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  1. krissyazz

    wanted new friends in Point Cook

    hi Becky, great idea, was going to text you this week now we have moved(boxes everywhere and kiddies are wild!!) Can you text me and let me know where/ when everyone is meeting , p.s how do I get the super fast Internet ? it's so slow at the moment Kris x
  2. krissyazz

    wanted new friends in Point Cook

    Hi, ive spoken to Becky before but thought i would hijack this post lol!! We have just moved to point cook and living on sanctuary lakes (just put an application for a house on the alamada estate) , ive got a 3 year old and a nearly 6 year old and would love to meet up for a coffee/wine and a chat ( or any conversation other than the wiggles ect....!!) Kris x
  3. krissyazz

    Friends in point cook area.....

    Hi Becky, it would be lovley to meet up with you, sorry about the late reply but ive just come off nights.Will PM you my mobile number so we can arrange a day/time. Just put up the christmas tree and trying to get in the spirit but very hard .....so resorting to christmas music from the moment we wake till bed time!! Lol!! I will be festive!! Just found a shop in melbs that sells a tin of UK style roses choc, so will be making a trip there and probably spending my months salary on imported things!! Any way speak soon Kris x
  4. krissyazz

    Friends in point cook area.....

    Hi, We moved to Point cook in Sep and are in need of friends to have a laugh with, have a beer/coffee ect... We are Kris(29) - Midwife working at The womens hospital, Arron -(38) Works at Safeway, Liam (5) In prep at Carrenballac College and Charlotte (3 going on 16) who spends her days looking for ways to make my life harder much to her amusement!!! We live in sanctuary lakes and you can usually find us in the cafe there or in The Brook! Would love to hear from and meet up with other couples/ families .... Kris x
  5. krissyazz

    Point cook

    Hi, we live in Brisbane at the mo (been in Oz 14 months) and are moving to sanctuary lakes, point cook on 31st Aug, we have 2 kiddies, liam 5 1/2 and charlotte 3 and i would love to meet up with other mums in this area. Im a midwife and have a job in the royal womens, cant wait to start but not looking forward to the cold, very used to queensland's sunny weather now!! lol !!1 kris x
  6. krissyazz

    Indian food Brisbane

    Hi all, there is a really nice one in auchenflower/milton called Sky which has been the best by far and its very cheap. We went to the one in Birkdale and it was ok, not great , in my opinion Sky is much better! Hope this helps kris x
  7. Hi all, Please help! Ive been working as a nurse for the past 11 months and was told by my employer that it was a condition of employment and the dica that i was to hold health insurance and that the medicare agreement was not enough. So i took out health insurance for my family costing nearly $200 a month. Last week i got another job in melbourne and was told by them that as the sponser, they were liable for the health insurance for myself and my family - i am to send them my details and they will take over payments!! When i asked them about this and explained that i had always paid it they emailed me a link from the immigration site ....... I currently employ a Subclass 457 visa holder whose visa was granted before 14 September 2009. Do I still need to provide for their health cover? Yes, for Subclass 457 visa holders whose visas were granted prior to 14 September 2009, sponsors retain ultimate responsibility for the cost of treatment administered in a public hospital for the validity of the visa. Additionally, if you take on new workers that already have a subclass 457 visa that was granted prior to 14 September 2009, the responsibility for the cost of treatment administered in a public hospital for those workers and their dependants transfers to you. Sponsors who fail to meet the relevant costs may be subject to administrative sanctions. I just want to check with you guys before i march into HR !! I did call the DICA but my children started fighting and screaming whilst i was on the phone and the bloke put the phone down on me!!!!! Cant wait to move will be so much more better off, $200 for a start anyway!!!! Thanks for your help kris :notworthy: x
  8. Hi , Im just waiting for my nomination number and then i can apply for the 856. Just wondering if anyone has an idea of how long this visa is taking at present? Also we all had x rays for the 457 visa and the kiddies and i all had a full medical, and i had blood taken as i am working in a hospital. My hubby only had the x ray, dose he need to go for a medical and bloods before i submit the visa application, or should i wait and see? Thanks kris:chatterbox:
  9. Hi all, i am just applying for pr by the ENS route. On the application form it says "If you are in Australia please provide a certified copy of the personal data and visa pages of the passport used to enter Australia" Is this the stamp i got when i landed in Oz? It just says the date and airport - not sure?? We all had medicals to come out on the 457- i had the full medical, xray and bloods, hubby had just xray, and kiddies had full medical- this was only 5 months ago so would we all have to repeat or would hubby just need to get medical and blood test?? Also any idea how long this visa is taking at the mo to be granted? Sorry, so many questions!!:arghh: kris x
  10. krissyazz

    ENS- Obligations

    Hi just a quick question, on the ENS visa if you have not signed a contract saying you will work for the company for x amount of time, is there an obligation from the government to stay working there for a certain period? like 1 or 2 years, or will i be free to work any where in Australia? Thanks Kris
  11. krissyazz

    Remind me please!

    Hi, Well like everything in life there are positives and negatives, but for us the positives outweigh the negatives of living in australia. The fab weather- the kids love being able to live an outdoor life, going to the park, bbq's, huge swimming pools, many clean beaches, waterparks and the worlds in Brisbane! The area- to me it seams so much cleaner, we were living near central manchester but even still in Brisbane the streets and parks are so much nicer. Crime- Much less Lifestyle- This was a big one for us, at home i was working 50 -55 hour weeks, my hubby was working and both for little pay, here i work 38 hours , decent pay, and my hubby dosnt have to work, so he can stay at home and look after the children. On my days off we can afford to go out, explore, enjoy, and spend much more time together as a family. The wildlife- It is amazing! I am still amused on my drive into work i see parotts, kangaroos and mad little creatures i have no idea what they are! The people- I know u cant generalise but i have found at work the majority of people to be friendly and helpfull, and laid back, the attitude was so different from where i was working in Manchester which really does make a difference. Its not all positive, i think about my family i have left in the UK all the time, and wonder what have i done (but we have skype and phones and i prob speak to my mum and sister more than i did when i lived in the UK!!) I feel at the moment Australia is right for my family as we are having a great time. Dont let the negative posts on here put you off, you have to try things out yourself, and if it isnt for you its not impossible to pack up and go home- life is far too short! Kris:chatterbox: x
  12. Hi, I work at the Wesley , let me know if u need any info kris x
  13. krissyazz

    457 to pr

    Hi, Im in the same position, after spending hours on the immigration website i found there are 2 options 175 or 176 and getting the state u are working in to sponsor. Both visas require u are off shore at the time of grant which is just a trip to NZ, however i think which ever visa u go for (ENS, 175 or 176) they all look like they cost the same $2500 ish and a second payment only if u have dependents that dont speak good english. The 175 will cost more as u have to have a positive skills assessment ect.. but u have that so there isnt much difference in price. Hope this helps kris
  14. Hi all, I started work 4 months ago under the impression after 3 months and a positive appraisal work would sponser me for pr. Today when i went with my documents to hr they told me the rules had changed last month and if i havent got anything in writing (i havent) i will have to wait for 24 months before i can apply! so i am looking into going alone but have a few questions: On the immigration site under the 175 visa it says that there are 2 payments, but under the second payment it says it is for applicants who have dependents over 18 (which i havent) so am i to just pay the one fee? Is the 175 the best visa to get as all the other visas for people in australia are for students? I meet the points criteria ect....:twitcy: any advice appriciated kris x
  15. krissyazz

    Aussie "Habits"

    look my ute is a beaut mate