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  1. pete'n'tray

    We got it!!!!!

    congratulations !! :yes: i remember that feeling so much and having a big smile on my face everytime i thought about , all the best congratulations again pete & tracey
  2. pete'n'tray

    wa sponsorship question?

    can anyone help with this question we are going on a wa state sponsorship and now have our visas ,what im really not sure of is who if anybody do we have to inform before we go and what happens when you get there who to inform i know you have to fill out out questionaire every 6 months when you are there just confused what exactly happens .:confused: sorry if sound stupid but just a bit worried and a bit confused of exactly what you have to do . thank you to anyone pete & tracey
  3. pete'n'tray

    Got it!!

    congratulations!!!! great feeling isnt it all the best Pete & Tracey :hug:
  4. pete'n'tray

    i to can say we have the goldan ticket!!

    applied state sponsor application on the 1st september ,got case officer in janaury booked meds 14th may & done police checks in april then visa granted on the 7th june hope that helps.
  5. Im so pleased to say and have been waiting for so long to be able to write this we got the phone call last night from our agent to say our visa has been granted !! it hasnt sunk in just yet but am soooo.. pleased the process does take along time and can be very stressful but well worth it and to everyone do hang in there it does come in the end and want to thank everyone on here for all there infomation you have given ive learnt so much and it has help so much to yipeeee.......:jiggy: Pete , Tracey , Sam & Owen :hug:
  6. pete'n'tray

    The Golden Ticket

    well done so pleased for you both let the journey begin "congratulations" :hug:
  7. pete'n'tray

    We got it!!!

    "congratulations all the best ":smile:
  8. pete'n'tray

    safety bay senior school

    Does any one know any thing about "safety bay senior high school" and "rockingham senior high school " are they ok as looking at the rockingham area and trying to find out what the state high schools are like, and any info about the primary schools as have two sons age 12 and 6 . thank you tracey
  9. pete'n'tray

    anyone had medicals at spire hartswood hospital essex?

    Thank you , our sons are age 6 and 12 so the 12 year old will probaly hav to have an x ray which will probaly be more money but if need to then have to, thanks again for the infomation now just waiting !! Pete,Tracey & Boys
  10. pete'n'tray

    anyone had medicals at spire hartswood hospital essex?

    Thank you i did roughly set aside £8 -900 for the medicals, is this right you have to fill out and take with you forms 26 (medical examination) for all of us & form 160 (chest x-rays) for anyone over the age 12 ? also do you know if its a long wait when you go to book your medicals and do you book the them together or if not which one has to be first ? anyone thank you pete,tracey & boys
  11. pete'n'tray

    anyone had medicals at spire hartswood hospital essex?

    Andy,louise & boys, thank you thats really helpful and price seems reasonable thought it would cost more ,we are justin waitin for them to say have them done .we are a family of 4 to . thank you all the best pete ,tracey & boys
  12. just like to know has anyone had there medicals done at spire hartswood hospital in essex because have been looking on here but cant see anyone that has been there every one has been to manchester which seems to reasonable ,if anyone has been could they let us know how was it there and how much did it all cost thanks tracey :rolleyes:
  13. pete'n'tray

    carpentry practical passed good on me lol

    congratulations , its a great feeling after a long wait my oh passed his practical he done his plumbing on the 7th, all the best heres to the next stage, :jiggy: pete'n'tray
  14. pete'n'tray

    Plumbing Practical Passed!! Whoo Hoo!!

    :smile: congraulations shreen and josh ,we are so please to just found out that we have passed as well all the best in everything u do and all the best on the next process , :hug: pete'n'tray
  15. pete'n'tray

    The Excitement Is Getting Too Much!

    best of luck with every thing hope all goes smoothly, funny enough im having my wisdom teeth out next month really not looking forward to it :arghh:but got to be done, enjoy your new life. all the best. pete'n'tray