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  1. hybrid

    IT Support Analyst

    Hi all, We have an opportunity for an IT Support Analyst. It's a permanent role but happy to hire the right WHV holder. Details here: https://www.seek.com.au/Job/32743850
  2. hybrid

    WHV > 457 Visa

    Generally, 457s come through pretty quick but make sure your company is lining everything up. Make sure they have parts 1 and 2 of the 457 requirements in place (sponsorship approval and position nominated) so you can be ready to put your application in.
  3. hybrid

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    Oh Rich mate, so sorry to here that! Did they give you anymore details?
  4. hybrid

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    Hello, I've updated the spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/121-856VisaTimelines Let me know if anyone wants read access. Best of luck for the remaining days this week! Mike
  5. hybrid

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    Oh Rich mate, I'm so gutted you're still waiting! Have you got the missus' police check back from Japan yet?
  6. hybrid

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    Yes - there's the British Expats one kicking out - it's been going for a while and has a lot more people on it. The Poms In Oz one is here: http://bit.ly/121-856VisaTimelines It's a bit more comprehensive and has some formulas and other smarts to calculate dates. Pretty useful. Let me have your timeline details (or Google Apps email address if you want to edit) and I'll add you in. Cheers, Mike
  7. hybrid

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    Hello all, Sorry I've been offline for a while - it's amazing how one priority (crisis?!) replaces the last one as soon as it finishes! Great to see all the grants coming through and relieved to see something happening with fluffy! Just a reminder, here's the link to the spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/121-856VisaTimelines I've gone through and updated it with all the information from here - I'll be on more often and make sure it's accurate. If anyone wants to lend a hand (pull your finger out kevpreston!) create a Google Apps account and I'll add it in. Now, more importantly, anyone up for Christmas beers in Sydney?! :tongue: Mike
  8. hybrid

    Employer Referencies

    You could be a bit tricksy with the wording for the employer and say it's a reference for a mortgage company or something similar?!
  9. hybrid

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    I'm surprised they say it could be up to 90 days - how long was it first time? I always thought the Japanese were super efficient - vending machines on every corner and robots walking down the street!
  10. hybrid

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    Get the paperwork going just in case. For the sake of a few $$$, you'll get a headstart if they're needed again. I'm sure we can all agree it's worth paying the $$$ to get things faster...
  11. hybrid

    1 year on and Australia is still for me

    Bascially, you wouldn't want to live in Cabramatta or Auburn.
  12. hybrid

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    Believe you may have to get new ones - I think they have a sell by date or 6/12 months - I think it's the same for medicals.
  13. hybrid

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    Believe fluffy is 121 - offshore. No bridging visa :wacko:
  14. hybrid

    questions on Employer Sponsorship

    Ok, looks like the equivalient ASCO is 4622-11. Minimum salary is $47,480. Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 121/856) Best of luck...
  15. hybrid

    questions on Employer Sponsorship

    Current times are anywhere from 1-7 months. What ANZSCO / ASCO is greenkeeper?