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  1. I think its okay to bump this up now, eh?
  2. Hi, We applied for our 887 visa from our 475 visa just over a month ago. Is anyone going also currently going through this? Just wanted to know if there is any real advise on timescales? I know the IMMI site has guidelines, but just wanted to speak to others going through this (or recently gone through this) E
  3. Etienne

    From visa 475 to PR - what docos included

    Hi, seems like not many in this position. To 'Aussie Bound' as far as know the costs are nominal, something like $300 pp, so not much!
  4. Hi Has anyone recently applied from a visa subclass 887 (PR) from a provisional 475 visa (note this is not 457, its amazing how many people get this wrong). What documentation did you provide? So far I got: Proof of 2 year residency (lease, utility bills and a letter from the rental agent) Proof of (over) 12month's employment (letter from my employer, including salary, responsibilities, start date, etc) proof of wife's employment (although she is the secondary applicant) Copy of 475 visa in passport for both wife and me Copy of photo page fot both wife and me Copy of entry stamp on passport Aus Police clearance Marriage and birth certs for both wife and me Latest Bank statements I dont intend to do medicals as many have said dont unless asked and as the medicals for 475 was quite comprehensive, mostly not required for 887 Anything else?
  5. Etienne

    Is it safe in Adeleide??

    Hi, I am sure you have come across the claim that Adl is the capital of serial killers, well thats just BS and comes from the fact that Adl had one very notorious serial killer many years ago. It is a very beautiful and safe city, safer than UK cities. I have never ever felt unsafe here, not even walking home after a night out at 1am! But as with any other city there are dont's like don't walk through unlit parklands late at night, but even that is probably just because it is dark and the only danger would be your own imagination. Still I would not take the chance and probably just walk on the road. Adelaide like other Aus cities have areas where gangs cause issues. But these are not like UK job gangs, but bikies and they pretty much leave everyone else alone and fight amongst themselves. So besides hearing about their crap on the news, I have never seen or heard anything myself. The problem with bikies seem to be worse in other cities (notably Melbourne and Sydney) and I would even go as far as to say that Adelaide is probably safer than the other Aus capitals as it was voted the best Aus city to live in (voted for by Australians) and also consistently amongst the 10 10 most liveable cities in the world Adl shared 8th spot with Perth) see http://www.bobinoz.com/blog/6348/best-city-in-australia-to-live-in-is/ and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World's_most_livable_cities
  6. Etienne

    best suburbs in Adelaide

    I would say Eastern Subs close to the CBD. Dulwich, Kensington, Toorak Gdns, Burnside, Norwood, Glenside, Unley, Hyde Park, Goodwood, Millswood - good mid to upper class subs, also North Adl Springfield, St Peters and Medindie all very expensive but def the nicest Beach subs mostly all nice
  7. Etienne

    Single Life - Adelaide?

    Hi mate North Adelaide - very nice, close to the city but can be a bit expensive Norwood - good nightlife and restaurants, close to the city, loads going on Goodwood - the sections closer to KWR very nice and less pretentious than Hyde Park, but very cool
  8. Hi, We are moving to Adelaide and it seems as if there are just NO houses available :-( You mentioned a credit rating, and bank statements. Are you referring to your UK documents?
  9. I am completely lost. We hold 475, and have gone through the required medicals, police checks, etc to get this. When we apply for 887 (to obtain PR) it seems like new medicals are required?????????????? Why would they make us jump through this loop twice?? :skeptical:
  10. Etienne

    Medicare Advise 457 Visa

    Hi Jules, thanks for the information. So just to summarise: We are British citizens, so expensive health insurance is not required, but worth getting, in case either of us need elective surgenry, or dental care, and also to avoid expensive 'Lifetime health cover loading'? In terms of the Medicare levy surcharge and the Medicare levy, are they worked out by your employer or do I need to do anything? Thanks, Etienne
  11. Etienne

    Medicare on 475

    Just to clarify, we are on 475, not 457. But thanks anyway. Etienne
  12. Etienne

    Medicare on 475

    Hi, I am just about to leave for Australia on a visa subclass 475 (provisional). Becaause Australia has a reciprocal agreement with the UK my wife and I have limuted health cover. But we are thinking of getting provate health insurance nonetheless. Can anyone give some advise on this? Such as: Which types of plans are out there Do they cover health and dental What is ambulance insurance And then also can someone explain the process to register for medicare?
  13. Etienne

    TV, Broadband, and Mobiles

    Hi, We have Virgin here at home in the UK which includes a landline, broadband/ wifi comprehencive cable channels. Can anyone advise who to contact re that in Aus. Are there also single package suppliers for these types of services and how much do they cost? Also I hear my iPhone wont work there as it has been locked for O2, can ayone suggest provides and packages down under? Thanks :fish2:
  14. Hi Pimpkin, That was a typo it should have read "I am making it to Australia...". Let me explain. My 475 visa was activated 6 March 2010. which means its 3 year provisional period started on that date, which means the visa expires on 5 March 2013 (3 years). This visa has a 2 year live and 1 year work requirement. In order to make the 2 year live requirement, it means I have to get back to Australia before on or 5 March 2011, which I plan to do. I plan to be there at the start of March. This means that I can only apply for my 887 PR visa on 6 March 2013. But on that date my visa expires so I was wondering what my status would be until the 887 PR is granted. You say a bridging visa. Is that something I have to apply for or is it automatically afforded to me upon application?
  15. I am making ot to Australia just a few days before the crucial 2 year period requirement for PR on a visa subclass 475 starts. I will therefore meet the 2 year living and 1 year working requirement. The intenmtion is to apply for the PR visa 887 as soon as the 2 year & 1 year requirements are met. But my original 475 visa will then expire. What will my status be when I have applied and awaiting the PR visa 887? This is all very confusing!!! :confused: