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    Anyone flown KLM recently and are they still crap?

    Ever flown 'budget' with an active toddler in tow? We will be travelling 31 hours, not to mention the road journey either side, I think a few little 'luxuries' are necessary. Thanks everyone for your help. I didn't want to risk KLM again so we went with Etihad in the end, they came up the more affordable of the big airlines, especially for August, I was expecting to pay lots more.
  2. Flew with them about 8 years ago and I swore never again, but..... they seem to be coming up cheapest for a last minute trip back home in August. Last time I was on my own and it was bad, no entertainment and no proper meals, just snack food in wrappers. This time I'll have two kids with me, 6 and 2 so they will need entertainment and proper food. I'm sure last time they didnt have TVs on the seats either, is this still the case? Because if it is this will cross them off the list straight away. Thanks!
  3. Irish Lass

    Hotel for stop over in Kuala Lumpar?

    Thanks guys, looks like Sama Sama is the go and yes definitely worth the extra cost for convenience. We have around a 12hr stopover before heading to London, does anyone know if we will need to collect our luggage?
  4. Irish Lass

    Hotel for stop over in Kuala Lumpar?

    Hi guys, doing my first stopover in KL soon for a night and need to book a hotel. Its just purely for sleep so somewhere near the airport and not too expensive. Are there hotels in the actual airport or do you have to travel? I don't want to travel too far as I'll have 2 kids with me. Also do you have to collect your luggage? In the past I have always done direct flights so this is a new experience for me! Hope someone can help, thanks!
  5. I'm doing Brisbane-KL-London-Cork with a 5yr old and 18 month old soon! I've done it 3 times before when my daughter was 8months, 2yrs and 3 yrs. First of all it is never as bad as you think it will be, as the previous posters have said, bring lots of toys, little things from the $2 shop that you can just toss out when the trip is over, bring a new one out each time they get bored of the previous one. I brought lots with me and honestly I only ended up needing a few. Young children tend to sleep a lot on planes, you will be surprised. Good luck and try and enjoy the trip!
  6. My sister is in the process of applying for a WHV and is asked on the application form if she has private health insurance, does anyone know if this is a requirement for a WHV or can she just answer no to that question? Thanks.
  7. Irish Lass

    Can you book a hotel for a 7.5 hr stopover at Dubai airport?

    That's what I thought, just wanted to make sure.
  8. Irish Lass

    Can you book a hotel for a 7.5 hr stopover at Dubai airport?

    Oh they're inside the terminal? That's great! That will make it so much easier. Do you know if the price for the hotel is included in the airfare if there is a long stopover or do we have to book and pay for that seperately?
  9. Irish Lass

    Can you book a hotel for a 7.5 hr stopover at Dubai airport?

    Thanks for that. I did a search for transit in Dubai and found some replies, some saying its more trouble than its worth getting a bus etc with kids...hmm... what to do.. I just think the few hours sleep (thats if the kids allow it) will be worth it! Do you stopover on both legs?
  10. After doing the horrendous flights from Brisbane to Ireland alone with my little girl 3 times now, I swore last time that the next time I did it I would book a hotel for a few hours sleep, even if just on one leg. This time I'll have hubby with me and two kids aged 5 and 1. He is keen to just go straight through but im thinking that with an active toddler in tow that we will need a break. Im thinking of a stopover on the way back from Ireland to Australia as the jetlag always seems so much worse going back. So my question is, is a 7.5 hr stopover in Dubai enough time to be allowed to book a room and have a sleep? Flight gets in at 0250am and departs at 10.25am. Will this be too late to check in? Anyone done this? Any info appreciated!
  11. Thanks for your helpful replies guys! I forgot to mention that I'll have a toddler and a five year old with me (plus hubby) so that will definitely slow us down.. And yes from memory the terminals are very far apart, a bus ride and a huge walk, so I think to keep my sanity and avoid any more stress that ill try for a longer stopover. Now back to searching...
  12. Hi guys, Im just looking at booking flights next May to Ireland. I've found a really good deal with Malaysian airlines from Brisbane to LHR then on to Cork with Aer Lingus. The only problem is that the change over between flights is only 1.5 hours. Im thinking this is probably too short a time, what do you guys think? (We will not have to collect baggage as it goes straight through). Thanks!
  13. Hi Mike, good to see more Irish moving to the Gold Coast. Always keen to meet up with the Irish, just a bit under the weather at the moment but if you pm your number ill give you a bell when all is well.
  14. Linda I just saw the message you sent me now, sorry i havent been on here in ages. Ive sent you a reply.
  15. Irish Lass

    Is there any irish thread???

    Hi guys, fingers crossed that ye all get the visas soon. Im here on the Gold Coast near Brisbane with my aussie OH and 3yr old girl. Been here over 5 yrs originally from Cork. I didnt have to go through the house selling or moving furniture thank god, just me and my suitcase! Its fab here but i must admit it did take quite a while for me to settle. My OH is from Melbourne but we decided to go to the Gold Coast for a beach/laid back lifestyle. We didnt know a single person here and that made it hard to begin with. It was only since having my daughter that i got to meet other mums and felt a bit more settled. Also yearly trips back to Ireland got the homesickness out of my system pretty quick! It is tough at times being so far away from family, especially missing all the big events like births, weddings etc, and i'll never get used to christmas in the sun, but i wouldnt move back to Ireland in a fit. Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and say if anyone needs any help/info with anything id be happy to help. Anne