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  1. alofbrighton

    Shipping Home Insurance

    Hi Can anyone please give us some advice on any good insurance company for shipping home a 20 foot crate of household goods. We have been here for 10 months and need to return home for family reasons so are trying to get the best deals we can for things, managed to sort the dog going back and household goods just insurance to go. Thanks very much.
  2. alofbrighton

    Is it time to give up..............

    Hi Gracie, Know how you feel, we got caught up in the May 2009 scenario. Sat down to click the button to process the application after filling it all out a few days earlier only to find out the bad news! We'd sold our house during boom time and moved into a house offered by my company in hopeful anticipation of gaining a visa. However, we decided to give up, buy another house and rent it out to gain more income. Then last April my occupation was added to SA list - to cut a long story short we decided to go for it and we had our visa by early May just sneaking in before my 45th birthday in August!. We'd been working towards a visa for 5 years by the way, I just think for many people it is a long, long process. Then we had to sell the house and lost a bucketful of money turning grey in the process. I've since noticed my occupation has been removed from SA list, it was back on their SMP for just three months. You just never know what's going to happen and it is truly horrible to be caught in no mans land after working so hard for skill assessments etc I really feel for everyone caught up in this as it takes over your life and you can have to make some pretty serious decisions - especially financially - before you even get the visa. I think if people had passed skill assessments then they should have been allowed to process their visas full stop. Maybe get some advice from a good migration agent about your situation though I expect you've already been there. I wish you all the best and hope it all works out for you whatever you decide. Al
  3. alofbrighton

    Dream has been snatched away

    Hi Rhianna and Craig, My advice would be don't give up. Most people who have been through this process know the ups and downs of it all and for some it's more complicated than others but persistance and patience is the key. It took us 5 years (I'm not kidding!) to get our visa and I just sneaked in before my 45th birthday. During that time we were devastated several times over with all the changes that have taken place! Work out what you need to do to meet the criteria and stick to it even if it means a few more years working in the same trade...you're young at 34 and still have lots of time. Have you been out to Oz or New Zealand? Personally I wouldn't want to live anywhere in Australia so maybe get out there in the meantime and explore a few places if finances allow. Good luck and I'm sure it will work out for you in the end. Al
  4. alofbrighton


    Just as a source of inspiration I changed careers six years ago with obtaining a visa in mind and started studying and training for formal qualifications a year later...diploma, trade certs etc. I even did an AQFIII in horticulture to promote my case and boost my job prospects in Oz. We have just received our SA visa grant 3 months before my 45th birthday. Tight timing indeed! If it really is your dream go for it...you might have to retrain and things will undoubtedly change with the migration system. Worst way out you end up better qualified and hopefully better paid in the uk.
  5. alofbrighton

    Certifying payslips?

    Is this for a skill assessment or visa application? With my visa application I just scanned one copy (which was black and white) and that was fine. Don't think TRA requested payslip for skill assessment. Good luck, Al.
  6. alofbrighton

    Oh My...Oh My....GOT A CASE OFFICER !!!

    Hi there, we had our medicals in London on the 5th May and visas granted by the 20th! So be very afraid, nervous, excited, emotionally overwhelmed and anything else you can think of! SA sponsored visas seem to be moving very quickly.
  7. alofbrighton

    Is it just me?

    It certainly is just not you! We're waiting on police checks and meds next week but already the worries have set in bad. However one thing that turns everything back round is the thought would we regret it later in life if we didn't go for it...and the answer is a resounding yes. Old cliches click in such as you only live once but it's true. Live an exciting life, do something remarkable. If it doesn't work out whats the worst thing that could happen....you come back to blighty with a wounded pocket! I have about 6 sets of family and friends who have migrated and none of them have come back or would come back so that bodes well. My main worry is that I really love the UK. Of all the places I'd want my children to live it would be the UK or Oz. So we want to give them the opportunity to be able to live and enjoy either country when they grow up. I hope and I'm sure all will go well for you and your family. Good luck! Al and fam.
  8. alofbrighton

    Form 80/1221 for online lodged 176 via

    Thanks Liz, briefly had a look at form 1221 and it was indeed asking some odd questions (as if you were already living there!) so will give you a shout if necessary. many thanks for helping out. Al.
  9. alofbrighton

    Form 80/1221 for online lodged 176 via

    Hi LucyOlly, Thanks again. Think I'll sit out in the sun with a beer oz style , and start filling in. cheers, Al.
  10. alofbrighton

    Form 80/1221 for online lodged 176 via

    Thanks for that LucyOlly. I won't bother with Form 1221, looks like the old paper application to me. Just one more question (I promise!).......I am the main applicant but does my wife have to fill in a Form 80 also?
  11. alofbrighton

    Form 80/1221 for online lodged 176 via

    Hi everyone, I have received an email from DIAC advising me of successful online 176 (SA sponsored) visa lodgement and a whole list of things that need to be attached. Most of these I have done (passports, skill assessment, work experience etc) but it also states forms 80 and 1221 need to be attached. Do these apply to an online application or they for paper applications only? I suppose the short answer is they've asked so do it but something is telling me these are for paper applications only.....any advice appreciated. Cheers, Al
  12. alofbrighton

    CO granted this morning

    Cheers for info jaffinoz. This is how life should be, everyone helping each other out! Hope all goes well for you, sound like it could happen pretty soon. Enjoy the sun! Al.
  13. alofbrighton

    Visa specialists. are they worth the money? The Emmigration Group

    The worst part for me was having to deal with all the changes to the immigration process over the last couple of years. My occupation has been on, then off, then on the SOL again. I've had to keep up with all the changes which a migration agent should be able to do for you. However I HAVE managed to eventually process my own visa albeit with a few headaches and a lot of time spent. Wouldn't want to go through it again but wouldn't want to pay someone £4000 to do if for me either! It's your choice.
  14. alofbrighton

    CO granted this morning

    Hi jaffinoz, Congratulations!!!! If you've gone through anything like the hassle I've had you must be over the moon! Wonder if you can help me....I've just managed to lodge my 176 visa with SA sponsorship. I can view my application status and it tells me that medicals are required/outstanding and the forms to download. How were you informed that a Case officer had been granted (by e-mail I presume?). Do I wait for this to happen and then download forms and get meds done? Basically how does it all work now!? Forgive my ignorance but I virtually gave up hope until my occupation was added to SA's SMP list and I've just managed to sneak my visa in before my 45th birthday in August. Any help advice would be much appreciated and good luck to you! Cheers, Al.
  15. alofbrighton

    SA state sponsored processing times?

    Another processing time query...sorry sure this has been covered many times. After a stupidly long time I have just managed to get my SS 176 online application into DIAC (before I'm 45 in August...phew!). I'm assuming this is CAT2 and wondering if anyone has any idea how long these are taking to process. And what happens now...do I sit back and wait for police checks and medicals to be requested? Cheers for any help/advice. Al.