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    Help for homesick wife!

    Hi Sanjeev I have sent you a PM. Hope to hear from you soon. J
  2. thechurchfamily

    Help for homesick wife!

    Rachel, It would be lovely for you to join us. I don't know the final details yet myself as one of the others is organising but i'm sure someone will let you know.
  3. thechurchfamily

    Help for homesick wife!

    Well as the 'Homesick Wife' (as she will now forever be known!) has got herself talking on Poms in Oz and now has a lunch date, I suppose I have to bow out of this conversation. Thank you so much for all your kind words and wise advice. I'm sure there will be other low points in the future but we feel so much better knowing that others have felt the same. If I didn't have to work on Friday I'd be gatecrashing the lunch to meet you all! Have fun and thanks again. J
  4. thechurchfamily

    Help for homesick wife!

    It sounds good to me will someone PM the details.
  5. thechurchfamily

    Help for homesick wife!

    I am the homesick wife. ...and Thank you for all your support and kind words.
  6. thechurchfamily

    Help for homesick wife!

    Hi. We've been in Melbourne (Balwyn) for almost a month now and I really need help for my wife who is struggling to settle. We are here on a 457 for 4 years and did all of our homework before coming out. We travelled out here twice and spent ages checking out where to live. We have 4 kids - eldest daughters are 17 and 15, son of 11 and youngest daughter is 7. They are in good schools and have all settled really well making friends quickly. I have started work which is going ok but my wife - who was really positive about the move - is getting upset every day worrying if we have done the right thing. We are renting a lovely house with a pool in a nice leafy suburb so it's not that. It doesn't help that it has been so cold and wet here since we arrived (I know it's winter!) or that we all went down with flu last week. Also our furniture and most of our belongings don't arrive for a few more weeks which makes living harder. We were prepared for the kids getting upset and being miserable but that really hasn't happened, but my wife's reaction has really thrown me and I'm quite worried it's going to turn into something more serious. She is taking the kids to school and talking to some other mums but just hasn't clicked with anyone. Is this normal for new arrivals? Any advice gratefully received and if anybody is close by we'd love to meet up. We are both in our late 30s - not that that matters! Help! J
  7. We are moving to Victoria in August and I have a 16 y/old who will start studying for her VCE early next year. She is worried about how what she has covered in her GCSEs will translate to the new system. Anyone got a daughter or son who has made a similar transition. If she were staying in the UK she would be starting A levels in September. Thanks Jon