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  1. Hi peoples Been in Perth just over a month now and need to find myself a good hair stylist to cut and colour a guy's hair. A mobile stylist would be ideal (as that's what I had in the UK) but would visit a salon if the place and person was good. Looked in a few salon windows and they seem to be full of guy's getting sheared and clipped like sheep, which frightens the life out of me...!!! :shocked::shocked: Any names/contacts/salons would be much appreciated. :biggrin:
  2. I'm using crown and they included the AQUIS fee for a 20ft container of around £300. A fee will be payable using any company for the inspection, it's just most don't include it initially. All other companies did not include the charge but said it would be in excess of $500, so basically the bill you get at the other end could be anything over this, which I felt was an added risk. I know that paying £300 now the fee is now paid, any other charges are only if they find something on inspection. You are paying more for a 40ft container plus a car, so this makes sense that your inspection fee is higher. However, don't expect it to be less than £1k when you arrive, it could easily be more, that's the risk you take not buying now. Also, it is only the inspection fee, you will also pay more if they find anything.
  3. Good advice. I'll have that conversation with Crown. Cheers.
  4. Thanks Rupert. Good advice. Just so happens the lowest quote so far is with John Mason, who did a great consultation also, so they are the frontrunners so far. Crown are over a £1k more expensive, and I agree, I cannot see where I'd be getting better value going with them, as all do a very similar job and none can guarantee everything will go without any issues.
  5. Great news. Thanks Alant. Something to remember when I get out there..!
  6. The consultant said Panasonic UK tv's only allow you to change the sound setting to other countries within Great Britain (Wales, Scotland, Ireland), whereas all others allow European frequncy changes. Not sure why.
  7. I understand what your saying, and I know no company can make guarantees, but to say we charge more for a better service that has no guarantees, makes me wonder what extra I'd be paying for. I will go back and ask for a breakdown in costs. The consultant did say the AQUIS fee was included, but nothing on the insurance. £5K is way higher than I was expecting, and more than I've seen quoted on this forum, so I was surprised. Whichever co I go with I'm gonna haggle the price down anyway, but £5K is a high place to start! :wink:
  8. Speaking to a consultant from JM yesterday he gave me this great tip (if it works) - wondered if anyone can confirm it..? For all UK digital TV's you ship to Oz (except Panasonic) you can tune the digital programming in Oz by doing the following: 1. Menu -> Auto Tune -> (this gives a picture but no sound) 2. Menu -> Sound Menu -> Change country to.. -> GERMANY This should give you the sound, as Germany are on the same frequency as Oz...! A great tip if it works, anyone have experience of doing this with Sony/Samsung tv's, which is the brand I have. :biggrin:
  9. Saw these four yesterday in a marathon mover day..! 1. Crown 2. Doree Bonner 3. White and Co 4. John Mason Initial impressions are that White and JM are the front runners, particularly JM, who offered some great advice and instilled confidence that they would take care of my stuff door-to-door. Doree Bonner turned up 30 mins late and his phone rang constantly... put it on silent..! Don't wish to ever hear a Guns & Roses ringtone for as long as I live..! :mad: Also, DB was in and out in about 45 mins and didn't leave a great impression, so unless their price is really appealing, I'm probably going to pass. Crown were good, but told me they would be more expensive as they provided a better service (which I'd expect anyway) then proceeded to say no removal co can ever guarantee it will go smoothly....! So why bother paying a premium then, I though..? Hmmm. Actually just had the initial quote back from Crown for a 20ft container to Perth just shy of £5K..! Way more than I expected. I'm assuming this includes their insurance (3.5%) and AQUIS fee, but they don't break down the quote, which I find disconcerting, so I don't know what's included, etc... Interested in other peoples thoughts on my experiences so far and how they have faired in this process. UPDATE: John Mason has come back with a quote of £3,410 for a 20ft container, which does not include the AQUIS fee of about $500. This is almost £1600 less than Crown, who include the AQUIS fee. Still a big difference. White and Co have now quoted £3,685 for a 20ft (volume 960 cf) excl AQUIS of $500. So adding on the AQUIS both JM and White are a good £1k lower than Crown. That's a big difference. Would I really see a grand difference in service going with Crown..? I know they are Crown in Oz too, but both JM and White assured me of the service from their partners in Oz, and experiences I've read on here for both are overall good. Anyone any thoughts on this? In terms of consultations I did like JM the best, and then White, so this also helps I think. Any advice on anything I'm missing when going back to these companies? Cheers all. :biggrin:
  10. Apologies for the delay in replying LR, but thanks for this. Great advice.
  11. Anyone had any experience with shipping Protein Powder (used to make protein drinks) and creatine tablets to Oz from the UK? Is this strictly a no-go or can they be taken if unopened? Much cheaper here in the UK then Oz..! If i can't take them, anyone know where to buy these supplements for a decent price in Perth? Cheers peoples.
  12. neila72

    Perth - 6 months on.......

    Great post. I good informative read. My partner and I are waiting for the house to sell to move over. Cost of living, housing and jobs are my main concerns (yep, I'm a worrier! :cute:) but you covered this and more quite objectively. Cheers.
  13. When thinking about where to live in Perth I have jotted down my must haves. I would appreciate everyones recommendations. I'm visiting Perth in a couple of weeks and want to visit areas that fit my criteria. My preferences are: 1. Has to be Quiet and not overly populated. 2. Professional area ideal for people with no kids. 3. Either close to the beach, or semi-rural towards the hills. 4. Semi-rural and choice of property with plenty of privacy. 5. Good transport links into CBD. 6. Established area but with modern living (not old dated properties). I really hope you can offer some advice that I can use on my reccie. Thanks.