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  1. Folks, We've been in Melbourne since September last year and love it to bits. Before we left the UK we made sure to complete our P85's and sent everything in to the HMR&C - or so we thought. We never received any update from the tax people in the post, so decided to call them up after a couple of months (sometime in November last year). They were not very helpful then and said that they had they had our forms and were busy processing them. We since called them a handful of times and everytime it's the same story. Finally a letter arrived (at our Australian address) saying that they don't have my P45! Arch! After about 5 months they suddenlty pull this one. Now where do I go from here? Do I go back to my ex-employer and ask them to re-issue the P45. Not sure this can even be done. Cheers
  2. Hi there, My wife and I have been in Melbourne for about 4 weeks. My wife already had a job in the city prior to us moving here, but I've just landed myself a job in Bendigo to start just over a week! So we are thinking of moving somewhere between Bendigo and Melbourne (so we both can get to work in less than an hour) or closer to Bendigo of there's no other option. Is there anyone out there who could either recommend something or offer to rent a room/flatlet for us until we find something more longer term? Any help offered would be most appreciated Cheers
  3. Thanks guys, I've had "some" response from headhunters already. Typically from the type that promise to get you a phone interview tomorrow, but never to get back to you again :-) My flight is booked for the 28th of Sept, so still some time to go, I guess. I've got a list of companies I will contact nearer to the time, but for now I will continue to send my CV to any interesting jobs I can find on the Web - you just never know.
  4. Hi there, My wife and I are moving to Melbourne at the end of September and we are currently looking for jobs over there. I am in ICT/Telecomms and she is in Marketing. I've been sending my CV out left, right and centre and have had very little response from headhunters down in Melbourne. I appreciate that the global economy is not what it used to be, but I was just wondering if any other Network Engineers (or suchlike) have managed to secure jobs prior to moving to Melbourne and can offer advice on securing a job over there? Someone has suggested contacting UK companies with presence in Australia and I think that sounds like a great idea, but I've no idea where to start... Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  5. Hi there, I am also in a similar boat. I've got a CCIE, with Juniper and some security credentials. Heading to Melbourne at the end of September. I've been approaching headhunters in Melbourne for the last 2 months now and have had VERY LITTLE response :shocked: I think it sounds like a great idea contacting a few companies in the UK with Oz presence prior to moving out. I've not thought about this before. Thanks for the tip, InfosecGuy! Now where do I start...
  6. zamb

    Container share needed

    We're also heading to Melbourne from England in September. We will get rid of the furniture beforehand and will probably end up with only a few boxes (5-7 boxes of mostly computer books) and one linen box/chest (sentimental). All in all probably not more than 3' of a container, so willing to share whatever space someone has available in theirs?
  7. Hi there, I am a Saffer, too. My European wife and I have been living in the UK for 4 years now. Even though we have enjoyed aspects of life here in the UK, we've never been able to really "feel at home" here. I've been living in Europe for 8 years myself (Switzerland and Germany, prior to the UK) and could never really adjust to the European weather, either. We are now heading for Melbourne - landing at the end of September! It's exciting, but that "butterflies in the stomach" feeling is there at times, I must admit. I have a good job and decent enough life here in the UK and will most likely arrive in Oz without a job and starting life all over again. I've been there before, but this time it feels a bit different with the credit crunch going on and all that. But hey, we are up for the challenge! Interested to hear from any South Africans currently living in Oz (Melbourne) or heading there from the UK.
  8. Think if your skill is not on the MODL (and now also the CSL list) you will just get a general 2231-79 classification. The "Java" etc keyword would indicate the MODL/CSL skill your assessment was match against.
  9. Thanks, Gill. My agent is not too optimistic about VIC granting me State sponsorship now that my occupation has dropped from their eligibility list, but I will keep all fingers crossed that they do. I still see loads of jobs in my field in/around Melbourne, but the State might think otherwise.
  10. The new VIC 176 State Sponsored eligibility list has been published today and, as feared, my occupation is no longer listed. The new list matches the current MODL list exactly, at least for IT professionals. Anyhow, my application for sponsorshop was submitted last week, so hopefully it will be assessed under the previous guidelines as per Alan's update above.
  11. Hey Cuba, glad we're not on our own :wink:. We had wanted to book our Meds and PCs for March this year, but will no wait until we know if VIC will sponsor us...
  12. I've just got a question in regards to the VIC application procedure. It looks like it could be done either online or paper-based. I've today noticed that in the online version, there's just one "trade" mentioned for IT people -"Information Technology Manager". They don't ask for the ASCO code in the online form at all. So if you are on the 176 eligibility list for VIC, but not an IT manager, then how would you apply online for this? I am only asking to satisfy my own curiosity and for the benefit of others, since my application has already been made on my behalf by my agent and I would assume they would have done this online (but I will ask them, anyway).
  13. Hi Gill, We've also applied for the 176 Vic State sponsored yesterday. At least we got the application in before the 12th as you never know what VICs updated list would look like. If we get sponsored, then great. We can notify the DIAC and get prioritised. Else we will wait for the 175 to be processed. We now need to wait for a decision on the state sponsorship. I've been told it can take up to 8 weeks...
  14. zamb

    High risk vs Low risk countries

    Yeah, Same for me. This site has some very useful information and I was hoping to do a bit more "research" tonight before lodging my 176 state sponsored visa application with VIC. Hopefully they will get up and running soon enough... I need it for the actual application.
  15. Thanks for the heads-up, Gill. I guess I have some homework to do then... This does leave me with one burning question, though - Do they usually ask these questions straight away upon application or only as part of their processing? Just need to know how much time me and the other half have to get "prepared".