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    Transferring 457 Visa to new employer? Time duration?

    The company I manage has recently employed a 457 worker. this is the time line that is took us. 5 weeks for the company to be approved 457 3 weeks to get the position approved. The employee is already on a 457 in australia and his stuff was put in at the same time as getting the position approved, he starts next week. We used a very good agent that had it all correct first time. I originally came on a 457 and it took 5 months because the employer did not use an agent and thought he knew what he was doing, it was like ping pong. I think it does depend on the application being correct and obviously you don't have to use an agent just have to know what you are doing. I recently went to a mining exhibition and immigration were there. I spoke to the lady and she said that from june (I think) it will be easier to change from a 457 to PR as you will be able to use existing documents provided for your 457 visa. Hope this helps Martin
  2. . I agree with this i think that maybe a cv from a toolmaker would not interest to many companies as the parts manufactured here seem to be large however i think that the experience your partner has will easy to transfer
  3. Hi Mate. I am a production manager in a cnc shop in perth. there are two answers to your question. we recently advertised a post for a night shift machining centre operator. we had 30 applicants none of which are of any good Mostly from India and they have a very bad name in perth and nobody will touch them. Feel a bit sorry they have all been put in the same basket. So if you are any good and speak english there is a lot of vacancies in perth. my blokes work an average 10 hours per day and they gross about $80k per year. I have been told that perth is not so busy with machining at the moment and when it does go busy good machinist are none existant. What sort of machines do you operate. Also there are some companies that are not to good to work for the clue is they always advertise on seek. Martin
  4. cliffs

    176 visa documents met, what does this mean

    Hi. Thanks for your replys. my timeline is a bit odd 175 applied 24/6/09 med finalised 2/9/09 state sponsership 11/9/09 all my docs were uploaded when i applied on the 24/6/09 apart from my med and police checks they were both done at the same time as i was leaving the uk at it was easier to do this then. My file changed also on the 30/9/2009 it said application being processed further i have taken this as the day the DIAC recieved my form for the state sponser ship.
  5. Hi All I have checked my online status today and all my documents have changed from required to met. I emailed my agent only to be informed that this does not mean anything and that proirity processing applies and not to expect any thing until next year. I put my application in may 2009 and am state sponsored but not on the csl, Cat 5. I am in australia at the moment on a 457. Question. why would my documents change from required to met if they are not doing anything or has the cleaner at the agents answered my email. Martin
  6. Hi Ross We are not very far away we live in eaton and have a 8 year old and a 7 year old 2 girls they are a bit older than yours but we would love to meet up. moved out end of november. We are both the worst side of 30. I will leave it up to you if you want to email me. Martin
  7. cliffs

    Checking refs on 457

    Hi They never checked mine but i would expect if they did they would get somebody from australia house London to do it.
  8. cliffs

    457 - D.I.Y...help needed

    Hi I have recently filed in my 457 application as am employee and it is not to bad. As for the employer i also suggest they get an agent. my employer did his and it was not right.
  9. cliffs

    457 visa granted

    thanks for the support and congratulations. we did not need Xrays the case officer asked if i had been to country with TB within 3 months, we had not and they were not needed. as for the medical insurance. on the IMMI website it states people from countries that can apply under the reciprical health care scheme. you only need to have holiday insurance and agree to get your medicare card when you get their. i emailed my insurance doc then copied and pasted the paragraph onto a word document. A note to this is my empoyers contract says nothing about me having to have insurance. I know some other peoples do.
  10. cliffs

    457 visa granted

    YAY!!!! got woken this morning by my employer to tell me that his application has been approved, checked online and it was approved. All the stress has gone and feel like a weight was lifted of my shoulders. for other 457 applicants it took nearly 3 months my employer was not sponsored so the 3 months was for every thing. we already had our police checks done as we have a 176 visa in. no meds needed. and the private health care was done by family travel insurance with a note stating we are on the understanding that when we arrive we will enrole on medicare on the RHCA. great as the travel insurance was left over from our holiday. soooo happy i can spend christmas with my sister. and on the beach. off to work now the give the good news.
  11. cliffs

    457 application times

    Hi Can anybody shed any light on how long 457 visa are taking. my employer put his part in on the 21st august. I spoke to the case worker 2 weeks ago and he said this has not been approved. however he gave me the numbers for me to put my application in, i sent this away on the 30th october. Perth centre of excellence seem to be in a different time zone if you phone at 3pm wst the recorded message tell you the office hours are 9am to 4pm and to phone back. I have taken their advice and the preffered method of communiction is e-mail. how ever they do not answer. I was supposed to start work on the 1st of november. I am starting to feel like it is all going to fall through. Martin
  12. cliffs

    457 application form help

    Hi I spoke with the case worker last week and he said i could put my application in he gave me two numbers request id (8 digits long) client no. (11 digits long) when i go online to fill in the form the second question asks for the numbers but they call them TRN number (10 digits long) Nomination approval number. which do i put in the box. I have tried to phone the case worker but without any answer and emailing them takes 3 days for a reply. thanks
  13. cliffs

    457 Help Please

    Thank you very much for yur replies. It has put my mind to rest, you start to put up all types of imaginary hurdles that the diac can knock you down with
  14. cliffs

    457 Help Please

    Hi i have been nominated for a 457 and am filling in the application form. the job is Production Manager and the skills part in the asco code states i need a degree or higher qualification or at least 5 years experience or both. I have 9 years experience but without a degree. will this be enough. Help Please
  15. cliffs

    457 Skills and qualifications

    Hi I am filling in the application form for my 457 and have got to the skills part. It asks for relevent skills or qualifications etc. The job applied for is Prodution manager and i have nearly 10 years experience in this without any formal qualifications. will this do and will i just have to attach a cv and refernce from my employer. Martin