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  1. neilharrison_253

    Move Cube - anyone used it?

    Hi All Just thought i would drop a quick update. My cube has now arrived with no problems. Would happily use this service / company again Regards
  2. neilharrison_253

    Visa 101, Anyone entered Australia before it was granted?

    I agree, fail to understand the need to quota the child visa but suppose we can't argue as we want to live their so simply need to abide by their rules!! Never thought of Vanuatu, will look into it. In essence need to be out for around 48 hrs so anywhere close by for a nice wknd getaway would be good..
  3. Hi All Does anyone know how easy it will be to erect a portable swimming pool at a rental house. Am aware of the fencing rules so trying to get my head around if they apply to a portable pool and if so has anyone ever done this without any landlord issues? Regards
  4. neilharrison_253

    Visa 101, Anyone entered Australia before it was granted?

    Hi Basil We were quite surprised to be fair. When we sent in the 101 visa we were contacted the very next day to say we needed to book medical. The guarantee a case officer within 10 days of lodging a 101, however i fail to understand the additional 7 month wait based on the fact they have all the paperwork and could simply sign it off their and then!! Booking a one way flight with a visitor visa is not a problem and been verified with Singapore airlines. In the end you can come back when ever you want so airlines can't say anything. Health Check took all of 15 minutes and £95.. costly but so is the whole process.. were off to Brisbane on the 8th September so just around the corner!!
  5. neilharrison_253

    Visa 101, Anyone entered Australia before it was granted?

    Hi Basil I have ended up lodging a 101 visa offshore. I had spoken to a few emigration consultants regarding the best route forward and all were happy that the 802 route was viable but could not get any concrete evidence i would not get any problems with border control for my daughter entering on a visitor visa. In the end i chose to lodge the 101 visa (cheaper) and got her a e676 12 month visa. My case officer is more then happy we are entering now and made DIAC aware when lodging the e676 visa that it was to cover her while 101 was being processed. Only downfall is she will need to leave aus to validate visa but in the end it's $1000 cheaper less £80 for e676 visa so am sure we can fly to NZ for a nice weekend
  6. neilharrison_253

    TFN Application Time Frame

    Hi We are due to land quite soon. We wish to process our TFN numbers as soon as we can to avoid any increased TAX on salary's. Is their a pre set time frame between landing and the systems being updated to reflect you are now in Australia and able to request a TFN? Regards
  7. Hi Has anyone recently had experience where they have lodged a 101 visa in the UK. It's in the system but not been granted yet and you have left for Australia? If so what visa did your baby enter Australia on while the 101 visa was being processed. What information did you take with to settle border control that the baby was going to be covered by a valid visa? Regards
  8. What you say regarding the border agent does make sense and add weight to lodging from here. Can i presume that once lodged here i.e. 101 visa while it's being processed you would be able to enter on a holiday / tourist visa?
  9. In essence I agree. Work requirements were the driving factor in not being able to sit out the full 8 months. Why is it then that the 802 visa even exists if you are unable to enter on some form of a visa to even start the process off. It's to sponsor a child. How did this child enter Australia in the first place if not on a tourist / visitor visa. Am i missing something?
  10. Hi Russel, based on what information do you say that. "My wife is flying with our baby son in ten days , he was born premature in the uk 2 days before we were due to fly so was not included in our visa and would have been born an Australian . He is coming out on a tourist visa , and we will then apply for a bridging visa till our sponsorship of him is granted which we were told will take 7 to8 months .my wife wasn't informed this was possible in the uk and he could be refused entry as he would have no intention of returning !! After a phonecall to the Brisbane office I was told it was possible and they emailed the forms to me with in the hour . But it still costs the same .so it is possible to bring a baby not on the visa ." This was a thread i found just now and seems to reflect it has been done..
  11. I have to agree. I have been over all the visitor/tourist visa's and dont see how a 4 month old would breach anything. Suspect i may need to get a RMA agent involved to settle this properly as only have a few weeks to lodge a 101 if im forced down that route
  12. Hi, this sounds more promising now. Will contact one first thing Monday morning to get this cleared up as got myself somewhat worried over all this now..
  13. Hi Been doing the same. Problem was that we did not want to go the route of having to leave aus to validate the visa!! quite a costly process. with the 802 being lodged on shore it was granted the same way so did cost additional cash for a short trip to say NZ.. What's getting to me is i had an e-mail from someone in diac saying it was fine but now that i need it can't find it!!
  14. Hi I am hoping someone can shed some light as I am getting mixed messages. I was under the impression it was possible to enter Australia with a new born baby on a holiday visa and lodge a 802 visa while onshore. Reason going this route is two fold. We could not wait the 8 month turn around they were taking to process a 101 visa and if the visa took longer we would need to leave Australia to validate it anyhow. My issue now is I have just sent in a e-mail via the immigration system to be answered by UK Australia house and it has been suggested this is not the route to go as we may be declined entry to Australia as a holiday visa is not for what we intended to use it. Can anyone shed some light on this as am quite worried now. We fly in less than 8 weeks!! P.S. Myself, Wife and son already have PR 175 visa's Regards
  15. neilharrison_253

    Move Cube - anyone used it?

    Booked insurance through "http://www.lettonpercival.co.uk/" or "http://www.insure-your-move.com/". Both allow for self packing without to much of an issue. I used Letton Percival personally