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    Paying tax on UK rentals in Oz

    Thanks Guys for the replies they have been really helpful to understand how the tax system works.
  2. danskitt

    Paying tax on UK rentals in Oz

    We have been taxed on the profit in the UK (albeit it was £0 as it was within the tax free allowance) but it seems that when I did the Oz tax return the money has been added to our income in Oz. I haven't lodged the return yet but the estimate at the end of the tax return says that I will have to pay an extra $3600 will this get removed at lodgement? Also If the profit from the UK gets added onto the Oz income could this push me into a different tax bracket meaning I will pay more on my salaried income?
  3. danskitt

    Paying tax on UK rentals in Oz

    Yes I am on a permanent residency visa. What kind of things can be claimed for?
  4. I live in Oz on a PR but own three properties in the UK which don't make enough profit split between my wife and I to become taxable. I have just completed my Oz tax return though and have discovered that I have to pay tax for them over here. I have never brought any of the money though over to Oz and it has just stayed in our UK bank account but I now plan to add it to one of the mortgage's over there. Does this mean I still have to pay Oz tax on it even though it isn't coming into the country? Thanks Dan
  5. I am living in Oz on a PR but have a few rental properties in the UK. Can I move the profit (after UK tax has been paid) every month to Oz? Would this be the best way to do it? Thanks Dan
  6. danskitt

    Job Cuts Australia

    I have been looking for work in Sydney for the last six weeks and have applied for loads of jobs that I would be ideal for. I haven't even had any replies let alone got to interview stage. I am seriously going to have to start looking for menial low paid work just to get some Australian experience and a bit of cash.
  7. danskitt

    Kitchen installers qualifications

    You need to be qualified or licensed to hold you mate's screwdriver over here or so it seems at the moment. All you need in the UK is to be able to demostrate that you are competent and for someone to give you work. There isn't much out there from what I can tell. I fitted a new kitchen in for family when I got here and my tools arrived. When it cam to fit the worktop I went out to buy a 12.5mm straight router bit and could't find one anywhere, eventually found just one in a little tool repairers shop and nearly died when I found out he wanted $50 for it. Looked online and all the same prices, ended up buying 5 from the uk and having them posted for £35.
  8. danskitt

    Kitchen installers qualifications

    I am in sydney on a permanent residents visa. I have 5 years experience installing kitchens in the UK. There are qualifications over here but I can't find any information to say if you can actually do the job without having the qualifications just relining on experience. I don't really want to have to get the qualifications as nowhere local does the course and it is also really expensive.
  9. Just had to look that up on google I didn't know what it was. No I'm the other direction on the Northern beaches.
  10. I have been in Sydney now for 4 months and know as many poms as aussies here and I have to say that the Aussies whinge more than the poms do in fact I haven't met a pom yet who doesn't think Oz is great and Britain is awful.
  11. Does anybody know if you need to be qualified to work as a kitchen installer for a kitchen company not self employed? Thanks Dan
  12. danskitt

    Did you get help registering with centrelink?

    We have contacted centrelink to get an understanding and they told us that it is the gross amount they are interested in not the net. Rupert just so you know income can be either gross or net (gross being income and net being what is left over after all expenses) I don't want to just answer the question until I have understood the question correctly. The reason that I have asked for advice is because in the UK they would base any calculations on the net value of income so I want to make sure that I haven't misunderstood the question as it doesn't seem like a fair way to do calculations. Also just for the record my wife has paid tax in Australia for twenty years without claiming anything from the state. We have moved here to be close to her sick father as it doesn't look like there will be much time left which has meant that we have not been able to organise work before we got here. I think that based on that, we are completely entitled to claim child benefit to help with the school fees until we can get ourselves on our feet. Parleycross, I would suggest if you don't like something create your own thread about it and don't post your gripes against a genuine ask for help when you don't know the full storey.
  13. Hi all, We have been in sydney now for two months. My wife is Australian and I am British on a PR visa. We have started filling in the forms to register for centrelink so that we can claim child benefit as we are not working yet but find some of the questions a little strange. We own a property in the UK because we couldn't sell before we came here. The rental income that we get from it is quite high but the outgoings including mortgage payments, insurances and tax etc mean that we don't actually make any money from it. On the centrelink form there is a question about foreign earnings but they only want to know what the income figure is before any deductions and not what the deductions are. I am worried that the high income (rent) figure is going to look like we earn a decent living from it so they will calculate any child benefit from this. Has anyone else been through this process or have you used any professional to help?
  14. danskitt

    What kitchen suppliers

    That's a shame they seem to be just what I need. They should open up in Sydney.
  15. danskitt

    What kitchen suppliers

    Hi, I am trying to buy an 'off the shelf' flat pack kitchen like what you would get from B & Q or Howdens etc but the only place I can find so far that doesn't make them all from scratch is Bunnings. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I am in Sydney. Thanks Dan