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    Can I come back

    What's dibp
  2. plazze

    Can I come back

    I was in oz over 5 years ago on a 121 subclass with full residence ,came home after 1 year ,can I come back
  3. plazze

    thinking of going home to uk

    Ping pong .still alive in the uk
  4. plazze

    Rockingham - Whats It Like

    The chippy is nice.when I stayed there I almost dyed with the amount of salt on my fash supper
  5. plazze


    hi my wife and i emgraited to oz 2 years ago on a permanent visa 121 subclass ,we came home 1year ago ,now we are home we a splitting up , i went over it was here her job that got us in she is a nurse ,we have 3years left on the visa , does this effect my right to go back to oz on my own ,as she is saying she is going to contact imigating and i cant go back ,can someone advise me on facts here ,
  6. have you ever seen the big man and his mau,he will chimb you then steal you bucky:biggrin:
  7. hi there am from aberdeen move back to rockingham next monday ,after being home here for 7 months. i stayed there before, if i can help with anything give me a shout or advise give me a call ,i stay in bridge of do PM me regards gary
  8. plazze

    sponsering my son on my perment visa

    i am a perment resident ,he can get a working visa , but i am wondering about a long term visa for him,he is 23 and has no trade.yes he would still have a brother her , me and his mum will be in australia
  9. hi, can someone tell me what i should do my son wants to come over to oz, i have a perment visa have looked at the website, can i sponser him?? i know i can get a working visa for a year,can he apply for sponsered visa while omn a working visa, gary
  10. claim for what you want unless the tax man looks a your books who will ever know
  11. am only joking mate i loved it there, was out on my push bike every day ,had a lovelly tan,had to return home for family reasons, but of to melbourne next week , but if i dont like it there its back to perth gary
  12. seen any bogans yet up atshopping center:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::jiggy:
  13. plazze

    Lease Break in Baldivis Wa

    hi who is it through ,and whats the rent, gary
  14. will the floods efect the exchange rate