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  1. Yeah I would like to use a smaller builder as I can easily check on the quality of work etc. But they charge more. Basically this will be our first home (in Oz) so it's just the first rung on the ladder. I have a lot of mates who are chippies, joiners, plumbers etc (joys of playing football for a ex pate team :wink:) so they will be helping. I was thinking of getting the basic shell and doing a lot of the extras ourselves??? once again, cheers for the reply :biggrin:
  2. thanks, that's a good website Still need to figure which builders are good, bad, stay clear, which has the best inclusions. This is going to be horrific :biggrin:
  3. Looking for advice on a house builder to use in Melbourne. Sick of paying rent and have around $20k deposit just now and looking to buy my own house. Been looking at the house and land packages for a new build. Does anyone know which companies are good/bad etc? cheers in advance
  4. Hi all, I have been on the above visa for just under 4 years and willbe applying for my citizenship soon.. However someone mentioned that I have been a permanent resident for 2 years after I landed as this visa granted provisional perm residency the day I landed Also can I start applying for my citizenship online or do I need to phone the dept?
  5. I do it all the time haha 1 or 2 tablets and it knocks me out for a good 6/7 hours. Then when I get to the UK or Melbourne I take another on the first night to get me sleeping. Hardly ever get effected by jetlag to be honest
  6. hi, I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction on buying for the first time over here?? We've been in Melbourne for 3 years now and decided to we're best to buy rather than pay someone else mortgage. So how does the First Home Owner Grant work? Can you use that as part of a deposit or is it after you get the keys? And what about the bonus? is that just for a new build??? And does anyone have advice on what kind of mortgage etc to go on? We'd obviously like to have a mortgage that is 95-100% so we can save as much quickly thanks in advance for any advice :biggrin:
  7. iain

    Requirements for Citizenship?

    thanks mate, that site is clear as mud, but that link was useful looks like it's 4 years for me, oh well
  8. anyone know how long you have to be in Oz before you can apply to become a Citizen? I thought it was 5 years but someone said to me it has changed recently??
  9. iain

    Sydney vs Melbourne

    I'd say the beaches in Sydney are far better I live in melb and would thoroughly recommend it, it's the kind of city that you need to spend time in to really appreciate it. Sydney has that instant wow factor but Melbourne is an amazing place to live. public transport is great, nightlife too. and if you like sport of any kind then Melb is your place.
  10. she's a nanny so wiping noses and helping kids to go to the loo are normal to her haha cheers for the advice
  11. Hi, My partner is a nanny and was wondering how she would go about becoming a classroom assistant in Melbourne? If anyone has done this or knows anyone that has any advice or info I'd really appreciate it cheers iain
  12. tried them, and their range is "only available in QLD" which is a bit annoying
  13. any recommendations of buying an outdoor table and chairs in melb? been to bunnings and they have good stuff but just wondering if anyone else knows other places that might be worthwhile checking out?
  14. after about a year of trial and error my girlfriend has finally found Lou Salon on Greyville St in prahan. She's very impressed with her after slating ever other hairdressers n melbourne she's tried hahaha apparently they aren't even close to the ones back home I just shave my head and save lots of hassle and money