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  1. Well it's 2 years since I started this thread. Thought I might revisit Poms in Oz. You will be glad to hear I am no longer homesick. My son is now 15 and we are very happy here and settled. I have lots of friends but despite hateful online dating I'm still single!! Where to find nice single middle age men in Sydney?!?!
  2. Just realised Emma is (Ems) just above on this thread so you can message her yourself! Tell her Jane told you too!!
  3. I am in Sydney with my 13 year old son. I have a friend in Adelaide, she is a single Mum too, if you message me I will pass on her details to you. Good luck! Its a hard road but Im sure it will be all worth it.
  4. Thanks Michael, Im sure he would love that. We both would. He has made lots of friends at school, but is missing them over the holidays. We have been to the beach a few times, but it isnt that much fun for him playing on his own. I think it was Christmas that was making us feel both so low. I am back at work this week and already feeling lots better. If you remember you have given me advice before as I am working in Strathfield. We hope to hear from you soon. Jane
  5. Thanks Sophie. I would love that. Drummoyne is very nearby. Have PM you. Jane
  6. jane99

    Sydney Newcomers

    Hello! Yes what a coincidence! Where do you work? Im at Strathfield Private in Recovery. I found the facebook page and will look forward to coming along to something. I have realised that it might make me feel better to make some British friends. The Aussies are lovely but have there own families nearby and network of friends. Sorry to hear you are unsettled too, but it does make me feel a little better to know its not just me!
  7. jane99

    Looking for buddies :)

    That sounds great! If you dont mind I will give you a ring later for details then. Jane
  8. jane99

    Sydney Newcomers

    Thanks. Will look for you on Facebook. I dont mind a drive. I have made a few posts on here recently as have been here 6 months with my 12 year old son and although we are loving it, have had the wobbles of late!!
  9. Thanks Tomatohead for your soccer suggestion. We are looking into it. Am pushing this up again to see if anyone else has an idea!
  10. Thanks Busimoll. I really dont envy you! Those last few days in the UK were extremely stressful, Good Luck. We werent alone for Christmas I have made friends with another English single Mum so we spent it on the beach together. I guess Christmas is a time usually spent with family that I moaned about before! I am starting to feel a little better now the festivities are over and have had a long think about the good things here. If you are coming to Sydney feel free to PM me if I can help with anything.
  11. jane99

    Looking for buddies :)

    Hi Im Jane, I am in Canada Bay (Inner West) with my 12 year old son, I would love to meet up with people too. We have been here 6 months and have met a few new people, but mainly Aussies who have established friends and family around. Although I love it here we have both been feeling homesick and had the 'Wobbles'! over Christmas. Please let me know if there is going to be a meet up this weekend I would love to come. Looking forward to hearing from people.
  12. Thanks Tom. Perhaps we should come along and see then. Can you give me info about where and when please. Jane
  13. Thanks, an idea but I am rubbish at things like that! At school when they were picking the teams, there was always me and the smelly girl left at the end!! I have joined your facebook group, so let me know if you have another meet up. Jane
  14. Hello. Well have made it through the first 6 months and the festivities but am starting to feel a little homesick. However I am determined to stay positive. I need ideas of how my son and I aged 12 can get out together and meet new people. Can anyone make suggestions? :err: Thanks Jane
  15. Hi, Im Jane a single mum of a 12 year old boy. We are living in Canada Bay (Inner West). Been here for 6 months, loving it, but have been having the wobbles over Christmas and New Year! Trying to stay positive and would love to meet some new people. If anyone arranges anything that would be suitable to bring my son along I would love to meet up. Will look for the facebook group too.