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  1. Hi, I am relocating back to Sydney from Central Queensland. House I have been renting is furnished, but have accumulated a few things since I've been here (as you do) and would like to send the stuff to Sydney. Have been looking at these Pack and Send places, but the tea chests are quite small and they charge per Tea Chest - not weight and would probably need 4 or 5, which makes it quite expensive. I'm sure there must be cheaper way of doing this. Its only a few items of clothing, a bit of kitchen stuff, books, etc. Has anyone got any clever advice, re a very cheap way of sending my stuff. Cheers
  2. fantasia

    Moving from Sydney to Brisbane

    Hi, Sorry can't help, I'm in the same situation, but looking to move a few household items, clothing etc. from Central Queensland to Sydney. Really not that much, but shipping/haulage firms only seem to supply smallish boxes and charge per box. Has anyone any suggestions of a 'cheap' alternative to these Pack and Send sort of places? Thanks.
  3. Hi, Is your stuff still available? I will be returning to Sydney from Central Queensland at the end of January, but could arrange for friend to take a look and collect. How much are you asking for everything and do you have a sofa and tables and stuff, as I have nothing at the moment? Thanks.
  4. fantasia

    Tony Abbott 'corpsing' on 7.30

    I agree with this poster 'cos it has affected me personally... my partner has to move back to Sydney at the end of September as his promise of a full time role after contracting for 18 months has gone. I have a job still in Central Queensland but I will be up here on my own .... hoping that once the dust has settled the job will materialise.. he was asked to provide his certs etc which were in Sydney so he flew back to Sydney at own expense and now all turned to dust.
  5. fantasia

    Tony Abbott 'corpsing' on 7.30

    I'd was half listening to this interview in bed and I was embarassed for him.....
  6. I know what my family would say "love to but can't because..... excuse excuse...... " you'll be fine just get on with it. Sorry got to go - take care byeee..... " but that's my family - always were a bit of a disappointment - one of the reasons I came to Oz in the first place all those years ago. Guess can't expect people to just drop things I suppose.
  7. fantasia

    Move to QLD or move back to the UK?

    I lived for around 15 yrs in Sydney, well the outskirts as couldn't afford to live 'in Sydney' and although I bought a house and felt kind of settled, after a trip back home (uk!) to visit my family I just couldn't settle back in Oz - actually felt a bit depressed and found it hard getting out of bed in the morning. So much so that I made the decision to make plans to return, so organised pets rabies shots, waited 6 months for the quarantine period to end and fixed up the house to sell. I left in February 2010 and arrived at Manchester airport, carrying huge amount of luggage and wasn't even met by my family! It was snowing and heard cries from the back of the plane "turn around" as we landed with a bump on the tarmac as couldn't see the ground due to fog - the ground staff were hosing the ice of the plane wings! But I didn't mind, although wasn't equipped with warm enough clothing I really enjoyed looking out of the train window at the snow covered fields. I was met at the railway station by my family and drove to my mother's house for a nice warming casserole. To cut a long story short, after the 'honeymoon' period had gone and my family reverted to their own lives (obviously), and it became apparent that the job market was 'scarey' and then my pets arrived from Oz and my mother decided she couldn't have them in the house so I had to find a rental and pay 6 month's rent up front 'cos I had been out of the country for so long. I found a bit of temp work - 6 pounds 50 p per hour......fab!!!! And the proceeds of the sale of my house were dwindling rapidly - I made the decision to return to Oz - well I really didn't have much choice as couldn't afford to renew the lease and could only go and live back at mum's if I got rid of my dogs and cat - which I couldn't do - I had to rehome one of my dogs anyway (to an excellent home but it still really hurts seeing his face out the back of the car as they drove off with him)! I returned to Oz with around $1000 and luckily found a job within the first week through the agency I used to work for in Sydney. I had to stay in a shared flat which at my age really isn't great - did the flat sharing thing year's ago but after having your own house... not good! I moved to Central Queensland last year and now live in a rented house, which on a clear day - not today - I can see the Keppel Islands. I have found a permanent job which I quite enjoy and the money is really good too. My furniture and one dog is still in the UK and the storage fees are astronomical - my dog is in boarding kennels as he failed his Erlichia virus test, my cat and other dog returned (I took 3 dogs and a cat back to the UK) - my cat has since died - and I plan to bring Casper back in October as the rabies rules changed in Oz and he couldn't come back until he has waiting 6 months after his blood test. The whole episode has been extremely costly - both financially and emotionally. I have to say that given the choice, I would prefer to be back in the UK, but cannot afford to. I miss my family and everything English, the countryside, birds - as you say church bells - M&S (although buy on-line), English pubs, even the English Summer as bad as it is..... but I just can't afford to return. If the economy picked up over there and I have saved up a bit I would return if there was a sniff of a job that paid a liveable wage! A friend of mine (Australian) met an English guy and went to the UK a couple of months ago. She emails me all the time and she said the job market is just awful - she has registered with agencies and hasn't even had a single day's temp work. She met an English lady who relocated from Manchester to where she is living in Stourport, Worcestershire and it took this lady 6 months to find a job - wish a massive pay cut and which she hates but can't afford to leave as it could probably take another 6 months to find a replacement. So there it - my experience - bit long winded with terrible grammar I can see. I plan to go to visit next Summer and that kind of keeps the homesickness at bay and you never know, I might one day be in a position where I can return - hopefully whilst my mum is still alive! I'll keep buying the lotto tickets and fingers crossed.
  8. Was in meeting today and heard that the housing development who are building on Curtis Island are struggling to find tradespeople to build the village ready for workers on the gas pipeline... not naming names but work for a company involved. Builders, plumbers etc. apparently $26 billion being spent - project 2 years.... I know it isn't ideal but paying big... may I suggest that those looking to earn a bit and see a bit of Oz contact the agencies and companies concerned
  9. fantasia

