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  1. pbishop

    Where to watch the World cup in Geelong

    Nice one. I'll see you there then. I'll be the one with a pint and a bacon sandwich.
  2. pbishop

    Where to watch the World cup in Geelong

    Awesome. Thanks. Are you going ?
  3. I know its a long shot , but do you think that there's enough England Fans in Geelong to get someone to open up their Bar at 8am on the 15th for the Italy game ? Failing that it looks like Crown casino
  4. pbishop

    Money saving tips #2

    Hopefully these are of use to those of you in the process of moving, so here's #2 Petrol - I'm not sure about other states, but here in Victoria, the price of petrol fluctuates depending on the day of the week, so be sure to fill up on the cheap days. The 'weekly cycle' means that fuel prices may start at $1.59 per litre, and then gradually drop, day by day until 6 or 7 days later it may be $1.30. Its still a mystery to me how this cycle works. Sometimes its 6 days, some times longer. If its before a holiday period (xmas for examples), the price may stay high for 3 or 4 days, and then drop. It seems that all companies seem to synchronize the days when they change price. Coming from the UK, this is a difficult concept to grasp, but if you time it right, you can pay approx 15% less for your fuel.
  5. pbishop

    General money saving tips

    Its almost 4 years since we arrived here from the UK. There's quite a few pit falls in finance here, and we've learned quite a few lessons (some the hard way) since arriving. I haven't been on this forum for a while, but while we were in the process of moving, it was invaluable with the tips and information on here, so I thought I'd give something back by sharing a few finance tips for those of you who are in the process of moving, or have just arrived. My first tip is that if you're intending on settling here, and you're looking to work , buy a house, cars etc, I'd highly recommend spending a few hundred dollars on some professional financial advice. Lots of things work differently here, from tax to car leasing, and we found that we saved that initial money several times over from the advice. I notice there are advisors on this forum, but I'm also happy to pass on the details of the firm that we used, as they were good (PM me if you want an intro). Tip 2 is a simpler one. If you buy alcohol, get it from Dan Murphy. They're cheaper than anyone else. More tips to come if anyone's interested.
  6. pbishop

    Just moved to Highton

    We've just moved to Highton after 4 years of hopping around various addresses in Melbourne. Haven't been on here for a while, but wondered if any of our new neighbours are on here, and if anyone's got any friendly advice for settling into the area. So far, we love the place. We moved from Williamstown (which is hard to beat). Loved the area, but we were renting, and couldn't afford to buy anywhere decent there. Love being near the surf beaches here, and have already discovered little creatures, and the walks down by the river around queens park , and Buckley falls. My daughter is going to Belmont high, and has settled in well. Its almost 4 years since we moved from the UK, and this is our 4th move. Hopefully, this will be the last one for a while at least.
  7. Crown sports bar of turf bar.
  8. pbishop

    Buy to let?

    Suggest that you speak to an Investment adviser. Depending on how much you earn, there are tax breaks by negative gearing, but its too complicated to explain on a forum page. If you're looking for capital growth, get advise, and be prepared to go for something that's not very sexy, and may be in regional victoria for best returns (again speak to an adviser). I'm happy to recommend a guy that we've dealt with in the past who was really good. He'll actually come to you, and provide a complete financial healthcheck (including advise on investment property). From memory, I think he charge around $300 for the initial report, but we saved 10 times that with the advise he gave. Happy to share details. PM me if you want an intro.
  9. Tyke - What do you mean when you say that "Often South Australia is a stepping stone due to the extra points given." Aren't the rules the same for all the states ?? Also (as I thnk that it belongs in this thread), does anyone know how you stand if you get a state sponsored (176) visa, but then can't find work in that state. Has anyone experienced this. What happens if you need to move to find a job before your 2 years are up ?
  10. pbishop

    Which migration agent??

    I'm using Peter Chiam of PTlabs. At the moment, I've comlpeted my ACS assessment, and Peter was very helpful in advising what needs to be included in the content. He seems to be very responsive, and even seems to respond to e-mails in the middle of the night (Sydney time). I understand that he has a 100% success rate, and fees seem reasonable (particularly as he is based in Aus, and the exchange rate is OK at the moment).
  11. pbishop

    emigrate expo show

    Thanks for all the information in this thread. I'm keen to attend one of these shows. I'm already in the ACS assessment stage of my application, so my main reason for going to a show would be to meet potential IT employers. From what I can see, the Emigrate2 show at Sandown seems like the best bet. For people who've been before, can you advise whther I'm likely to meet potential IT employers at this show ?? Any advice would be appreciated.
  12. pbishop

    state sponsorships - how many?

    Elli - So it looks like this is specific to State sponsored applications for Adelaide only ??
  13. pbishop

    state sponsorships - how many?

    What happens on the 13th February ?
  14. Sorry to ask a stupid question, but what is the relevance of the 13th Feb ? Is this when state sponsored visas cease to be a priority ?
  15. pbishop

    Is an agent neccesary?

    I understand your dilema. We've just been through the same thing. In the end, we chose to go with an agent, and I'm glad that we did. He has been very responsive to all of the many questions that we had, and has given some good advice. Really, you're paying for peace of mind at the end of the day. FYI, we chose to use Peter Chiam of PTlabs. He came recommeded by several people on this forum. Good luck. Phil