances. Before submitting our figures this month. Good luck.
  11. cluster13

    BritChick and Pommypauls Travels

    Well done on getting here. As stated above it's easier once your earning here. Long live, living the dream
  12. cluster13

    Initial accomodation upon arrival?

    We used stayz and found a lot of choice for a furnished place to cover us for the first 6 weeks untill we secured a 6 month let through domain.com.au Welcome to the site and good luck with the move.
  13. cluster13

    Shipping 6 tea cartons - who to choose?

    Not sure if 12 months ago is recent but we used Anglo pacific. Great service and well priced in our opinion.
  14. cluster13

    457 visa medical insurance

    With ours we had to pay the first months premium to get the email proving that we had it but the clock didn't start ticking until you land in oz.
  15. cluster13

    Pre Paid Internet Dongles

    Hi. Just to say that Telstra are bringing out 4G this month. Not sure on prices but much faster. They won't be releasing this to the other carriers for now.