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  1. HappyTravels

    where to buy clothes from??

    I ended up doing lots of my shopping online from England and either having it shipped over - or getting it delivered to my parents and my lovely mum would post it on. I never got charged any import duties - you wont if the good are assessed as being under $1,000. So, I guess if you want to order more than that perhaps send them over in two parcles a month or so apart - but that would be A LOT of clothing! I found some clothing in Oz was very poor quality - jumpers got holes in them very quickly etc, plus they dont have such a wide range of sizes as we do. Shoes and jeans I struggled to buy full stop.
  2. HappyTravels

    Which is the most dog friendly suburb in Perth?

    Why are you against dog beaches? Do you think they should be allowed on all beaches?
  3. HappyTravels

    Which is the most dog friendly suburb in Perth?

    Thank you - just the kind of place I am looking for! I will look into Tapping -
  4. HappyTravels

    Which is the most dog friendly suburb in Perth?

    This is what I am worried about. I love dog walking - in Geraldton dogs were allowed off lead pretty much everywhere so it was never an issue there. There MUST be some Perth suburbs which are better than others for dog walking!!
  5. Which is the most dog friendly suburb in Perth? I was trying to work this out by looking at suburbs with dog friendly beaches - but then I thought about parks, rivers to walk along etc. I'm looking for somewhere with the best selection of places to walk a dog off lead nearby. Should add N/S of river - close/far to CBD! Thanks!
  6. HappyTravels

    Bond Dispute - anybody been here?

    Maybe try contacting the department for employee and consumer protection. We contacted them – just dropped - in when we had trouble renting. We moved into a place that was really dirty – was meant to have been professionally cleaned. Luckily I put everything down on the inventory and took photos of when we moved in, and when we moved out. We had to have the carpets cleaned when we first moved in as they smelt really bad and had horrible stains. When we moved out the agents tried to get us to pay to have the carpets cleaned again – it was in our contact – but as we left them in a better condition than we moved in we didn’t think this was fare at all. The agents insisted “It doesn’t matter how fifty they were when you moved it – it’s in your contract.” However we spoke to someone at the Department, and confirmed this was an unfair term and legally we cant be made to leave the place in a better condition that when we moved in. We wrote back to the letting agent mentioning we spoke to them – straight away they backed down – and claimed of course they wouldn’t charge us for cleaning the carpets. I think agents really try it on – but don’t let them get away with it. Do you have before and after photos? That really helped in our case.
  7. HappyTravels

    Geraldton...What's it like?

    Hence I was posting a balanced view - things I loved about living there and the down points, that may also be relevent to other people thinking of making the move up there. But, if you are going to be sarcastic towards people giving you their views / advice on a place you are considering moving to then good luck to you :wink:
  8. HappyTravels

    Geraldton...What's it like?

    I want ther that long ago! What I am saying is though that you can get by in Geraldton - so while you can buy towels - and most other things there - if you want any choice then a trip to Perth is in order.
  9. HappyTravels

    What to stock up on BEFORE coming to PERTH?

    Other things you might want to bring are your favourite chocolate and snacks - if you like wotsits or similar. The cadburys chocolate tastes horrid out there and luxuary chocolate is expensive. Also wanted to add that shops in Australia usually expect you to haggle the price a bit (not supermarkets). For example I bough an expensive set of 1,000 thred count sheets from Harvey Norman and they knocked $50 or so off the price at the till. Another time I bought a lead for the computer priced at $130 or so but the guy rung it though the till for $20 less. I didnt acutally haggle, but it would have been expected to, and the shop poeple were lovely and knocked the price down a bit anyway.
  10. Just wanted the add re Beachlands - some areas are fine - but some are awful. Some of the roads are rat runs for hoons who racing along at night - so waking up to squeaking breaks and revving engines can be a regular occurance - plus fights breaking out from drunken people on their way home from pubs etc. There are quite a few developments of flats/ units which often attract troubled young / older people often with drink / drug issues. But of course some streets dont have this sort of trouble, but just be very careful and drive around the street first - see who the neighbours are and what their houses look like - and whether the road can be used as a cut through to get into town. I once spoke to a policeman about Wandina (after a break-in) who said Wandina was the safest suburb / had one of the lowest crime rates in Geraldton - they almost never get called out there.
  11. HappyTravels

    Onslow and surrounding areas?? Need some help!

