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  1. Well more than four years after this thread was started and I think Australians come across as the friendliest, happiest people I've met and I've been to about thirty or forty countries all over the world. Excluding the guy whou wouldn't me on to the highway and my lane was merging and he gave me several hand gestures and a honk to show how annoyed he was. He could have been a bladdy Pom like me though.
  2. I know, where are all the spiders I was warned about by people in the UK.
  3. 84 mega bits, I'm guessing you've got fibre.
  4. It's as if they decided in Australia that the internet was never going to take off so there was no point investing in the infrastructure.
  5. Is the original laptop old, sounds like the hard drive is knackered and struggling to keep up with the incoming data flow or you have something running that is using bandwidth or accessing the hard drive. Maybe antivirus software scanning or a file sharong app. also internet speed is usually quoted in Mbps mega bits per second, storage or file sizes in MB megabytes. You'd only be bothered if you're an I.T. Geek like me.
  6. Oh no don't say that, I have just signed up with Telstra. They are more expensive but I just hope they can get the job done right. i am in North Lakes, QLD.
  7. I found the downside to life in Australia. It's not deadly snakes or killer spiders (which I don't mind anyway as long as I don't get bitten). It's service, or rather the lack of. We waited nearly three weeks to get a phone line, broadband and a TV service connected. The phone line took two weeks and iiNet sent me a bill even though they had not sent me a phone. When the equipment came a week later, the router not router (it's the pronunciation not the spelling) was covered in scratches and dents and the phone came with the wrong charger. We were just glad to have internet at last so I decided to buy my own router and return the equipment to iiNet for a refund. 20Mbps was the maximum speed I could achieve and there is a usage cap of 100GB (I would sometimes download more than that over a weekend in Blackpool with my Virgin Media 152Mb connection). Anyway after receiving two more bills for periods that the service had not even been active, the TV service still was not working. I had called up every few hours for three days and was told each time to wait a couple of hours and reset the box. In the end I came to the conclusion that the technicians at iiNet either had no idea what they were doing or they were too busy throwing shrimps on the BBQ to care. I called them up to cancel the service, which they did without question or hesitation in about ten minutes. To finish I spent two hours in a live chat session to someone at another provider signing up and agreeing to wait another 10-16 days for them to take over the service and pay connection fees for the pleasure of them doing so. (All connection fees were waived after I bored her with the story of my iiNet experience).
  8. First I would like to thank everyone for their replies. finally just to clarify, at the time of the visit the children were still attending school. I even made them do their homework the day before their last day we were going to post a letter to the school with various other letters on our final day. Therefore as the children had not yet missed any school and we had not left the country there hadn't even been a pupil absence issue. whenever my children asked about scratches, cuts or scars I had I would always tell them I got them battling tigers or wolves and often had to end the battle shooting the animal dead. I have never had the police round to check if I had a gun or animal welfare to see if I had a collection of tiger skins or wolf pelts.
  9. Even though the older children often come home with worksheets from school that have spelling mistakes or other errors, we make it clear to our kids how important education is. They have attended school and are going to school today. Teachers overheard our older kids talking to their friends about leaving. Writing a letter to school was on the list of to do but we hadn't gotten around to it yet. We have taken our children on a couple of holidays in the past that were not 'authorised' by the school but I am confident that the things my kids learned on these holidays makes up for missed lessons. The school has given my wife a note listing the things they require including forwarding residential address and telephone number address of the school the children will be attending.
  10. Jonny I can understand some of the reasons in that case, partly because it is law for a child receive and education in this country but that law doesn't mean the education has to be in school as you can home tutor and if I was home tutoring my children the council would have no idea I was leaving the country.
  11. Tea4too I understand what you are saying but these are our own children and as we are taking them out of the UK permanently neither myself nor my wife could understand the reaction from the council employee. if I decided to move to some remote location in say Alaska and choose to live off the land and not bother sending my children to school then surely that's my choice. If we are leaving the UK then as soon as we leave UK airspace surely we are no longer under UK law anyway. He told me that if we didn't provide a forwarding address by close of business tomorrow the he would have to file a missing children report to the police. If he did that, who would be wasting taxpayers money as the children aren't missing they are with their parents. My opinion is the same as QSS and freesia, it's none of their business and it is simply information gathering which is all I am trying to avoid. Councils fail to ensure the safety and welfare of many children IN the country so maybe they should focus their efforts there first.
  12. We received a visit from a Pupil Welfare Officer today requesting forwarding address and school as we are emigrating and taking our four children. we emigrate on Sunday and he told us that if we don't provide the information they will need to inform the police that they have missing children. we hadn't yet notified the school we were leaving, it was on our very long to do list. i thought it was ridiculous as they are our own children and to be honest would rather not give any information. we don't have an address yet anyway as we will be staying with a friend until we find somewhere. I have searched on Google and cannot find anything that suggests we need to give this information by law. does anybody know? thanks Paul
  13. That's what I meant by what we have learnt from major historical events but I don't think children need to learn about the battle of Hastings in 1066 or every major battle in the world wars or details about what life was like during the reign of Queen Victoria or the Egyptians (especially as much of what we think we know about the pyramids is still being debated). Do they teach languages in Australian schools and if so, what languages and from what age? Thanks
  14. I wish my kids school focused on quality over quantity too. I already have my kids sitting out of religious studies and reading instead and would prefer to do the same for history too. I don't think children should be introduced to religion at all. As for history unless someone has a particular interest and wants to study history at higher education we should not waste time teaching it. Just incorporate the lessons we have learnt from major historical events into other subjects and focus on subjects that would benefit more pupils in everyday life.
  15. Thank you for the reply it is very reassuring to hear. The twins are in year 5 here, their birthday is in April so I think they will just continue in year 5. Rocco is my 5 year old and his birthdate is 5th July 2009. He started school when he was 4 and was one of the youngest in his class. Reception (prep) was focused a lot on play but now he is in year 1 he is already complaining that he no longer likes school as it is too much work and he gets tired. I feel the system has lost touch a bit here anyway, like you say too much emphasis on league tables and tests. All three get regular homework and there is always at least one spelling error or typing mistake on the sheet the school provide so if the teachers can't get it right how on earth do they expect the children to.