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  1. Hi all, I wondered if anyone can help with something please. I'm from Britain. At short notice (as in a couple of days!), I was invited to a citizenship ceremony in Sydney yesterday. Got it in the bag (yay!). I had a short trip to Thailand booked next month. I've been told this morning though that, as I am now a citizen, my British passport no longer has any information about my right to live in Australia! Is this correct and if so what can I do re: my holiday? I tried to ring the passport information advice line this morning but was unsuccessfully on hold for an hour! Also, I started a new job this week and wasn't expecting the invite to the ceremony at such short notice, hence I didn't contact immigration. I thought they'd give you more notice re: the ceremony! Any assistance / advice would be appreciated. I'm panicking I may have to cancel holiday... Thanks in advance, Stuart.
  2. Stulatics

    Football Players Wanted

    Hi Robbie, We have about a month of the Spring season left but there will be a Summer season starting pretty much after that. We play in a mixed comp but I think we may look to play in a men's competition for Summer. Depends how many players we have. It's been good fun and you would be welcome to join. We play at Croydon in Inner West Sydney. Most of the team are based in western Sydney (I live in Meadowbank). Drop me another message here if you want more information. Cheers, Stuart.
  3. Stulatics

    Football Players Wanted

    No mate, soccer.
  4. Hi, I'm looking at setting up a men's football team to play in the Super 6s competition at Croydon in Sydney's inner west. The Spring season starts in a couple of weeks. It looks like good fun and good exercise as well. Please pm me for more info Give me a pm if you are interested in playing. All senior ages welcome! Cheers and hope to hear from you soon, Stuart.
  5. Thanks so much for the feedback guys! Really can't wait for the holiday....then to return and hopefully start the process for PR!
  6. Hi, Hope everyone is Poms in Oz land going well! I was just wondering if anyone could help me please. I'm going back to England on holiday in nine days. Really looking forward to seeing friends and family again. So excited! I'm going for just over a month (saved up my holiday). This will be my first time returning home since I obtained a 457 visa here a year ago. Do I need to let DIAC know or do anything prior to flying? As far as I know I don't have a 457 label in my passport? Am I okay being out of the country for that long? My employment status will not change (as far as I know!) while I'm away. Any help appreciated. Thanks for reading, Stuart x
  7. Hey all, After three years trapped in bridging visa hell, it looks like things are finally coming together! I've been offered a job in Lismore and have a brilliant migration consultant (Charles Appleton in Sydney - I heartily recommend him) helping me sort the 457 visa. Yippee! I should be starting my job new job next month. So...I just wondered if there were any other ex-pats/Poms In Oz users living in the Lismore/Far North Coast area? Any advice/tips/info on living there? Any advice appreciated!
  8. Stulatics

    Last ditch request for assistance!

    Hey, Hope everyone out there is well. I am going to join the masses with another visa help request for the knowledgeable people on this site. I know this site is swamped with them, but I DO need help. I am 32 years old and have been working as a jouranlist in regional NSW for more than three years. I came to Oz in February 2009 on a 417 visa from the UK. I got the job with my current employers almost immediately. I have been working with them ever since. They attempted twice to sponsor me via 457, but a combination of their/my ineptitude means they were rejected. Since February 2010 I have thuis been on a succession of bridging visas while I stay here. HOWEVER (yes, it gets more complicated) we were taken over by one of Australia's biggets publsihing companies recently. Eureka, you might think. Wrong! Because I earn under the amount needed for 457 sponsorship and am at the top of my pay band in my current position, I cannot qualify for sponsorship (and thus cannot obtain a 457). (On that note...has anyone been waiting longer than this to obtain a visa? Can anyone beat two and a half years (outside of Villawood, of course!). Anyway, I have consulted a very helpful and friendly migration lawyer (Charles Appleton - I recommend him) who seems to think that while I am on my current pay scale I have no chance of getting the 457. It seems I am stuffed. I have been looking through the myriad of visas available immigration website for assistance. As my occupation is not on the SOL, I doubt I will have any joy. I was wondering though if anyone knew if, because I have been in a regional area for three years, this not give me any credit? Does this not help my eligibility anywhere? I realise this all sounded bizarrely complicated (and probably tedious too). Sorry! I justw ant to stay in Oz if I can. Looks like the dream is dying though. Any help would be appreciated. Best wishes, Stu.
  9. Stulatics

    Migration agents - questions

    Hi, Following on from an earlier thread of mine (thanks to the lovely and helpful people who responded), I am thinking of getting a migration agent to help get me through the minefield of a possible migration tribunal and help appeal successfully against the rejection of my 457. Jeez, it sounds scary - I've never been before/to any tribunal in my life! Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone on here had used a migration agent. What are their experiences, were/are they any use and - MOST CRUCIALLY - how expensive is a reputable one? What would I be looking at (ball park figure would be nice). Any help appreciated, Thanks again, Stuart xx
  10. Stulatics

    In a sticky situation if anyone can help!

    Hi Susie/everyone else, Thanks very much for your responses. Much appreciated. I'm not feeling too confident about things. I know rules are rules but this is ridiculous! The whole process has left me very fed up. Cheers again though - here's hoping something good can happen! Stuart x
  11. Stulatics

    In a sticky situation if anyone can help!

    Hey Susie, Thanks so much for your quick response. Haven't lived with my 'partner'. It's complicated, but it's a long-distance relationships. Call it a sudden realisation that I love this person, or at the very least want to give the relationship a try!
  12. Stulatics

    In a sticky situation if anyone can help!

    Hi Jamie, Thanks for the response. So..anyone know any good, reliable migration agents?! Any assistance appreciated! Stuart x
  13. Hi, Hope you are all well. I was just wondering if someone could help please. I am a 31-year-old from England. I am a journalist by trade. I came here just over two years ago on a 417 visa. Just after I got here I found work at a small country paper in NSW. I have been on assorted bridging visas for about two years as my employer has tried to sponsor me, without success. Our latest application for a 457 visa was rejected yesterday on the grounds that my potential sponsors are not an "approved" business. Apparently, they do not meet the designated amount for providing funds for training workers, so do not meet the guidelines. Again, apparently, my/our only course of action left now is to go to a migration tribunal. This could be a costly/time-consuming exercise. It seems ridiculous. I know life isn't fair, but since I have been here I have paid taxes, abided by rules etc. My employers have never tried to sponsor someone before so don't know much about 'the rules' of sponsoring a foreign worker. They are also a small business in country NSW, which is something the immigration department does not seem to take into account. I was wondering if anyone had been through these tribunals. If so, did they have success? Are they worth it? Does anyone know if there are any alternative routes I could go down or any visas I could apply for? I know that the best course of action now is to try and contact a migration agent. If anyone can give me any advice now, though, I would be very grateful. The thought of having to leave Oz makes me want to cry. I just want to stay here, eventually get a job in Sydney and be with the person I love there. Going back home now makes me pretty scared. Any help/advice would be appreciated. Cheers, Stuart xx
  14. Stulatics

    Dopiest query of the day

    Hi Susie, Yeah, I thought it was that. Doesn't seem to work from the fax here at work. D'oh. Maybe it doesn't send international faxes? Bother. Thanks for your reply anyway! x
  15. Stulatics

    Dopiest query of the day

    Hi, I am aware how juvenile this query may sound but I will press on anyway. Does anyone know the faxing code from Australia to England. I need to fax something home sharpish as part of my 457 application. Been doing a quick search on Google but it seems to be coming up with different answers, so I thought I would come on the ever-helpful PIO for help. Any assistance greatly appreciated! Stuart x