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    Melbourne - 6 Days

    Hi, glad to know that you have started off well - hopefully you will settle in in no time! Good news for all regarding books - try Free delivery worldwide on all books from The Book Depository Free worldwide delivery for all items and you can pay by paypal. I have found the delivery prompt and in general the prices are on a par with Amazon so a little more than Tesco and Asda but much cheaper than Aussie prices. Good luck Debbie
  2. What a shame! You never know, they may go away and think about it and decide that they just can't do without you and offer you the deal you need to go! On the other hand, you are better off than last week because at least now you know what the situation is and there is no decision for you to agonize over. If you hadn't had the meeting and found out all the facts you would still be wondering now whether you should have talked to them or not! Just remember everything happens for a reason - good luck to you Debbie x
  3. deb t-w

    Visa's granted Dec 08 - STILL here in the UK...

    Thanks for the advice Dave - hopefully we will be there long before 2014 and plan to go the minute the house sells (been on the market for 9 months). We are feeling pretty despondant but hoping our perfect buyer is just around the corner. Although it would not be great to arrive any later than 2012 at least we are not in the position that we are running out of time on our visa - not yet anyway! If the house doesn't sell soon, we may well give up the idea altogether any way - renting it out is just not an option so everything crossed that we don't have another winter here. D
  4. Enjoy having the freedom of choice while you have it. IMHO you should go to see the potential new employer, see what options are available to you and then go with your gut feeling instead of worrying about what your situation may be in a couple of years - take it from one who knows. I worked in IT for 15 years before having my daughter and was made redundant when she was two and a half. From the minute I got back to work from maternity leave, I was constantly torn between work and home and I became a clock watcher which was a totally alien concept to me but when push comes to shove, if the child needs collecting from somewhere that has to be your no. 1 priority. My career has been on hold for the last 7 years as my daughter is now nearly 9 and a half but emotionally and intellectually I really feel the need to get my work life back on track. When making the decision to have a child, we didn't think beyond returning from maternity leave and the immediate child care issues however this affects your decisions careerwise for years because sooner or later you will have to deal with school holidays and the dreaded phone call in the middle of a working day to say that your poorly child has to be collected. This may seem a very negative reply to you and I apologise for that but what I am trying to emphasize is that while you have all the freedom to choose and take risks then embrace it and enjoy it. It will be much more difficult if you do make the decision to start a family. In your situation, I would not stay in a job just because it may offer you the flexibility that you may or may not need in a few years but make the decision based on what your heart wants to do and not that your head tells you that you should. There will be plenty of time for that later on - good luck with your interview. D x
  5. deb t-w

    Vegetarians/Vegans Yes Or No

    In my mind, there are two types of vegetarians, those who do it on principle and those who don't like meat. I fall into the second category, having loathed red meats since being a very small child although I would eat chicken, sausage and a small amount of fish under sufference. However, when I was in my early twenties, I attended a party at a vegetarian friend's house and whilst eating veggie burgers, commented that it was nice to eat without feeling guilty. The friend suggested that perhaps I was bordering on vegetarian and I realised he was right and happily denounced all meat there and then. Of course this then opened up a huge can of worms with regard to how far to take this thing. I went the whole hog, no eggs or fish, only ate vegetarian cheese and turned my back on leather products although the shoe principle was fairly shortlived from a practical point of view if nothing else. As with the majority of lapsed vegetarians, bacon was my downfall and many years later, after marrying an avid carnivore, I succumbed to temptation and started eating a small amount of meat again. I am now back to where I was before that fateful party, eating meat occasionally more due to an awareness that my diet was probably inadequate before than a longing for meat. I have now have a daughter who is just as committed a carnivore as her father so have to cook red meat on a regular basis which is not something I relish and still will not eat but as a parent, I just get on with it. I think it is all down to each person's individual level of comfort with what they are eating as to how far they take it. I would suspect the majority of people who give up meat as a matter of principle are more likely to become vegans because it is very difficult to decide where to draw the line once you have looked into it thoroughly. I do not consider myself to be a vegetarian but will often order the vegetarian option at a meal out or party because it is easier to try to tell people that than try to describe to them what you will and won't eat and be considered to be just awkward. Just my take on things anyway although I'm sure some people will disagree. D x
  6. deb t-w

    Sellling house - has anyone managed to do it?

    You're not alone, Sunshine - we had buyers who were so obviously in love with our house, i knew they would offer. The day before they rang to view, we had dropped the price by £15k so we're not sure if they knew this when viewing. They had a second viewing then offered £55k less than the new asking price. We told them to stick their offer where the sun doesn't shine and they upped their offer by £15k but said that was it. As you say, back to the drawing board but it's hard to swallow when you thought you finally had a chance. D x
  7. deb t-w

    kids menu`s

    Hi, I've just invested in a slow cooker and it's the best money I've ever spent. There are hundreds of recipes available to download for free from the internet and you can pretty much throw everything into the pot in the morning and switch on. I've even got an app for my Ipod touch which I can just refer to like a cookbook when I'm in the kitchen - got a lovely chicken curry on the go at the moment! Happy cooking D x
  8. deb t-w

    Quiz night Wednesday 9pm - chat room

    Thanks for everyone who came to the quiz and well done to Fleabo who emerged victorious - See you all next week people! D x
  9. deb t-w

    Quiz night Wednesday 9pm - chat room

    Just bumping - anyone coming?
  10. deb t-w

    Quiz night Wednesday 9pm - chat room

    Me too!! Otherwise I might be there on my own!!
  11. Quiz night tomorrow night in the chat room, 9pm. I've got the dubious honour of being quizmaster - I've never set a quiz before so please bear with me.:eek: 10 questions in 3 categories: 1 General Knowledge 2 Film & TV 3 Music Well that's the plan anyway!! See you there Deb x
  12. deb t-w

    Quiz - tonight 9pm

    Great quiz - thanks fleabo. Hope I can do as well next week
  13. deb t-w

    Sellling house - has anyone managed to do it?

    thanks annemarie, All went very well but don't want to jinx anything!! Fingers crossed!! D x
  14. deb t-w

    Sellling house - has anyone managed to do it?

    Thanks Cazz, can't believe it might actually be our chance at last! Was starting to feel like the dream is slipping away with the exchange rate and house prices in Aus still shooting up - got everything crossed D xxx
  15. deb t-w

    Sellling house - has anyone managed to do it?

    Here's hoping that the old adage is true that everything comes to he who waits!!! After being on the market since October and no viewers until a month ago, we finally have someone who appears to love our house! 2nd viewing tomorrow and they don't have anything to sell - fingers crossed! Good luck to everyone else still waiting Debbie x