    Hiya I'd second what tisme said! I spent a few days in Onslow on a trip around WA - and yes there really isnt much there at all - or anywhere very near there! At the time they also had issues with crocks as apparently they are beging found further and further south and there had been a few sightings in the area before we arrived - I dont think they are usually found there though! The beach was lovely, as was the town itself - lovely friendly laid back vibe. Perhaps your partner would find bar / shop work / work on the caravan site etc- but I would expect a lot of work would be seaonal - and Onslow may not offer the kind of lifestype you'd want. It would be an experience though!
  12. <p><p>Hi - sorry - just saw I had a message from you now! I have posted to the main forum before I saw yout message.But I didnt find out - I emailed to nuring registration board a while ago, but just got an email back listing the requirements of nursing courses. If you are on a 2 year course now your uni might know/ The only thing that may get in the way is the length of the course as one of the requirements is that the course must be a long as so many Austrlian academic terms - but I think because you still have to complete so many practice hours as part of the course - and the course has a longer academic year than the 3 year course - it maybe OK.</p></p>

  13. HappyTravels

    Is a Post Graduate Diploma in Nursing recognised in Australia

    Just thought I'd update this. I dont know whether the 2 year Masters course is accepted for Nursing. I didnt get a straigt answer back from APHRA. ONe of their requirements was that any course must be the equivilant of so many Australian academic terms - sorry cant remember how many. I decided against nursing, as it just wasnt quite right for me - I didnt want to re-train just to emigrate. However I know that Australia does regognise the 2-year pre regestration course for OTs and Physios. But, I'm not sure if nursing is different becuase the nursing courses in Australia dont specialise (eg in mental health, etc) therefore on the advanced course you dont get experience in areas outside your speciality. But, maybe this would just mean you cant get over straight away, but could do so in an advanced role, where experience in other areas wouldnt be used.
  14. HappyTravels

    Geraldton...What's it like?

    I used to live in Geraldton. Its was fine for a few years - but it IS so isolated. The 41/2 hour drive to Perths is very boring and long - and you WILL need to do the drive reguarly (unless you can afford the flight!!) There are lots of things you cant get in Geradlton - there are supermarkets that are good enough to get by on week to week. But things like getting a nice set of towels, new furniture, new clothes etc, etc and actually wanting a choice! The drive is too long to do in just a weekend! Worth considering too if you are hoping to fly back to Engand or will have family out to visit you. The beaches are great though, not crowed at all. I loved Drummonds Cove (North of town) - great for swimming. Plus the whether is fab!! Doesnt really get hotter than Perth in summer - plus anywhere near the beach will usually have a nice sea breeze - and in the winters are much warmer than Perth's. There are some very unplesant parts of town - with lots of deprevation - but these are easy to avoid - eg Rangeway, Spalding and parts of Beresford. Suburbs I liked were - Wandina ( lots of new houses here - some houses have great views of the ocean too!!), Drummonds Cove ( but a bit too far out of town for me), Tarcoola Beach, Mount Tarcoola and Sunset Beach. Re schools - the primary in Tarcoola had a OK rep - as do some of the others in the better suburbs, but they still arent great. The state secondary school had a really bad rep. Geradlton Grammar was meant to be good (both primary and secondary) as was Strath. For a few years its a great place to live - but not any longer!!! After that I found I was easily fed up of the drive to Perth, of the same scenery (very few trees etc), and the fact there is very little going on. It doesnt have the best reputation as a town either. As mentioned above there are lots of very poor / deprived areas. Most tourists dont stay longer than to stock up on their way to Kalbarri or Shark Bay - which are muct more attractive places (although tiny and even more isolated). Also remember that as its a small place - there may be less competition for the jobs that do come along, but equally they tend to be fewer on the ground than say Perth. Hence if one of you has work in Geraldton, it may be a while before anything suitable for the other comes along.
  15. HappyTravels

    New Points Test Overseas Work Exp

    I am getting very confuded about the work experience element of the new points test due to come in July 2011. Will I get any points for work experience if I have three years work experience in the past five years - but 18 months of this was gained in Australia - which was more than 2 years ago so I cant get the Australian work experience, but can I still use this experience to get points. I would assume that I would - otherwise it would imply Australian work experience is less relevant? I would need to get 8 points for my ILETS test if I my work experience doesnt count - which is not impossible, but I would prefer not to have the pressure of getting such a high score.