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  1. fairystar32

    UK -v- Australia

    We had to have medicals for our 457 6 yrs ago and chest x rays? the kids did too, so did everyone my hubby knows ( several came from the UK company) who came over and friends we have met over here on 457 or know here, did too? Although things change, you now have to have private health for 457s which we didnt have to have, so likely changed??
  2. fairystar32

    UK -v- Australia

    Oh OK, No he went to a public high school, all my kids do
  3. fairystar32

    UK -v- Australia

    Paying for it? Unsure what you mean?
  4. fairystar32

    UK -v- Australia

    457 is temporary as others have said, we came on the 457 and after 2 yrs got sponsored for PR, we are now citizens. BUT lots can happen in that time which may prevent you getting the PR such as health issues which can arise unexpectedly which can cause you to fail the medicals, changes to the Visas and of course loss of jobs or sponsorship, if you can apply for PR in your own right, do it as soon as possible.. My eldest had just started his GCSE when we moved, he is now at University here and loves it. We have found the education here excellent, but then we did in the UK too.
  5. fairystar32

    UK -v- Australia

    I didnt find this with any of my children, infact my A star student at the local Grammar school was getting B's here. He found the work more difficult and said in his UK school they 'spoon fed' the answers, here he was made to work for them. I guess individual experiences
  6. fairystar32

    Renting V Buying

    We owned in the UK, remortgaging to move, house price crashing meant we auctioned and walked away with what we owed, so here we rented, for 4 yrs we rented. We now own again as we inherited a small amount of money but was enough for 5% deposit. I find we are way worse of owning, costs are much higher, maintenance, rates, water, loss of rent assist etc.. however unless circumstances meant we had no choice, I would much prefer too own. However we now have a large mortgage of 25 + yrs and hubbys is over mid 40's.
  7. Yes, it comes up on the systems i think?
  8. fairystar32

    Are you installing Windows 10 ?

    sorry, we have windows 8, not 7... cannot edit my post?
  9. My husbands work collegues family are now citizens and they rushed home on british passports for family issues, they had to get an Australian passport to get back in. You no longer have a visa once a citizen, so need a visa or a Australian passport too enter.
  10. fairystar32

    Are you installing Windows 10 ?

    We installed it today, we have windows 7 and its awful, so have been waiting for 10 to come out
  11. fairystar32

    Diploma in Nursery Nursing (NNEB)

    So according to the above link, we should not, in QLD have to have it recognised..
  12. fairystar32

    Diploma in Nursery Nursing (NNEB)

    This also lists the topics, although not in any depth http://www.lemonjellychildcaresolutions.co.uk/qualification-guide.html
  13. fairystar32

    Diploma in Nursery Nursing (NNEB)

    I was told this regarding the NNEB my above comments, although I havent actually tried to use them yet, however what state are you in as according to this, I just found, it doesnt need to be recognised in QLD as it is already oifficially recognised and on the list? http://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&ved=0CCYQFjAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fdeta.qld.gov.au%2Fearlychildhood%2Fdocs%2F2-year-approved-qualifications.doc&ei=WGXLVJjCPIuf8QWKqYDABw&usg=AFQjCNH4KybIcf0Iq0K9E4VBvM0lWit7Rg&sig2=hzL689CvgHlEl3I_-PZicA
  14. fairystar32

    Diploma in Nursery Nursing (NNEB)

    I have no details from the course sadly Unsure how too obtain them.
  15. fairystar32

    Age gap between you and your partner

    My husband is 6 yrs 8 mths older and never been an issue.