    Leaving debt in Australia moving back to UK

    There now love. Don't fret all will be well. Don't stress - you haven't been diagnosed with cancer - which I was and all good now - you do what you have to do. And you've certainly got my support. Much kisses.x
  10. fantasia

    Recession(for anyone coming now)

    True, but when I returned to Sydney in November 2010 after 8 months in UK (was intending to stay but not much work and really didn't want to live on beans on toast - 6.50 per hour) I got in touch with the employment agency I worked for before, saying I'm back, had a job within the first week. And that was the not for profit industry. Love your pic on your avatar or whatever its called - Loved It ain't 'arf hot mum' - remember laughed so much fell off the sofa. Wish it was over here.
  11. fantasia

    Leaving debt in Australia moving back to UK

    Yep true think a bit longer than a couple of years though before the statute of limitations thingo whatever it is happens. And did anyone see the news I think it was last week re. the new rulings. Financial institutions are aware that new rulings are going to happen whereby it will be less easy for people to borrow and the banks started sending out stuff saying get in now before the new rules are in place borrow borrow and borrow more please... or words to that effect knowing they are taking a risk with some, they have insurances in place so they really don't lose out
  12. fantasia

    Leaving debt in Australia moving back to UK

    I wouldn't suggest the bankruptcy option. No way. Apparently if you do, you have to hand in your passport and get permission to leave Australia. They don't often decline the request but what a thing to have to go through. Not worth it for 14000. Creditors can force you into bankruptcy apparently if they want, and if you were to speak to them depending on whether they are understanding or not they may take that option. Mmmm difficult one. I would go back to UK and then try and make payments and tell them once you are back that that is what you want to do. But realise that is difficult too as in my experience there isn't much work in the UK and what is barely pays a living wage and what with the Council Tax and stuff... not sure you'd have any left to send to Oz anyway. I feel for you - it isn't life threatening just stressful.
  13. fantasia

    Leaving debt in Australia moving back to UK

    And they will probably ask for addresses and contact numbers and next of kin contact numbers and other contact numbers. They may give you a 'holiday' but I'd be surprised if they'd freeze the interest - they might. And its true there isn't an agreement between Australia and the UK. You will find it hard if you come back though - a lot of ducking and diving would be required.
  14. fantasia

    Recession(for anyone coming now)

