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    Did the earth move for you???

    Sitting having a beer with my sister, family & friends in Rowville and we did feel an earthquake, which felt a bit like an underground train.
  2. Celtes

    Just Arrived

    Me & hubby lived in Llanfihangel-ar-arth, West Wales. I worked at County Hall in Carmarthen. We will be based in Robina on the Gold coast.
  3. Celtes


    My husband and I are thinking of renting an apartment in central Robina - has anyone got any information on the area?
  4. Arrived on Thursday in Brisbane - any Welsh on the Gold Coast?
  5. Celtes

    New Member

    After many sleepless nights we took the plunge and I will be studying commercial catering & hospitality. We did use an agent who was based in Sydney. We went down the student route as while my hubby is a self employed plasterer/builder with many years of experience he has no formal qualifications. Hubby hoping to work 20 hours a week and relax and take it easy!!!!!!!! The accountant is dealing with the tax office.
  6. Celtes

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    Thanks will let you know how we get on.
  7. Celtes

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    Hi, this is my first post to let everyone know that me and my hubby are on the way to the Gold Coast via a student visa. Visa granted 7 January 09 flying to Brisbane 10 February 09. :biggrin: