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  1. It seems Bali is a lot cheaper than Thailand and it seems our $$$$ can stretch further. Unfortunately, it is further travel for our UK family, but the amazing villa's, location and cost should offset this. Anybody have any Bali recommendations? Must be walking distance to the beach and shops, sleeps 8 and have a swimming pool!
  2. Having a month off work and self employed..budget is important; This rules out US. Bali is closer to Aus but seems better value especially when living for a month. Can be close to beach to surf, no car hire etc. still investigating and appreciate everybody's input and passion x
  3. thinking of Bali or Thailand at the moment due to be budgets. Want to rent a villa as we have 2 sets of family coming over during the month. Has anybody hired a place? We have just started doing the research.
  4. Requirements close to beach and shops 4 bedroom one month 6-10k AUS Dates: 20 Dec 2015 to 17 Jan 2016 any recommendation or assistance cheers Nick
  5. watneyni

    Pensions - transfer or not?

    Hi, Just got my PR... so now have 6 months to transfer my pension, tax tree. I have found that Australian Super transfers are free and others (like BT) can change $1300 advisory and then 4.65% on the transfer :-( My question is....what happens if i just leave my pension in the UK until I am 65/70 and then then just transfer the funds to AUS on an adhoc basis? Would this attract any tax etc. My Scottish widows pension has been performing at 60% over the last 5 years, so a little nervious to move it! Cheers Nick
  6. If you you are a senior IT Executive and you want to live in Australia or Asia then contact me. Most of our clients would provide you with a Visa. We have a number of CIO/CTO and Director level roles available across Australia. My email address is nickwatney@illuminatesearch.com.au. I immigrated from the UK last year, so I can appreciate the differculties in finding suitable roles. thanks Nick
  7. watneyni

    IT Banking Jobs in Oz!

    Hi, The sydney market is starting to get quiter towards christmas, however, but you skills will always be in required especially as you have investment banking experience. We expect Q1 2011 to be hectic. Please send me you CV, in the first instance, to nicholas.watney@finrecruit.asia. Thanks Nick
  8. Click here to see more -> Search for a job - Finrecruit - Recruitment and Executive Search for the Financial Services IT sector The market is pretty good and require good people. Visa's not necessary required (in some instances) PM for more info!! cheers Nick
  9. watneyni

    At last our 457 Visa Granted

    Finally, our 457 Visa has been granted. Like many of us, it has been a story of ups and downs, but after our 176 battles, delays and 8503 restrictions on our 1 year tourist visa, we can now work and enjoy Sydney living. I will be working for a specialise banking and finance IT recruitment company to help experenced staff find their next role/challenge in the investment banks space etc across Australia. Thanks Gill, Peter Chiam and others for their amazing advise and friendship. Now, where is the bottle of bubbles? xx
  10. watneyni

    VISA 457 Finally Granted

    After 176 delays, meetings with David Wilden, Gill and others at Australia House, . A company transfer to Sydney being pulled by my old comapny. Condition 8503 unexpectedly slapped on our 1 year tourist visa.... we have now had are 457 visa granted and we can start our new life in Sydney. I now work for a specialist financial IT consultancy in Sydney and look forward to helping people find roles in Australia in the Finance arena (Investment Banks, Insurance, tradering companies etc). A massive "thank-you" to Jill and other who have helped and advised along the way. Now, where is the bottle of bubbles!
  11. Guys, Try CXC Global on 1300 724 082 and extention 107 or email Usman Shahid on usman.shahid@cxcglobal.com.au can help you with the contract and finance side. Mention that Nick Watney referred you. Good luck! I work for an specialise IT consultancy across Australia and all our contractors use these guys!
  12. At FINrecruIT, we are the leading IT Recruitment and Executive Head Hunting Search for the financial services IT sector across Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Please refer to our website http://www.finrecruit.asia for further details and available positions or email Nicholas.watney@finrecruit.asia
  13. watneyni

    Help - Short Term let near Oatley?

    Thanks for those links; We'll definitely follow these up!
  14. My parent-in-laws are visting us from Novermber 3rd for 10 weeks and we are after a short term full furnish 1/2 bed let near Oatley, NSW. Any ideas as we are really stuggerling to find anything. Thanks Nick
  15. watneyni

    Flight Offers?

    Will do that now - cheers