    I've found one, my partner is about to be offered a perm job after a contract. And hear others have been offered job - Central Queensland. Earning more than three times I did in the UK.
  15. I went back to the UK after nearly 15 years - went back for a holiday in 2009 and had such a fab time doing things with my mum, shopping, lunches, etc. that when I got back I went into some kind of depression and found it very hard getting out of bed in the morning. During one teary phone call to my mum I said I would like to come back and she jumped at it and there followed a frenzied preparation period - fixing up my house, sorting out stuff etc and getting my pets (3 dogs and a cat) ready with the rabies blood test and stuff. They had to wait 6 months so I planned my move to fit in with that so they wouldn't have to go into quarantine in the UK. I sold my house easily and had a delayed settlement which was good. Mum spent money on her house doing renovations so I could have my own part of the house to live in with my pets. Flew into Manchester airport on a very cold wintery morning in February 2010. Wasn't met at the airport so had to catch the train with my huge suitcase and insufficient warm clothing (changing train 3 times - but loved seeing all the fields covered in snow and was enjoying the cold weather!). I was met at Llandudndo railway station by my brother, mum and niece and we all went back to mum's house for a nice warming casserole and a chat before I fell into a como with exhaustion). To cut a very long story short - my dogs and cat arrived just over a week later. Mum wasn't thrilled by their presence and was nagging constantly about them - even though she was well aware that they weren't 'stuffed' animals but the real thing! And it became apparent that I couldn't stay there - she kept trying to find homes for them and putting pressure on me to get rid of them which I just couldn't. So I found a rental - an unrenovated two up two down, downstairs loo - no double glazing and when my furniture arrived found it just wouldn't fit into the tiny rooms. The owner's mother kept coming round - being freindly but I think more checking up on her daughters house - which as I said was unrenovated and hardly a 'show home'. So I felt really unsettled. Paid six months rent up front which the landlady jumped at and I believe funded her partner's trip to Base Camp Everest! Found only a bit of temp work, paying 6.50 per hour which didn't touch the sides!! Proceeds of house rapidly dwindling by now. The excitement of my coming home soon wore off, obviously my family had their own lives to live I understand that. But I became incredibly lonely and felt really insecure. I used to walk for miles across the fields and beaches with my dogs and enjoyed that very much, but going home alone to that unhomely little house where my furniture looked absolutely ridiculous. I knew that when my lease ran out in October that I didn't have enough income to pay the rent and live and could only return to live at mum's if I got rid of my pets. I had no option but to reutrn to Australia. I arranged boarding kennels (nice ones) for my cat and two dogs and managed to find a lovely home in the country for my dog (every time I think of him I get a lump in my throat but I know he is happy and loved!). I found temporrary flat share accommodation back in Sydney and found a job within a week of returning. It took nearly 6 months to save up the funds for one of my dogs and my cat to come over. By this time I had relocated to Queensland. The other dog failed his Erlichia test and then the new laws with rabies came into play - he passed the Erlichia on re-test following idea mentioned on this site re. testing times - but he will have to be retested again nearer the time of departure, which will be around November (that will be 2 years in boarding kennels!) Anyway, I am now officially a ping ponger - I still get a bit homesick for the UK and always watch UK TV shows. I have found a well paid job which I enjoy, my dog is settled up here and waiting for his little brother to come over. I live in a house (albeit rented) with amazing views of the ocean and Keppel Islands, unfortunately my cat died a few weeks ago - the poor thing got a bladder infection and although the vet operated and treated him - when he came out of hospital he wouldn't eat and just wandered away and has never returned. One thing I would like to add to this saga is I went to see a doctor in UK as was having pains in the abdomen and was 'dismissed' so went away thinking it was something minor - but when got back to Oz my flatmate suggested I see her doctor, who immediately set up tests and was diagnosed with early stage uterine cancer and had to have a hysterectomy, but was early so didn't need any chemo or radiation therapy and all's good now. Imagine if I hadn't come back I may not have done any more about my pains and it could have been a hell of a lot worse. So Australia has been very good to me - but as I say I still miss my family and the UK even with the soggy Summer they're having.x