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  1. Nickynoonoo

    Moving Back to the UK? Interested in Sussex?

    Yes Chris, we have but we really need the money that we have tied up in the house. I also think it would be better to settle in Oz if we have a clean break too. Nicky x
  2. Nickynoonoo

    Moving Back to the UK? Interested in Sussex?

    Because there is more to life than the bricks and mortar we live within although I will sooo miss my lovely house! x
  3. Hello UK bound folks, My family and I are Perth bound as soon as we can sell our beautiful home in East Sussex. I thought it might be a nice idea to share the details of my home with you just in case anyone is looking at heading this way.:wubclub: Please click the below link to view details about my home. http://www.town-property.com/Property/Residential/for-sale/East-Sussex/WESTHAM/Rattle-Road/TFS14200.aspx More photos can be seen on: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-35329307.html Best of luck with your move back to the UK. Nicky
  4. Nickynoonoo

    Rehoming our pets

    Hey guys, We are also rehoming our furry babies. One of my dogs went to live with a friend back in May and my other dog went just over a week ago. It was the most terrible thing I have ever had to do but they are having a fab time with their new families!! They both had reasons we couldn't take them as we would if we could of. Just the cats now! One is going to our neighbour who adores him and health permitting, our old diabetic boy is going to a rescue centre who have a residential wing for old cats. They roam free and are not stuck in a cage. I always new that this would be the major downside of the move. Nicky x
  5. Nickynoonoo

    Head Full Of Suburbs!!

    Oh and very important to have an excellent primary school for my boy!
  6. Nickynoonoo

    Head Full Of Suburbs!!

    Hi Paul, I think the things you first mention are more appealing to us. I really love the sound of the hills but I will miss being close to the sea in the long run. So at least I can knock one or two off my list!! Do any of my other suburbs match your lovely description, or there abouts? What about Tapping and Mindarie as they have come up on a recent search? Thanks so much for your help!! Nicky x
  7. Nickynoonoo

    Head Full Of Suburbs!!

    Hi Moirclan, Thanks for your thoughts, appreciated! Is Kalamunda affected by the flight path that I have heard warnings of or not really? Any other suggestions that come off the top of your head would be great. Thanks so much Nicky x
  8. Nickynoonoo

    Head Full Of Suburbs!!

    Lets hope we are lucky enough to get some more responses from others in WA. X
  9. Nickynoonoo

    Head Full Of Suburbs!!

    Thanks so much Ali! :wubclub: How long have you lived in Leeming in total? Great to hear something positive about one of my chosen suburbs, I will look into it further? Are the primary schools good? Whats the drive like to Secret Harbour and Clarkson as we have very close friends in both places? Sorry for all the questions!! :biggrin: Nicky x
  10. Nickynoonoo

    Head Full Of Suburbs!!

    Hello folks! We are off to Perth hopefully at the end of the year once we have finished selling the house. We had always been set on moving to Secret Harbour as had heard so much about it from friends who live there. Since reading some threads on here I am now a little put off and having been researching other suburbs that might be suitable. Well now I have a list of suburbs and have no idea which one to choose and how to even pick the final two!! So, I am calling on the lovely folk on here (I may also post on Perthpoms) who have lived/visited any of these suburbs to try and help me make a decision! :wubclub: I suppose our main criteria are as follows: Good primary school for my five year old soon (happy to consider private) Good community feel (we are used to a village) Lots of outdoor space and parks as my son has sooooo much energy to burn!! Low crime area Quiet area as not a city girl but love to visit for shopping! Hubby will be working in CBD so will need to get the train. Happy to be driving distance from the beach but as long as its easy to get there! Last of all, here are the suburbs that I have looked at: Secret Harbour Melville Duncraig Atwell Baldivis Leeming Mundaring area (Perth Hills) (issue with bushfires??) If you can think of any others that you think sound like they fit my requirements, please let me know but I am trying to reduce the number not increase! So any good points and bad points would really really help me as I am desperately trying to decide!! Your help and advice is as always very much appreciated.:wink: Nicky xx
  11. Nickynoonoo

    e health

    You never know, this time next week you could be celebrating!! I wish you all the luck in the world!! Nearly there!! x
  12. Nickynoonoo

    e health

    Hi guys, We had ours done in Maidenhead at the beginning of July (see timeline). It took us about 2.5 hours to get there and the same back, good ole M25!! We took a packed lunch and ate in the car on the way there as our appointment was for 1.30pm too. My five year old boys is always hungry so I have to have a constant supply of food to hand!! We got there early, arrived about 12.45pm I think and left by 3.30pm, it was a long day and the waiting room got really hot. We had our photos taken first, then xrays for me and hubby which were uploaded there and then. Then we done our urine samples, and the nurse answered some questions. It does help to drink heaps of water before this! We then went and saw the doctor who went through our questions, imputting all the answers onto the computer and he done a quick medical on all of us. After this hubby and I had our blood tests and then we were free to go. They started with us late hence why we were there until 3.30pm. We were told that the bloods would be looked at in a week but six days later we had our Visa!!:biggrin: Good luck to everyone due to go through this final hurdle!! Nicky x
  13. Nickynoonoo

    Private schools near Secret Harbour

    Hello all, We are looking to move to Secret Harbour and wondered where the nearest Private schools are located so we can do some research? Hope someone can point me in the right direction, literally! Thanks Nicky x
  14. Nickynoonoo

    Visa Granted (HR) after 38 Months of wait, YAHOOO

    Many congratulations and best of luck for your future in Oz!! Nicky x
  15. Many congratulations!!! Hope you enjoyed the champagne! I was celebrating yesterday and had a groggy head this morning!! i Nicky x