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  1. andromeda9

    143 visa

    Many Thanks Alan
  2. andromeda9

    143 visa

    Hi there just wondered if anyone can help with a problem were having with our AOS 143 visa we ourselves paid the $14000 on behalf of our insurers over 10 years ago as they didn't have the funds themselves to cover us weeks have now gone without us receiving any funds back to ourselves insurers said they need to work out what is owed,as they have had to pay tax on the $14000 for ten years,he is in full time work any advise on this please on how it works many thanks for any advise
  3. andromeda9

    Are shampoos any different?

    Trust me, as a senior for many years I can tell you for sure, just a quick rub with green soft soap on your hair will be better than any of the top designer expensive brands, if your really fussy melt the soap first Honest this is a true story Best wishes
  4. andromeda9

    U.K. Bank or Australian bank account info please

    That's exactly what we decided today was going to send it here in Oz but had we think a lucky escape as my uk solicitor got worried when she saw that my funds were going to another named bank in America,then who knows where next,scary for sure,lucky she held back as we would have regretted it as were thinking the Ozzie banks are going to improve was good you thinking the same cheers
  5. were almost at completion date with our uk rented property know that our bank rate in the UK is very low our Australia bank is sort of ok, seen better days question is should we put the money in the UK account to transfer when maybe interest rate improves in Australia or have my solicitor transfer it directly to our bank account in Australia on completion kind regards Andromeda
  6. Just a thought, are you a couple or a family, my son might be able to help you
  7. andromeda9

    Kidney Transplant and Visa!!

    Sadly I would think it's more than likely a no no get all the information from Poms,Internet,ect before parting with money for visas if it is a No no for sure, don't be sad just read all the people on here that want to go back HOME I miss the UK for sure It's good that you are fit and well my sister will soon be having a kidney transplant best wishes
  8. andromeda9

    Renting UK property

    Interesting reading, have paid the last two years rates at 100 percent,the property was empty,thinking a good idea to email them see if they will pay me back 2 times 25 persent, worth having ago
  9. andromeda9

    will my criminal conviction be allowed

    On just reading your letter received I'm not that sure.
  10. andromeda9

    will my criminal conviction be allowed

    Recon you will be ok
  11. andromeda9

    Why does everyone hate

    We don't, we loved it, also thought that Freemantle was lovely,we had several days there on a road journey holiday in our transit van it was so like where we lived and loved until retirement we lived in Ashton upon Mersey, Sale, anyone on here that has lived in Sale?
  12. andromeda9

    House Hunting in Brisbane

    Bulimia is the way to go, was the pits in the past,it's now top of the tree,a lovely safe place to be with a family,and of course the ferrrrrrrry wow
  13. Must add,been here 10 long years
  14. Interesting, have to think about this,might end up with a headache Thought about it now. In my case after being involved with everyone local in the UK Manchester, moving to AU country in Victoria, stunning place knowing hardly anyone drives me nuts moving to the Gold Coast
  15. andromeda9

    Simple question.... Is living in Oz better?

    A slap on the back. Lol.