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  1. Hi I am 21 years old and have been staying with my aunt and uncle on the Gold Coast. I would like to extend my stay in Australia but to be eligible for a second year working/holiday visa I am required to work regionally for 3 months / 88 days. Unfortunately I don't drive (still learning!) but I am willing to travel to any destination at my own cost. I am hard working and available immediately. If you have any work that is eligible could you please pm me Many thanks Emily
  2. Have a look at the State Sponsored visa - if your skills are required this could be the 'quickest' route for you. I wouldn't pay an agent to help gain you sponsorship - its rare that they have any more contacts than what you would and employment agencies!
  3. peeka

    Managerial Skills

    My OH was assessed by AIM - they were very good and completed our assessment in 4 weeks (in 2009). We had to provide 5 years evidence of the following:- - organisation structures showing reporting line to CEO - organisation structures showing direct reports - position descriptions for himself - positions descriptions for all direct reports - degree certificate - transcript of modules covered during degree (obtained from university) OH had changed companies in that 5 years (having been with other 10 years!) so we had two companies to demonstrate arghhhhhh My advice would be to collate everything in one go before submitting !! Good luck
  4. Maybe worth contacting recruitment agencies and also companies direct.
  5. peeka


    I would make contact with the company you owe the money to and offer to pay them back - this will clear the debt (I am sure they will accept a credit card payment). Not sure but I guess it would be similar to the UK where they would confirm the outstanding monies have been paid - ask them for a letter to confirm ? and then contact the credit agency about removing - not sure how this works but they would be able to advise you.
  6. You will find petrol prices here go up and down daily - although never as expensive as the UK! Unleaded vary's from $1.20 to $1.49 depending on the day you fill.......you soon work out when it will drop and when it will go higher !!
  7. You can apply but bear in mind to activate your 475 you will need to arrive in Australia - I would recommend you do this as a back up, just in case you don't get the PR !!
  8. peeka

    HELP.....Schools on the Gold Coast

    My son goes to Kings Christian College (Reedy Creek) - moved him there from Pacific Pines State school and wowwww what a difference! Fab school with a good reputation, grades have improved and he is currently on school camp at Tangalooma !! He is 16 so slightly older than yours. Kings is disciplined - I like that in a school but appreciate everyone is different. They are excellent communicators and do follow up on things (schools in the UK are even pants at that!) Deputy Head is firm but fair....her hubby is a pom !! Can't comment on Somerset as I don't know anything about this school - other than Kings play against them in inter-sport !
  9. peeka

    Type 1 Diabetes

    I am Type II diabetic but was insulin controlled - I had the usual bloods and urine tests, however I had to have a letter from my GP (if you have a specialist even better!) confirming my diabetes, medication and last couple of blood level testing that had taken place. Maybe worth getting your GP to do cholestrol testing and anything else that can be linked to diabetes so you can have a record of these at hand also. My random blood sugars were 8.4 at the time (a little high!) and I was passed !!! Don't worry - if your sugars are controlled you will be fine.
  10. peeka

    457 sponor visa via childcare jobs????

    I agree with haunted1234 - I think you would find it very difficult to get a sponsor for Childcare positions - there are heaps of people that gain qualifications here and whilst there are umptee kindy's I can't see there being a shortage of staff at any level.
  11. peeka

    Family fall out over move to australia

    Support can be done from a distance, baby-sitting can't !! We support OH's children using a variety of communications, we have organised birthday lunches, small treats, surprises etc for them and managed it thousands of miles away. We even keep in contact with the schools on updates etc. We send child support on a monthly basis and still manage to put funds aside for them ready when they need the help with their driving lessons, first car etc. You can do all of this with your son and new grandchild......photo's, scrapbooks, postcards are fab! You mum is being unfair so try not to let her influence a change in your decision - as you said before your son is happy with your move and that's what counts.
  12. peeka

    Job in Toowoomba

    Make contact with agencies also - they may offer you some advice on tweaking your resume to look 'ozzy'. For some unknown reason.....employers like to see that you have Australian experience before taking you serious and therefore you may have to apply for any kind of role just to get that on your resume. Good luck
  13. peeka

    partners disability WORRIED!

    I've sent you a PM
  14. peeka


    I originally come from West Yorkshire and probably wouldn't recommend this as a 'nice' are anymore. We emigrated from Scarborough, North Yorkshire which is beautiful.....although depending on jobs you would be looking for this may not be ideal due to the current economic climate. Surrounding areas to Scarborough are York, Malton, Pickering. Further East you have Hull and its surrounding areas. Again, they all have their good and bad. The police in the UK are now offering a free online service to locate number of crime and types of crime in area - www.upmystreet.com
  15. peeka

    15 yr old and bank cards?

    My son is 15 and banks with St George - they offer an Easycash type account. Gives him access to online and phone banking and also able to draw money from an ATM.